What ACTEC is looking for in new Fellows — American College of Trust and Estate Counsel

What ACTEC is looking for in new Fellows — American College of Trust and Estate Counsel

If this is something that you want to do you need to get ready to do it sometime early in your career. It’s going to take ten years of practice before you can even be considered and during that 10 years you need to think about writing, doing local bar association work, American Bar Association work, lecturing… doing that kind of thing, making time for it in your busy career which is sometimes difficult, but that’s what you need to do to be able to be in a position to be recommended and get admitted to the College. ACTEC is a unique organization, 2,300 so practicing lawyers, another couple of hundred lawyers who work banks and trust companies, law professors, people in various other professions. About 25-26-hundred people. We are hands down the best and the brightest and what we do. Hands down, there’s no other group that comes anywhere close. It is a wonderful lifetime honor to be elected into ACTEC. Obviously this needs to be somebody who’s well-respected; somebody who is considered to hold the highest values of integrity and dedication, and then in addition to that, what ACTEC is looking for is people who are involved in the the professional community and in the legal community and in the community. The college represents the brightest in the best, and people that want to do the right thing, and are good company… and they tend to have good people skills. I think an easy way to think about who would make an excellent fellow would be is a person whom I would refer a client who needs good legal representation. It’s more than somebody who knows how to read the internal revenue code or something that people who have that as a baseline and then go out make something happen with it and that’s the part that makes the college so separate. It’s the focus on making things better in the law and trust and estate world.

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