What does it mean Inclusive Business?

What does it mean Inclusive Business?

If you ask me what is an Inclusive Business model it basically means a business model that cultivates a fair and transparent business relationship. It’s difficult to translate ‘inclusive business’ in Dutch, but to me it simply means: doing business in a serious way. In the long run, in such a way that everyone counts, also the smallholder farmers. Because you realise that as a farmer, a processor or a supermarket you depend on each other to be successful. Inclusive Business is a redefinition of the collaboration between the different economic actors Where the different actors can sit together and give their different opinions on the profitability of the activity they are carrying out. Inclusive business is a business activity that creates economic, social and environmental impact and involves all the actors in the value chain. Inclusive Business means that from the farmers’ side there is a timely and stable supply of quality products and from the buyers’ side also, payments are made on time. Even early payment schemes or other favorable mechanisms to smallholder farmers could be implemented. In an inclusive business farmers should be taken into account as the center of the business. Their voice should be heard, their position should be recognised. It’s a model that includes the different actors of the value chain. The focus is not, as we see it in common business models, just on buyers and suppliers but also on service providers and end consumers, for example. Moreover, it strongly emphasises women’s participation. It’s all that it takes to make a business to become more profitable and to lead into a win-win business situation.

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