What Do You Know About Our Company? How To Answer This Job Interview Question.

What Do You Know About Our Company?  How To Answer This Job Interview Question.

(jazzy instrumental music) – Hi, I’m James Ball, Founder
of the Interview Academy and welcome to my series on how to answer the most
common interview questions that you’re ever likely to face. Today’s question is, what do you know about our company? There is a very strong chance that you’ll get asked this
question in an interview, and honestly if you can’t
answer it, then your chances of getting the job
instantly reduce to zero. I’ve had people turn up
to interviews I’m running to answer with, nothing really. As an interviewer, it
just puts you completely off the person, because firstly
they haven’t been bothered to do any company research. It makes them look lazy. Secondly, it displays a
complete lack of passion or get-up-and-go. Finally, it makes them look
like they can’t be bothered about the company’s job
and that’s the key thing. The employer wants to know
that you’re passionate and interested in their opportunity, and if you display that you’re not, they simply won’t recruit you. You absolutely must, at the very least, have one or two things
to say about the company. These will ideally be points you found out during your online company research, but the things that you
really should know include what the company actually does, the company mission statement, which you should be able
to find out on the website, and any recent news stories that the company might
have been involved in. Again, a quick Google
search of the company name followed by a click on the
news button at the top Google will help you with that. Finally, who their competitors are. Now, you’ll definitely have
to do some research on this to work it out, but being
able to answer this question is potentially really impressive. It may also help you answer another common interview
question which recruiters ask which is do you know
who our competitors are? The main point is do your research. Check out the company’s website,
social media, Glassdoor, and any other marketing material
you can get your hands on. If you do this, you’ll be able to prepare your answer in advance. Then, you should use quotes
and facts that you found out during that research and give
reasons why they appeal to you or why you found them interesting. If it helps, take your notes
into the interview with you. It won’t annoy the
interviewer if you do this, because nobody would expect
you to remember everything. In fact, walking in with a set
of prepared notes will show that you are the kind of
person that’s committed, passionate, and interested
in the role in the company. Having this kind of
knowledge will really impress any interviewer. For example, if you are applying for a job at a recruiting agency and you get asked, what do you know about the company? You might say, you specialize in sales
and marketing recruitment, there are about 40 people in the business and you’ve worked with some great brands like National Express and T.M. Lewin. You typically recruit
for some high-end roles and you offer a more quality-drive support than the average agency which is why I find
the role so compelling. Just remember though, don’t go overboard and take it steading. A little praise is great and
it shows you’re passionate about the role, but you don’t want to look
like you’re sucking up too much in hopes of getting a job. So, to recap, do your
research and do it well, and the answer to this
question will be easy. Okay, that’s it. If you want full details on
how to answer this question and the other remaining nine
most common interview questions then click on the link below
and download our free guide. It’ll give you full details
on what you should be saying in these questions and
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questions and much, much more. Good luck with the interview.

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