What Flexie CRM is and why it’s important to have automation tools

What Flexie CRM is and why it’s important to have automation tools

Hi, my name is Eriol, and Im the founder of Flexie. Let me briefly explain you what Flexie is, and why it’s so important to have automation, and CRM tools in your company. Well, lets start with the basics. You can manage the leads coming from different sources. You can convert leads into contacts,
and move all the history of the lead automatically. You can handle the sales using Deals on top of multiple pipelines
having their stages. You can have the whole company support
handled on Cases. You can have relations with your vendors or third parties
under Accounts. You can handle your tasks management, and dynamically
set new tasks for your team. You can apply mass actions on any entity, like leads or contacts, or you can apply mass emails or mass updates,
or whatever mass actions you might have. You can have forms and publish them to your website. You can track links from emails,
and also track your website visitors. Man… this is just the very basic, it’s just the top of the iceberg. There is a huge part I can not cover in this video, because it’s related to our unique feature,
which is the Workflow Engine… …and it’s like rocket science, you can literally automate your business. What I can say in two words, is that, you can achieve… …massive success if you use it at full potential. So start the trial now, it’s just $1, and… we don’t have it for free as it’s not for everyone You should have already set your business, in order for us, to help you win more.

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