What are the salary and benefits? – State Department: Consular Fellows

What are the salary and benefits? – State Department: Consular Fellows

Generally come in depending on your
experience indication level at the FS-5 FS6 or FS5 level. FS stands for Foreign Service and
that’s a classification title of the government yes so around I would say the 45k to
65k range However, as Dan mentioned, that’s the base. Dan is saying that’s the base.
Your housing is provided for you while you’re over seas. Also a
lot of differentials that you can receive depending on where you’re posted. Anywhere from, is it 5 to 35? It’s 35 double. Right. So for a hardship or more expensive
countries as well so that is your base salary but most
people make well over that. That’s just the base
but I think from there it could climb up depending on which country you being
posted at. Right. And for those Consular Fellows that
come in that are eligible for the Student Loan repayment program that can be up to eight thousand
dollars. Transfer student loans, pre-tax,
and then we also do have the 10% recruitment bonus which you receive
after your first two years and then your second two years. So a lot of incentives to sign up. So housing is provided, health insurance. And you don’t pay for utilities, water, you will pay for internet
unless it’s some countries where it’s so expensive. You’ll get an offset, you don’t pay the
local taxes in the country and that can be substantial. Plus when you look at some of these
countries where you’re going just as they know in the Peace Corps your money is going to go a lot farther.

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