What I love about LBS | London Business School

What I love about LBS | London Business School

Well, for sure what I love the most about
London Business School is the people. How active and engaged everyone is on campus. The amount of clubs that you have here. You
have nearly more than 100 clubs. The diversity of the student body. Working in a collaborative environment, reciprocity,
culture of helping people out. The stories you hear, it’s just unparalleled
and I don’t think you would find it anywhere else. It just feels like people go above and beyond
and you know, beyond what they need to do. It’s really something that surprises me how
much people are willing to put in from huge conferences to trips to other countries. Given that I’m studying the Masters in Finance,
London being such a financial epicenter was key to my decision. It’s in London. It’s in the heart of London,
it feels really connected to the city of London. It’s a great campus and it’s right next to
Regent’s Park. It’s a lovely city. I’ve never lived abroad and I really wanted
the experience of being in another country, really getting to meet a lot of international
students with different backgrounds. So, LBS seems like a really obvious choice to me. I would say it’s top-notch. I think it’s one
of the leading institutions in the world. I think the faculty is great – they’re very
engaging, they’re definitely experts in the industry. It’s really amazing to be able to
engage with them outside of class. Everyone is quite open and humble. So, I was
expecting to see lots of people with a lot of arrogance, a lot of egos but it’s not like
that at all. Just in my study group, I’ve got one Korean,
one Brazilian, there’s one American, and there’s one Israeli. Our class is made up of over 80 nationalities
and I’ve learned so much from my classmates already. It’s really easy to make friends and have
a wonderful time in our studies together. One of the most defining things about the
London Business School community is the student-led clubs. Every year, a bunch of students starts
with this clean slate and has an opportunity to shape a really exciting agenda. I think student clubs at LBS can give you
kind of an outlet from almost anything you’re looking for. You can play sports together,
volunteer together, go to the pub together. It kind of gives you and whatever you’re looking
for. LBS has really helped me get my job. I was
referenced by an LBS alum who was working at Discovery Communications in London, and
she told me about the current job I have. The most valuable thing I’ve gained from London
Business School, I think if I had to encapsulate into one word it would be “opportunities”.
All my professors had helped introduce me to the world of venture capital. When I’ve told people that I have just graduated,
everybody that I’ve talked to knows the name LBS. I think that’s going to be really beneficial
for me in the future.

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