What a Modern Day Business Education Looks Like

What a Modern Day Business Education Looks Like

– Morning? Hello. (cheering) How are you? Morning? How are you? Hi, hi. Hello. (dramatic music) You got your prospective. (crowd cheering) I just wanna be happy. Don’t you wanna be happy? We’re gonna go right back around, and get into direct questions, so start thinking. But for almost four of you, there’s one answer that’s super important there is no right next step and more importantly
back to Jerry’s fun joke of show me the money. I think one of the most important things every single person has
to think about here, it’s funny when you said, I don’t know which post
it was about gratitude. What I said to myself I’m like
right ’cause all of them are. Something I’m really
starting to understand ’cause you know again, some of you’ve been following
me longer than others like a lot of these words
gratitude or empathy, it took me a little while to define them, ’cause I was just living
as a human making content and really not having the greatest vocab and being a good student. I also didn’t even
necessarily put words to them, and overtime whether I read a comment and who knows why I
got to the actual words that help me frame them, but no question in that same process. The thing that is beating
heavy in my mind and my heart over the last three months and especially over the
last two, three weeks is happiness over money. In a real way I mean it. I really mean it. And let me explain what I mean by that. You would probably be shocked if you actually understood how much money I leave
on the table consistently and have my whole life. It’s one thing to say it now when I make a lot of, I get it, but again and some of you know this, to go from 22 to 34 and
never make $100000 a year and build a humongous
business for somebody else and then leave at 34 years old and start from zero. VaynerMedia started in a
conference room of another company ’cause I didn’t have money to have, like co-working didn’t exist yet it would have probably been where you work or some like right? It’s super important for several of you in a row really as a side to like really hear me on this which is there is no right answer. There’s no right answer. Like if you’re gonna do real
estate investment over Etsy because it seems theoretically that there’s more money in it, but the two products you sell
on Etsy are like in your soul and you like it. I can rest assure that
I can give you tactics of how to build a Shopify store and run Etsy and run ads on Facebook that over time my belief is that, when you’re laying in bed from you know especially at five children
everything that’s going on, that 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 in the morning which is maybe your only shot to like really put in like clean time to execute against this. If you’re not fired up about like searching on Zillow or like talking to a
Facebook group about places or like emailing somebody like hey is that corner of
Michigan Street and is that… If that doesn’t excite you, you’re not gonna have
the energy to do that from 9:00 to midnight versus if it excites you like crazy of like your honey based facial cream and you love it more than everything you’re gonna be in the comments
and replying to everybody. And so on a very serious note, I really mean this and it’s a good, normally I go right into questions but I wanted to set this up. There is no right answer like I never overthink my next step. VaynerMedia might’ve
been the wrong answer, K-Swiss might have been the wrong answer, Empathy Wines might have
been the wrong answer, if you’re asking the question of, what’s the maximum use
of your time for money? As a matter of fact actually let me take a step back, I know all of those things
are the wrong answer. The right answer in the way that people ask the question here, which is what’s the right business move to have maximized dollars? For me was to start a $500 million fund, get paid 2% of it each year just to deploy the capital, make one more right guess in my career that looked like Uber, Facebook, Twitter nail it and make a billion dollars on the back end of an IPO
of the next Airbnb or… That was the right thing for me to do in the way you’re asking the question. The right thing for me to do ’cause I knew myself as a human was to build VaynerMedia, enjoy the process of building something, manage a thousand people ’cause I like feelings
of people and all that. That was the right thing for me. In the same way that it was the right thing for AJ
to quit VaynerMedia, because he hated managing
people’s feelings and this and that and he
likes the sports agency. So I mean this and I mean it very heavily. I genuinely believe in changing
the world and impacting it, and however you view it and
what the funnel that is, we have to change the conversation to happiness over financial success. It was, like we have to, we have to do and I mean that. I really, really, really genuinely mean it and I’ll tell you why. Back to giving Bringzer and giving, and wait two more years, and me like listen very carefully, the formula is basic. If you’re able to
disproportionately bring more value over time you have unbelievable leverage and if you choose to monetize
it financially, great. But if you don’t, and so for example, I’ve never scaled into e-learning and things of that nature ’cause I’m not trying
to maximize the money. And like recording one program and then selling it for $49, I could sell 49 million of those, I could. And by the way I’m not
saying that you shouldn’t. That’s amazing, you should
do whatever the you want, but in the answer of, you should do whatever the you want, I think it’s important, and let’s take advantage of us being here to be thoughtful about what
actually makes you tick. What actually makes you tick? Because I’ll tell you, me leaning in so heavy
to what made me tick continues to give me
disproportionate value to create unprecedented
wealth if I choose to. If I choose to. And so I think, (sighs) I think that’s important. And I think it’s gonna really
play out for half this room, because you’ve already got certain things that are successful. And then it’s funny where I just went which is that naturally segways into, what do you need the money for? The other important part of
this question for everybody is, how much does your lifestyle cost? And why? I’m really, really fascinated
by people buying homes that have more rooms than they need. Do they buy cars with logos? Logos that are trying to
impress somebody else? Like what do you need? And so I don’t know. I do think that ironically, the floatier and ideological and like warm and fuzzy and shit, like the more ridiculous this sounds which is like hey like
do nice things and live is actually very real to
me and I believe in it mainly because when you do
it in today’s environment where it’s being documented, it allows you to have an insurance policy if after nine years of
giving and living simply you change your mind and you wanna have a boat and a mansion. What has happened during that time is you’ve built up the leverage to, you were not gonna sell
a million dollars worth of stuff two years ago I remember – [Woman] I had $24000 then, now I’m almost at a $100000. – And so what would have happened was, you would have started the process of monetizing your audience which changes the dynamic of you and your audience immediately. – [woman] It does.
For sure. – Even look at the meta version of this. I am uncomfortable to do
this myself with an audience. I have to do it in the framework of being on tour on a speaking engagement, because I don’t wanna
monetize my audience. Like I love when you say, I wanted to give you dollars back. Then what I said my head yeah Rev sharing with the partners on tour
and that makes me happy. That’s what I want. I very easily do not need to Rev share with a tour or other people. I could send one post and
be like give me the money, come and hang out with me. (laughing) You’d pay me more
if I put it in a setting that was warm and fuzzy like
come to Wine Library for today that’s even more exciting. (laughing) But that’s not what I want. And so I really, really,
really think it’s important. I don’t think people get stretched in like Nashvillenectars.com. (laughing) You like it. You like it. You like it. – [woman] I love having this
service available just in case. – Correct.
– I’m serious. – I understand that’s,
– Thank you for understanding. – I do understand and I don’t think, you have to narrow in
and like really choose like everybody pushes this notion that if you don’t go deep on something you’re scattered. That’s for them. that is true for some people. Some people are incapable
of juggling eight-balls. I could juggle 34, because I like when eight of ’em drop. The people that are telling
you to focus on one thing, they can’t deal with losses. So when they do two things and one fails which is inevitable ’cause you’re dispersing your energy, that’s the way it is. Or the energy comes from
doing multiple things. I get energy from a random K-Swiss meeting which then helps me run VaynerMedia. VaynerMedia runs better
because I have Empathy and baseball cards and the
occasional Wine Library call and Being Gary via National. It helps it, ’cause I need that escapism but still
in the form of business. I use all these businesses
the way people use golf and skiing and meditating, do you understand? That’s me. And a lot of people
are actually like that. It’s called being an entrepreneur. (chuckling) You are kinetic and ridiculous and random ideas and bouncing around and over judging yourself that when you’re going to
taste something else real quick that you’re losing focus over here. You shouldn’t do that. Now what I’ll tell you is, that all sounds fine and dandy, if you don’t put, use an arbitrary number 80%
of your energy on your core as an entrepreneur then you might get 11%, 6% you know might just be too much and you might not, you need something that
grounds you and supports it and it’s back to Etsy and
real estate investing. Real estate investing to
your point with no capital is a challenging game right?
You can go spend your time and raise capital from people right? But one of the reasons, if you even just look
at my content evolution that I’m so interested in Shopify or Etsy or going to thrift stores and flipping is, everybody’s spending all their
time trying to raise money, because that’s the thing to do. And I’m trying to teach
people how to make money so that they’re not at the
mercy of people to raise money, it’s just gonna take longer. I built a $200 million business with VaynerMedia, we didn’t raise money. Started in the conference room and I limited my expenses. I didn’t pay anybody anything at first and said I got you if you believe in me, like you know, over time. So it’s very you know
just kind of going around. I think that was a good starting point because I think it changes the question and I think it gives you
time to really think about it because there is no right for who? Like right for who? Like and by the way, I do not judge maximizing
financial upside. I’m just wanting to
make sure that you know that’s where you’re at, is that where you’re at? And I’ll tell you what makes
that message different today than 30 years ago, the Internet. People have to understand this. The practicality of doing something as narrow as selling
raspberry jam was impossible. Doing raspberry jam as your side hustle after you worked at your mortgage company at night in 1987 was impossible. You weren’t gonna start
a company like that. You weren’t gonna be able
to get into Whole Foods, or Shoprite or Albertsons,
it was impossible. The ridiculousness of the possible in an Instagram and Shopify world of selling your raspberry jam because you make it at home then you ship it to 50
influencers and one posts it and starts the process of awareness and the cost of Shopify is nothing, and like, it’s very scary
to me in a great way how possible everything
is with the Internet. And that’s why these kind of foofy things that seemed way more foofy 40 years ago to me let alone to you know, are just not as foofy
it’s just not, it’s not. You can really do those things, but the question is you have
to know what you’re up to. You have to know what you’re up to, and you have to know if it’s like shit, I’ve gotta provide for
five children financially. Well everybody’s, anybody
here who needs money faster is already in a more dangerous spot. It’s just the way it is right? You know this from looking at… It’s putting your money into the lottery is mathematically a bad
investment like right? Like getting over funded
and the burn rate, this is what’s happened to every startup. Smart kids Stanford, Harvard, they’re raising too much
capital, then the money burns, and then they’re spending
all their time trying to raise more capital. They’re not building a business. They’re not spending time
with their customers. That’s what’s happening,
that’s why it works. What? Guys it’s very simple. Amazon is the biggest company
in the world and is dominant because they were
religious about customers. I am who I am in the marketplace ’cause I am religious about you guys. I don’t want anything from you. I just want you to tell
me something good happened from what I did for you. That is the fulfillment,
that feels better. Admiration over cash. Not super complicated. And for real not like 99%
of people who say that, but then have a funnel on the back end to have you pay them 4.99 a month. And that, and I’m saying this
because I’d wanna make sure you hearing me properly, there’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t make pretend that’s not what you’re doing. If you’re gonna start
selling information, own it. Don’t act that you’re doing Jesus’s work or you’re the greatest person, but then on the back
end pay me 7.39 a month. (chuckling) Right, that’s what everybody does, and that’s why you don’t like them and that’s why they’re different than me. It’s not super complicated. That’s why they’re different right? So that’s the framework. Let’s use that framework. – I don’t have a product to sell. – I got it. – But I have a story I want to change. – Let me give you a very easy, I mean this is as easy of a
question I’m gonna be asked. Let me tell you why. It’s very personal to me ’cause everybody’s got
their own version of it. Seven or eight years ago
it became clear to me that something in my communication style allowed me to penetrate the mindset of 15 to 25 year old alpha males in a way that most people couldn’t. And the majority of people that penetrate 15 to 25 year old alpha males sell them things that I don’t believe in. And so I started having to ask myself, what does this mean? And what am I gonna do about it? Because if you really
think about a lot of things that now have manifested
over the last three years whether it’s Me Too or many other things, it came to a head even
quicker than I thought. And so the great mistake
that a lot of my friends who were also passionate about this is, they look at other people not themselves and they look at ideology
not practicality. What can you do about it? You can put out content
and be a singular person. You cannot ask others to get on board, you can only execute and
have them get on board. Spending your time
trying to convince others is the greatest reason no good
things ever get accomplished. I mean that. It’s what’s happening on every issue. All that you see on any issue that people don’t agree on, veganism, our country itself
right now, race, everything. It’s just people trying to
convince the other person who doesn’t think same the way as them it’s a complete and utter waste of time. I don’t try to convince the other alphas that are selling jewelry and girls, and models and bottles and
money, cash-in-ear and this is, I don’t try to convince those characters. I just put out my content
and let us play it out. – Okay so I,
– That’s it. – I am doing
– The end. I’ll tell you why, and it’s super important,
it’s super important ’cause there is no other alternative. – Right. – The end. – So I’m writing a book.
– That’s it. – I’m starting a non-profit. – You should put out
unlimited pieces of content. No, no the book and the
nonprofit are heavy and slow. – Yeah. – Can’t a piece of content that you post on Instagram
tomorrow is fast and light. Your framework is heavy and slow and old. A book and a non-profit
is gonna take you a decade to even start the process of anything. Tomorrow you can make a
singular video on YouTube that for some reason strikes a chord. Most likely not, but you would then have another at-bat the next day, all for free. – Yeah. – I’m telling you, this
is super important, because when people really
have a passion around an issue 99.99999% of people the way you started your
question and you framed it is convincing others to get on board and that never works. What works is putting out content and letting them come to you. Nobody wants to be told. – No.
– The end. – I won’t.
– That’s it. So stop telling, start
putting out content. I don’t tell other people that are gonna be on the stage what to do, I talk to the audience
and let them decide. That’s how you impact. That’s how you impact. – So I guess, I mean ’cause that’s not the
approach that I take. I actually show the stories of
the victims that are being– – Great. – And so and highlighting you know just like any, – Great. – Highlighting the people
that we are not seeing. – What you need to make sure is that, you’re preaching to the
audience that wants to hear it not trying to convince
the audience that doesn’t. You know what’s so unbelievably
crazy about this story? I don’t know if there’s a human walking around earth right now who is more passionate about people and less passionate about animals than me. Let’s talk about it for a
second, it’s really interesting. Like if you even think about it, I and I’ve spursed this around content. Sometimes I make the joke
of like I don’t like dogs and then I have to hedge it, ’cause I don’t want people
to really take me literally but it’s interesting. You have a framework of these
are our brothers and sisters. I’m like that’s so amazing
like I was listening, yet for me my great angst is, I cannot believe how
people treat each other but are willing to treat a
cat better than each other, that’s how I see the world. And I can tell you from how
busy I am and like how I roll like you’re not gonna convince me. And I spend time seeing guys who like, I’m not gonna convince them
that not going to the club and having a huge piece of jewelry so they can hook up with a girl that they think is pretty
tonight like that’s, I’m not gonna convince
them at this moment. – Right.
– The end. And so we need to get out of convincing, and changing people’s minds, and we need to be tripling
down on our truths and let people come to us. That is a framework
that will work for you, ’cause it works for everybody else and the other one doesn’t. That’s why nothing’s, that’s why there’s so much
tension in the system right now. In our country, everybody’s
trying to convince the other person they’re wrong. Without being empathetic
to their perspective. I think they’re both
right in different ways. I don’t think hate is good but I also don’t think, I was born in the Soviet Union, I also don’t think like the government should take care of everything for you. Like I mean you know ’cause
the extreme you know and what. So I think you need to
really think about that. – Yeah.
– It will work for you. – Okay. – ‘Cause then you’re
bringing people on board and then they’re amplifying. I’m starting to see other people put out interim content
around gratitude and empathy and kindness coming out of guys that look nothing like, you just couldn’t have imagined. – Right, and I appreciate your answer. I think that once and
that word is very loaded so there’s– – You’ll appreciate this
every, word’s loaded. Entrepreneurship is loaded. No I mean this no, no – Of the approach that I’m taking. – But every word is loaded.
– It is. – Veganism is loaded, our country is now
politicizing everything. So every word will be loaded just get your head around it. History will tell you the
future the 30s, the 60s, we now live in a world where everything is gonna be politicized. Everything. So just, everything’s loaded. That documentary on Netflix
loaded everybody up. In your world. Everybody now has an opinion on it. Everything’s loaded. – [Woman] I’ve got a question. For the products I’m selling. I’m selling, we’ll be launching like, natural haircare, natural skincare. So with my online content
I plan to share with people how they can create it for themselves. – Smart. – [Woman] Because for me
that’s where my passion is. – The end. – [woman] The real estate world is just a way for me to get extra funding without having to be
somewhere 40 hours a week which is why I’m getting ready to return to the corporate America. – You need to be careful though because, first of all I love that part, and I think, again, no different
than what he was doing, and you’ve heard this from me. I always tell people, if you’re in a service give
away the content for free that will get you more customers not less and it with everybody like, what are you talking about? I need somebody to come in like I can’t, I always tell people, tell them
the secrets not to use you. – [Woman] Yeah. – Then many more people will use you. – [woman] Yeah my friends were
telling me that I was like, (voices chattering) – Your friends, always, let me say one thing. Pay attention to who’s giving you advice – [Woman] Yeah. – If your friends have also
built $200 million businesses, then that’s a valid argument.
– Oh no, no, no, no. – You know what I mean though?
– That’s what, I love that.
– [Woman] I filtered that out. I was like no I’m telling you, in my soul this is what feels right. – I’m a little worried that your strategy has a vulnerability which is the real estate thing is not gonna be so easy.
– Okay. – Unless you have the right partners. – And capital. – [Woman] Well, no, I’m
in as a agent so I’m, – Got it, got it, got it, got it. – [Woman] Make more money
faster with less time. – Faster is the single scariest
word ever for me in my life. – [Woman] Oh well, I just mean is outside – No, no, no, you do, you do mean it, and this is why I want
you to listen to me. It’s super important. That is the scariest word of all time. And when you have five children two under the age of 1 1/2 like, I have a lot of empathy, I’m just telling you right now. It’s the scariest word of all time, and that’s why people go to real estate. That’s why people go to
cryptocurrency and cannabis and sports betting and there’s
always a flavor of the month. – [Woman] Yeah. – You know many social media
experts there were in 2009? – [Woman] Yeah. – 2010, 2011, I know ’em all. Now they’re bitcoin experts. Now their cannabis experts. Now they’re sports. They’re chasing and what I’m worried about is that you’re chasing faster dollars to siphon off your 40 hour week, I get it. It makes a lot of sense, I don’t judge it, I understand it. I also understand why it
doesn’t work for 99% of people. It may work for you, but real estate. My sister got into real estate ’cause she was unfulfilled
being a stay-at-home mom even though we grew up
in an immigrant family where like that was the way you do it, and I kept pushing her and
pushing her and pushing her. She was unhappy. She’s never been happier, right?
– Yeah. – But her first year she thought
she was gonna be big shot. She thought she had
GaryVee as her brother, and he was gonna give
her awareness and I did, and she was gonna kill it. She didn’t sell one home. (chuckling) Not one. And that put her in the right mindset and now her last three months
have been completely different because she stopped thinking about fast. So do real estate, but sign up for not selling
one home for 18 months – Woman] Right.
– And then you’ve got a shot, I’m telling you right now, there’s no but oh yeah
nothing and I’ll tell you why ’cause I love you and I want you to win. Any human that says the
word fast is in deep, and you said it at the end. And so I wanna fight at it. – [Woman] Yeah.
– You don’t wanna poke at it. – [Woman] Yeah so my plan is to stay. So I work for Humana I’m
getting ready to return for the first month,
– Yep. – [Woman] part time and then
I’ll go back to full time. So my plan is to work real estate for a bit like two years
before I walk away from Humana ’cause being at Humana I’m
getting ready to purchase a home that will have some rental money coming in
– Yep. – [Woman] And so my plan is
to keep that money coming in and once I get to a secure spot where I can secure another rental property to keep that money coming
in so that I’m funneling– – Tell me about the two
products real quick. – [Woman] So I have elderberry
syrup which is immune booster – Yep.
– and keeps you healthy. – I get it. [Woman] Pretty much if
you have any ailment, it’ll boost you’re immune system up, and you’ll be over any cold or anything. And then the other one
is black African soap, and really the only other other reason that that one’s up instead of
something that’s more handmade is because that was quick, and I’m basically I’m just
the middleman in that one. So I didn’t have to create it like I do the elderberry
where I cook it up and all of that. – If I was your brother
and we were hanging out. Every hour I would spend on the following, spend as much time just on
the elderberry as possible and spend as much time
on building that business versus the real estate thing because real estate has
been growing for 11 years and it is inevitably gonna soften, and when it does you’re in deep, ’cause only top 1% is gonna be okay. – [Woman] Yeah. – Elderberry is in perpetuity. It’s your passion. And I’d rather you spend 3
1/2 years building elderberry than 18 months on real estate, and have you stay in
Humana for 3 1/2 years instead of 18 months, because the next 50 years in
the back end would work better. That is my personal strategy. One man’s point of view could be wrong but I couldn’t be more passionate about the advice I’m giving you, no different than advice I gave her. – [Woman] Yeah, no I
appreciate that thank you. – You know what I mean? The authenticity of you understanding the elderberry thing is very real and again to your point. (sneezing)
Bless you. And I love how you said it, the other product deviates a little bit from your complete point of
view but it was faster on margin but it also already
creates a vulnerability to the purity of your brand. – [Woman] Yeah cause I wanna get, so my other products that will
be launching will be like, so they’ll be shea butter in these things. But everything for the most part will have additional products in it where right now because
that African black soap was something I was able to
quickly purchase and put up. It doesn’t have the essential
oils and things infused like I would like to get it to, so it is a product I wanna work on but it yeah it has that. – And what I’m worried about is, when you go put out a nice post and use the right
hashtags and she comes in and looks at your funnel. Then if you’re beating the
drum of natural products and one of your two products
isn’t all the way there, you’ve already compromised
for short term cash. – [Woman] Yeah okay.
– You understand? – [Woman] Yes. – I just really believe what I’m saying I really, really do. It’s just the way it always is, like it’s the way it always is. And it’s hard to give the you, I wish I was giving this advice when I was living it from 22 to 34, because when I think I say it now, they’re like easy for you. But you don’t understand what five kids running around
in my house looks like. You know like I get it. People wanna get to that next step. I wanted to but I stayed the course. I wanted to get onto that next, I’m a young man who’s ambitious. You guys know me like
imagine what 27 year old me must have been thinking
about like wanting to get to that next chapter
like this is more fun. – [Woman] No I’m gonna definitely hold on to every word that you say, especially like I’m 27.
– Baby. – [Woman] So my kid’s quite young and so like my friends would tell me, it’s crazy you have no business
being in this room right now quit charging it on a credit card that you’re gonna have to pay off later. But for me I knew the advice
that I could get here today could push me so much farther than me trying to figure
out for the next 18 months or 2 years or whatever.
– I get it. – [Woman] So I was willing to
be able to say I’ll sign up for a little debt to get with
to get out in the long run. – Can you do me a favor to
get out of that little debt? Can you do me one favor? This is very weird but I hate the pressure of the debt on this meeting. This is very real.
– Right. – Scanning items at Target and
Walmart that are on clearance that are selling for more money on Amazon is an unbelievable way
to make $2000 in 30 days. – [Woman] Yeah, I was extreme couponer. I used to resell all of my
items at the flee market. (laughing) getting $2000 a weekend.
(cheering) Its just having 5 kids so now I can’t. – You don’t have it, that’s right. And you can go to those places late. Like notice how the device I gave you was practical as fuck? Like I’m empathetic like I never like to give ideological advice. What place is open at 11:00 p.m.? Target. I don’t know who can watch the kid. I don’t know every detail, but at least you have a prayer if you want and I know you’re tired, and people have to rest, I get it all, but at least you have a prayer. – [Woman] Yeah. – And like that’s the I care about. – [woman] No I mean I can make the happen, I’m not worried about it.
– Yep I got it, I sense it. – [Woman] I had my daughter at 16, I came from Pointe, Michigan I came from, and I moved
to Kentucky on a prayer. And I lived in a shelter with my kids for about a year and the worked out, like everything worked out. And my kids are in such
a better situation, have had the opportunity
to go to private school and the whole time like, – Yeah, you’re capable. Honestly, I’ll be honest with you, I can see it, you’re capable now let me tell you something. Run the marathon ’cause you’ll have a million dollar elderberry business and be like, I cannot believe I have this. You will, I’m being, and by the way what I
definitely can tell you, you’ll definitely have
$137000 profit business around that one product
I genuinely believe that. That’s cool. But you have to go all in on that. – [Woman] Yeah. – This is an example
going all in on a thesis. – [Woman] No I get that and
honestly it was a thought that I had even before I came
– Good, good. – [Woman] Maybe I just
need to focus on this one. – Listen I’m honestly I’m in the business of affirmation.
– Yeah. – So when I started this business at 24, 25 years old, 10 years ago my parents
were like good luck. I mean there was no help
there was nothing there. – Which is right.
– Which is right. – Real quick I just wanna
make this point mainly this is now selfish
because I want the content, – Okay.
– ’cause you helped me. That’s right. – Yes. – Like all these people that are mad at their
parents for not helping, that’s more right than wrong. Like you can’t have it both ways. like kids are always like
I gotta start a business and my parents won’t let me. And like they’ll let you move
out and go start a business. What you’re actually saying is
you don’t wanna go to college and you want your parents
to give you that money so that you can start a business and make pretend you’re an
entrepreneur and feel cool. I love your parents for that. It’s the best thing they did. – The thing that did for
me was it made me scrappy – Period. – So in our industry there’s
kind of a 50/50 split roughly where half of them are franchises and the others are independents
and I’m an independent. – Yep. – And my motto I mean
internally to our business is the franchises, because I think they eat people’s lunch. – Okay.
– People are struggling, and giving up good money
to launch these things they could have done on their own. – I understand.
– The independents are getting shut down.
– But there’s a big difference between somebody who’s an entrepreneur and somebody who has
entrepreneurial tendencies and that’s what franchisees are built for.
– Yes. – Franchisees are built for people that have entrepreneurial tendencies. They are incapable in their stomach to take the full risk of
doing it for themselves and that’s okay. The same way I’m incapable of reading. (laughing)
(throat clearing) I mean that, by the way
the amount of time I waste having to do three-minute calls because I’m not willing to read the email my employees
sent me is remarkably high. (laughing) And so just keep that in mind, keep going. – So one of the things
that we figured out is, I don’t necessarily wanna
attack the franchises. I wanna support the independents give them an avenue for growth
– That’s right, that’s right. – And so there’s no voice
that’s actually leading them. So there’s some national
associations that service everybody but they don’t service
the independents alone so I wanna start an alliance
and network nationally. My target is a pool of 12000 companies. My goal is in the 10% so if I can get 10% of them, a thousand and get them to maybe follow
and listen and do something and then another 10% like a hundred that we can impact deeply
in some way downstream. So the first thing is
I’m starting a channel this is where we’re very
– Go ahead – I have no followers
– Go ahead. – It’s called Elevate with Canoe. – Good news everybody has
no followers at first. (laughing) We all start with zero.
– Yes. So the channel of the
thought is Elevate with Canoe in which we just give,
– Let give you an answer Canoe ’cause I’ve been listening
to the first part of this. I’m gonna give you a very simple answer. This is a piece of cake for you if you make one binary decision here which is that you’re a media company and that’s that. You have to realize you’re now CNN and Fox and CNBC and Reuters and that’s it. So what does that mean? That means the answer’s gonna be yes to everything that
comes out of your mouth. That’s why I cut off podcast, LinkedIn content, yep. My favorite thing to say is, watch what I do not what I say. The answer is what I’m doing.
– Yes. – All of it, email newsletter,
Twitter like all of it. And yes could LinkedIn be
better based on your business? Of course but what do you need to do? The answer is both. You need to become
disproportionally better at LinkedIn and you need to start the
process of your Facebook group. You need to start the process of your text messaging platform. You need to start to
process your podcasts. Now back to like okay that’s cute Gary but like can one person, like how do I think about it? This is again an answer
for everybody right now to me the hot, hot things
are podcast, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube right? Those things are over indexing
for different reasons. Now if you’re selling
you know strawberry jam, Instagram over LinkedIn makes sense. If you’re doing b2b, then
LinkedIn over Instagram. You gotta be thoughtful, but the answer is you
should challenge yourself to do as many things as possible well and the only other thing
you have to do Canoe is be self-aware. Are you comfortable in front of a camera? Is it better for you to write? Like I don’t write.
– Right. – And I and I didn’t force myself. There’s a reason in 2004 to 2008, you don’t see any content from me, that was the era of
blogging, I can’t write. No content for me, YouTube comes along, (finger snapping) got it and then I got to
scale seven years later where I could hire a writer to transcribe my audio. – [Man] So what’s the
era now? Is it audio? – Yeah audio is absolutely winning right? Because the way we roll, we like to consume content passively and when you’re on the treadmill listening to a podcast has now become real. – [woman] Yeah. – Right? Lot of people watch my
videos by just listening. They don’t even watch it right? They’re playing YouTube in the background blasting it like you know. So yes audio and that’s what’s fun right? Like radios back like it all right? Yeah, so audio is absolutely
an incredible place, and I love it because
when video was dominating six years ago, a lot of
people were conscious on film. Like I mean 2011 to 2015 my life was unbelievable, women raising their hand and saying Gary, “I don’t wanna do film, “because like you don’t get it, “we get judged for our makeup.” I’m like cool I do get it, I
get judged for being hyper. Judgment is judgment. Yes, they’re looking at your
you know physique and face and yes and for me they’re
saying you’re full of, because that’s your too high on energy, you must be a scam artist. That doesn’t feel nice for me – I loved it when you said you get judged for biting your finger nails. – Right yeah I mean like literally like all sorts of things. And I got very judged
for cursing into that, like now there’s more cursing in content. You should have seen what I
was going through in 2008, and nine and ten like completely dismissed like very heavily judged you know. (voices chattering)
(laughing) Yeah but nobody knew
that about Tony in 2009, ten, eleven, right? Like I created a framework for allowing people to be who they are. I’m proud of that 100%
– [audience] Yeah. so that’s your answer bro. – Thank you, I converted
a room in my basement. I mean I’m talking to go all
in and convert into a studio. – But don’t, listen to me, do not be the guy who buys
all the best tennis equipment and loses six love to somebody who’s got a wooden tennis racket where everybody goes and they
think it’s the equipment. – [man] Its not. – 1000 episodes of Wine Library TV, and I wasn’t even mic’d and
I had no lighting, 1000. Didn’t even know until
the D Rocks and the Calebs and Babins and Irises
came into my life about. So I wonder like you’re
sitting on the pack, I’m like I don’t give a. (chuckling) – One last question I’m sorry. So this, during your your
kind of rise and growth and all that you went from
a person doing these things to a brand that’s doing these things and the challenge for me is,
– You meaning? I wanna make sure I understand how your saying VaynerMedia or GaryVee? – Yeah GaryVee and kind of
the channels and the podcasts, at some point you are a person right? – I’m still a person. People and I mean that. (laughing) I think we manifest it in, I think when somebody’s successful at it, we just start using a word
like you’ve become a brand. – Right.
– But I’m still a person. – Yes. – Like I’m literally doing
exactly the same thing, its just that the success
makes us look at it and try to analyze it. – So the challenge I’ve got is, you talk about this a lot which is love your community. I mean you have
– Yes. to be more on commenting on what they’re talking
about on their posts. – Yep.
– And really be part of that. – Yep.
– And so, I’ve been doing so much
of that as an individual, my Facebook account, my LinkedIn account. Is there a need to kind of shift to this, it has to be done under the
Elevate with Canoe page. It has to be done under this other, – No. – thing.
– No. – As a matter of fact I
don’t think you necessarily have to create. I don’t engage on the #AskGaryVee page even though that’s a show. I think you do it under Canoe, ’cause you might wanna
change it from Elevate. – Right. – What if you wanna
change it in four years? I think you always lean
in on your own human page because Gary Vaynerchuk meant wine guy to the world a decade ago. And it might mean sports
car dealer in four years if this keeps going this way. I don’t know like no, no. I would keep it on your personal page. – Great thank you so much.
– You’re welcome. – Before I branched out on
my own I started very young and there was no social media there was none of that. So I built a strong business without that, and now I have to do social, and I don’t know how to do it. – And honestly you don’t. When you were talking I was like smiling ’cause I’m like hers is so easy. You’re looking at everybody else right now and that’s your biggest problem. Every single day people copy
every single thing I do. People literally take my content, write what I’m saying
then make a $400 ebook, and run ads against my own fans and sell to my fans. (laughing) And I spend 0.00 seconds on it. You’re getting caught up in people who have 447000 followers on
Instagram doing what you do and thinking that they copied your, and it’s putting you on defense. – Well what I wanna know is, should I be doing my own content? should I.
– Yes. – Hire somebody to do it? ‘Cause I’ve been hiring people to do it and I feel like they’re
not capturing the voice. – Of course they’re not, of course they’re not. Yes you should be doing it. – Okay. – I believe that doing
social media work today is as required for a business
as knowing your finances. It’s become too important. – Its marketing. – Its marketing, it’s
always been important. The problem now is everything
else has become a commodity. Communication is growing in value. Information and like the
product itself is actually not that it’s declining but that if you have a product, you’ll never win, but communication is a requirement. And by the way there’s
a lot of business owners you’re looking at one that’s not deeply in or her or his finances, but I’m dangerous enough to not get, and I think everybody needs
to be dangerous enough in social media marketing to not get, which is why I keep telling everybody you don’t have 50 hours to learn this but you’re running a business. Put in work learn it, learn it, so when you hire somebody you can know if Sally or Rick is doing
a good job or a bad job ’cause you have at least, you actually understand. That’s why I want everybody
to put 50 hours of actual work in every platform. – So I also wanted to ask you about, what are the trends to look out for? Things that can come up, ’cause I really wanna stay ahead and I always know that you have to be careful of
whose coming up behind you or what’s coming up behind you. – Your whole framework
scares me I’m telling you in a good way, in a good way. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. You’re spending so much
time on everybody else. Listen, when I go into
something like this, whether somebody puts it
on a credit card for sure or anything else I’m
always like so passionate about disproportionate bringing
as much value as possible I’m a fast read when it
comes to people and business. I’m telling you with my
whole soul hot committed, your framework right now is a problem. You’re just spending all
your time thinking about, like I’ve never thought
of who’s coming up. You’re spending your time on outside. Something is clearly like, you take so much pride I think which is amazing in that you innovated and that was a big part of your success and now that that’s been commoditized, there’s a sense of anxiety that you wanna replicate that thing ’cause you know what that meant. Which is then forcing you
to look at the outside instead of the inside the way you created and innovated the first time was you went inside. – That’s true. – I’m aware it’s true. – Its some of the advice I’ve gotten from doing like business things those sort of things
that have kind of created that little bit if anxiety in me. – I believe you which is why I’m so
passionate to do what I do. I think an enormous amount of people desperately wanna move
from building a business to giving advice to businesses. Four people are here looking to do that. There’s a lot of
attractive reasons for it, but one of the things that scare me is that a lot of people are
not good at giving advice. Like you may or may not be, but I can tell you right now, you’re getting awful advice ’cause it’s not contextual. Your story’s super simple, you innovated by being insular, and now you’re spending all
your time looking outward. The second you go back to
actually hanging out with women and talking about, is
when you’re gonna invent your nose hair thing. (laughing) I’m being serious. That’s why your product
was so good, you listened. There’s a reason I’m fresh and different. It’s ’cause I don’t
listen to anybody else. I only listen to the end user. I put out content, I watch you. You like the blueberries post? I think about it. – I liked it. – A lot of people did. And that was me also taking another piece of my own advice with my own self eating my own dog food. Don’t just put out content
that you know works, try. I put out the blueberry
post two weeks earlier. It was the wrestling post with Wale. It was my worst performing post
on Instagram in three years. Mmm, he’s right, you understand? Such a very meta thing
for my hardest core fans I just said now. The blueberry thing makes like goes, and is my most successful post. it was the same exact thing
that I posted two weeks earlier with my wrestling post and
showed me in Boston with a sign. One destroyed it and gave me insights, one failed, miserably. Literally I couldn’t
have drawn it up better for my thesis of trying new. My worst performing post in two years, my best performing post in two
years exactly the same thing. I went completely out of my lane of what you’re used to seeing. one was about wrestling, one was about blueberries, the end. You have to go insular. – I will.
– I believe you. – I have one more question I have to ask. – Go ahead. – Because you mentioned
15 to 25 alpha males. My son is 20, Sophomore
in college in Delaware. He’s literally freaking out right now, because he is not getting As
– Good. – He’s kinda getting by, and he’s like mum I’m bugging out, and I’m ready to give
up and I just don’t know the right advice to give him of either to like hang in there, or its like its ripping my heart out. I’m not sure what to say to him. – Tell him to be happy. So if quitting college makes him happy ’cause he doesn’t like the
anxiety that it’s bringing, that’s what he should do. I mean it. Like a college degree from anywhere besides the top 10 schools in
America today is ROI negative. – [man] Yes.
I know. What? Where does he go to school? – Delaware.
– Great, you think that degree is gonna get him a job that’s like so? – No I don’t, I definitely don’t. – The end, so then what? He’s getting social skills? He can do that anywhere.
– Right. – Take the money you’re giving Delaware and go to Europe, he’ll
get real social skills. (laughing) You understand? – We have to change this conversation. You have to be okay with what, him dropping out of school
means amongst your circle, brothers, sisters, best
friends, your parents, I don’t know your situation. And then you need to take that energy and make him feel safe that’s
what parents should be doing. – Right. (clapping) – That’s super real. But, back to what his parents did so well. When he’s not in school, it’s like yo go, mama’s
not gonna take care of you big boy, go get a job at Toys R Us, oh they’re not even around anymore. Go get a job at Walmart you know. Start your business. You wanna start your business? Amazing you better live off-campus with your buddies that are still in school and sleep on their couch
while you’re hustling, got it? He can quit, but you can’t enable the next chapter. But when he hears that you’ll open up his world. Let him be happy but on his own two feet. Got it? That’s what works. You have to first get good with your son dropped out of school, that’s number one. Its where parents
subconsciously are getting. – I don’t have a problem,
– Great. – with him dropping out.
– I believe you. – What I have a problem with him is dropping out and regretting it. – But you’re not in control
of that, (voices chattering) like you can’t control that. And I promise lemme kind of promise I don’t like to be absolute ’cause it’s just unfair
he’s not gonna regret it. – Yeah. – And more importantly, what you wanna do is not give
him any ammo to blame you. – Oh yeah I’m just supportive. – I believe you but like hear it, because it’s important. If you put it on him and
you create the framework and you support him. If you push him in either direction, at 49 he gets to come in and say, you made me stay in college. – I’d never do that to him. – Then he’s really lucky. So just make sure he knows that fully. Fully, ’cause 98% of this
conversation is just as bad as 50. You have to be 100. Got it, got it? – Got it thank you.
– Right? That last two percent
like any little hedge, I believe you ’cause I
can sense it but it’s 100. – [Man] So I’m in a situation right now where so last year I got distracted. – Okay. – [Man] Because of who
I work with, what I do, I walked away from Idol. I walked away from another television show I walked away from
six-figure consulting job ’cause I felt that I was starting to, every time I did focused on my stuff a distraction would come along. – I understand. – [Man] And I walked away
from that knowing that, this year it’s all focused.
– I understand. – [Man] On the things I wanna do. The people that I wanna serve most are, the parents of these talented kids who have no clue what
it is to do with them but I don’t want to ignore my
independent artists either. Artists need to understand
that they’re not welfare kids. They want everything for free. They are starving artists,
they want all this stuff. So I need them to invest even if it’s just time is
what I try to share with that, even if you’re investing your time, that has value.
– Yep. – [Man] You know to put
a Taylor Swift stuff which I tell people
you should listen to me because of her but you should
ask what I can do for you. She was ten years ago.
– Yep. – [Man] You know this
new relationship I have with Gallery and all
these different things that are coming into play. How’s the best way to use them to get the conversation started? But also let people know, don’t expect those kinds of results. – I think by just putting out the content so I think what you know, it’s so funny if you even
think back to earlier I think we’re all affected
makes sense by our life and like what’s happened in the past. It’s a framework, you have
this ridiculous thing happen that is such a big cosign
that gives you such a decade worth or seven years
of like instant credibility of like this is who I was immediately. I really, weirdly think
then you reverse it. I put things like me being an investor in Facebook and Twitter and
Uber is in my Instagram profile. It’s on my website but I
never talk about it for say unless I need it contextually. I think if you establish your profiles, it’s really funny. I literally believe your
bio on all your profiles, if you just nail it and create context maybe even says, I started with, if the
Taylor Swift thing right? And it says, original or whatever it is. – [Man] Yeah former manager.
– Former manager with a link that goes out to an interview from seven years ago, great and then you’re set. What I do is I put out super value and then if you’re like
who the fuck is this person and you go into my profile, and you go into the places
that creates validation or creates rationale. That’s what I think you need to do because otherwise it’s always in the air and you’re always trying to get it out, you know what I mean? Just put out thoughts and
content and things of that nature and don’t hedge or rationalize
in every piece of content or even having the energy of, if you feel great about how
your profiles are set up. If you know if Lil’ Baby
four years ago in Atlanta sees that piece of content and he goes to your profile, the validation and the reason sits there they’ll find it.
– Right. If you set it up within
the profile matrix. That’s how I would do it. You understand? – [Man] Yeah I do. And also for those of you that are struggling with social media, go to my LinkedIn profile
or my Instagram profile, I have a Webinar called, How To Become A Social Media
Ninja In Under An Hour, that kills it. I’ve had thousands of people watch it. I take what he tells people to do and I show em’ how to do it
which is what I absolutely love. – What’s your Instagram again?
– [Woman] I’m gonna text this to everybody’s number.
– @rickbarkermusic. Last thing, so how is it that I can best put yourself in my situation.
– Yep. – [Man] How is it that,
– Its all I ever do. – [Man] Best take a picture
that you and I may take here have a press release that
goes out about my podcast being picked up by the
company that shares this, ’cause people have referred to me they called me in the music side view, because of the empathy and the solutions. Not because I just yell at people – The best way is for you to email me and let me get context
on what Gallery’s doing ’cause that’s under my radar, I have no idea and the number one thing you don’t wanna do is, over hyperbolize the reality of it. So for me to give you an answer, I need to understand the context, makes sense?
– Yep. – Then we’ll figure it
out and then if it’s, then there’s a million ways to do it. Like yesterday if you look at my social, we launched a new podcast called, The CMO Podcast in Gallery Media Group, and I’m giving it huge cosign. So let’s figure out where it sits. – [Man] Makes sense. – The amount of business people
that roll up to me at events and they’re like hey Gary
can you hold my product? And they take a photo right? And I’m happy to do it, but then I always say
they’re gonna fuck this up, ’cause we’re gonna go take it, and make pretend I’m endorsing the product it’s a selfish act right? Like if we take a photo, and there’s any form of a selfish act, you’re gonna be like forget about, if it works in the short-term you’ve lost in the long term because in perpetuity I’m
not gonna be happy about it. – [Man] Got it.
– Got it? So the answer is, we need to figure out what’s happened with Gallery.
– Today people know that, I’m coming here, and its a celebration
– Yeah I’m thrilled. Yeah you can, bro honestly
you can use in perpetuity. You can make pretend that you built me, I don’t care. (laughing) I mean it I don’t care. I’m trying to give the advice that I think a lot of
people make a mistake on, like the merit of it, like I mean, I literally watch people
grab me in the airport, we take a photo I’m super
pumped, it feels nice, they’re pumped but then
I go into my explore page like my tag page I look, and people write things like just finished a big
meeting with GaryVee, and I’m like, they’re gonna lose. They’re gonna lose in life. And I don’t feel bad, I don’t give a fuck. There is no validation or
justification of anything I do. I don’t care if people are trying, I mean do you know how many
people use my image in ads to sell their fucking bullshit products? And I have a full legal team just on that. – Its the quick wins. – It’s the same shit. – Its their quick wins. its not the long game.
– That’s it, that’s it. And it’s why I gave
the advice to you like, I want you to achieve your goal and I believe that’s the
framework that I’ve seen, one man’s point of view. Yeah, we did have her
out of order, go ahead, – [Woman] Oh yeah that’s right okay. Hi again.
– Hi again. – [Woman] So I have all this stuff going on.
– I know. – [Woman] And I love it and I’m always thinking of new things. – My opening rant was for you.
– Thank you. – Do not justify creating a
.com every day of your life – [Woman] Thank you. – Just keep doing it
’cause it makes you happy. – [Woman] It does, I just, and I have scanned real estate, I just love life. – I get it. – [Woman] I’m a happy person,
I’ve overcome so much. – I get it, you’re grateful. – [Woman] I am.
– That’s the word. – [woman] And I give a lot, and I would carry a product
in my medicine store, (Gary laughs) and I will teach you how to
get in front of a camera, and say, you don’t have
to say it’s about you, you can say hey everybody
look at my client. Look at the eyebrows. So it’s not you know what I mean? I’ll help you get in front of a camera it’s easy, I love it. – Or maybe it’s not or
maybe it’s self awareness and what’s easier is
recording on your memos on your phone when you have a thought and you post that and I mean that. I mean it’s super important
you made that point. I agree with you like it’s you know, this is one man’s point of view. I’m trying to over-deliver
on the best thing that I can. I have a lot of data at
this point a decade in, so I think a lot of these hot
takes have validity to them. I believe in human truths and that’s why, it’s a lot of these things
have been easy for me, but this is one big
game of self-awareness. One big game of self-awareness. – [Woman] Thank you for correcting me, ’cause what’s is easy for me,
– correct. – [Woman] isn’t easy for other people. – I literally can’t write an article. – [Woman] Right. – But I’m literally gonna
go on stage right now in front of like however many people and have no clue what I’m
gonna say one minute before and destroy it. – [Woman] ‘Cause you scream really loud. (laughing) – You know like everybody’s got, I can’t sing for, Taylor can, so it’s important.
– I’m always available, how about that? – That’s the way to think about
it, so what’s your question? – [Woman] So I do all this stuff.
– Yes. – [woman] I have and the .coms are great. – Yep, yep, yep, yep – [Woman] But I do own a restaurant – Yes. – [Woman] With a wellness center. – Yes I heard. [Woman] I’m building
this live music venue. – And the bills come in I got it. – [Woman] Yeah I have a lot of support from famous people.
– Friends yep. – [Woman] And I have a
Salt Cave in Green Hills. – Yep. – [Woman] Basically I came into some money and I’m putting it there. – I understand that’s the big bet, that’s the 80% I got it. That’s the 80%, that’s your Vayner. – [Woman] This is my Vayner.
– I understand. – [Woman] Okay and with
why I’m doing this? ‘Cause my children are 11 and 13. If my son already wants to go to college he’s 13 he told me at nine. We went to visit the school. (Gary laughs) – Its awesome. – [Woman] I love it. Yeah, it’s wonderful.
– Good. – [Woman] So I wanna be available to help him go through that.
– I understand. – [Woman] So I’ve got savings, I will not touch it no matter what. – Right that’s addic,
I totally understand. – [Woman] This money is to just hold me. – Yep. – [Woman] Until they go to college. – Yes. – [Woman] Then I have something. – I understand. – [Woman] I don’t wanna lose it, so I’m willing to buy it here and I’m willing to do whatever to grow it. My dream, get an RV, travel the country, play music for tips and gas I don’t even care.
– Fucking love it. – [Woman] ‘Cause that’s my dream. – You’ve won. – [Woman] What I wanna do,
this is what I wanna do. I wanna go into areas
where recovery is weak – Yep. – [Woman] People have told me this, that I have an ability
to create a community ’cause I care about people.
– I get it – [Woman] And I will buy them groceries, and spend time with them, and build an area and then it propagates and I can move on, that’s my dream. – I get it. So to me before you get to the question, one of the things that’s really
running through my mind is, you need to make sure, if
your dream is that simple and what you’re holding your breath for, is another seven years
before the kids are in school – [Woman] Yes.
– I see that. Make sure that, if you’ve poured money
into this restaurant, if it’s not successful, that you don’t allow it
to get you into debt. Because no joke
– I’m in debt now. – I hear you and no joke, when I’m listening to
you like straight up, if this was before you
bought the restaurant I would have literally told you like, just sit on the money.
– Sit on the money. – Because if you’re telling me the truth that your dream is to drive
an RV for tips and gas ’cause you love it.
– I do. – The only vulnerability
I see in you right now is that this thing that you’re
working on in the meantime becomes a money waster
and you go into debt. – [Woman] Now let me tell you I’ve already thought about this. – Good. – [Woman] And when it gets to that point, if it gets there cut it off and move on.
– Good, good. – [Woman] Take the money put
it in the bank and sit on it. (voices chattering) – Do you have any sense of
how to make this successful? – [Woman] Right now I have
support from Chris Gantry Pam Belford, Jan Buckingham. I’ve hit songwriters doing residencies for free in my lounge, promoting me. – Is it open now? – [Woman] It’s open, its
been running for six months. Its unprofitable.
– And how’s it going? Okay, how unprofitable is it? – [Woman] I’m loosing money. – How ,like how? – [Woman] I’m holding on to my last life. – And how much are you losing each month? – [Woman] It was, I’m down to about. – Good, I got it. That’s right. – [Woman] (mumbles) barebones employees. – And the only hard core
guaranteed cost you have is the rent right? Like for real, for real, locked in?
– Yeah and I can do that. Basically I can get rid of the employees – Yep. – [Woman] Sit in my store, and I can support the store.
– Okay. – [Woman] If necessary,
I love my employees. – I got it, I totally understand. Do you think this is a foregone conclusion that it’s not gonna work out? And it’s a very serious question, because I think it’s an
important, important question. – [Woman] I’m willing, I don’t know. – It’s a very fair answer because the problem here is with that short period of time 10 months. Surely don’t want you to start
racking up credit card bills or whatever else. – [Woman] I won’t do it. – In my opinion you only have two paths. You get on the offense
and speed up your burn by running Instagram and Facebook ads and see if you can drive local traffic, or you start right now getting out of it and seeing if somebody
will take it kind of over and you keep five months of it and you know you lose 15 more and somebody else kind of takes over or whatever you work out. Those are really your only two options. I genuinely believe that. – [Woman] Okay. – I think you need to give that thought. And again because I want
to get to everybody, ’cause I have a hard time on stage but I mean this because I really mean it feel free to email me and we
can continue the conversation but I really think those
are your two options. – [Woman] Okay.
– And that’s okay. It really is okay. I can see, by the way, and you know this, you’re already there.
– Yeah. – So let’s like do it smart instead of just going through the motions of losing more money for no reason. – [Woman] Exactly.
– Makes sense? – [Woman] Yes thanks Gary. – Sometimes it’s just permission. You already know, it’s
black and white to me, and that’s okay. And the fact that you’re
in a mental place, I can tell you’re okay with it losing. – [Woman] Yeah.
– The biggest reason people, is they’re not okay with it losing in front of other peoples ego. – [Woman] I don’t care about that. – I can see so now, can
hand it off to somebody else for nothing to just say like here, you can have it. And you take over the rent, it’s probably a good
conversation to be had, okay. Yes Jerry McGuire? (laughing) – [Woman] Jerry McGuire?
– I gotta introduce you to AJ we’re trying to build our sports agency. – [Jerry] Don’t think I didn’t
think about that. (laughing) So I have two real passions in my life around one main subject. So growing up seven
years old I had cancer, diagnosed late, three years of chemo, (Gary grunts) healthy since then, which is great.
– Thank God. – [Jerry] Later got married
our first child we adopted because of infertility challenges. He has autism so we’ve had
ten years of challenge there but three kids after that. As a salesperson my first day
I was handed the catalogue 15 years ago and said go sell something so zero sales training. – Yes. – [Jerry] And then as a sales manager, it was virtually the same. So I was just a successful salesperson escalated sales management. – Happens all time. – [Jerry] No training right? So you’re not given anything.
– Happens all time. – [Jerry] So for me it’s, I have these experiences
that have given me struggling moments
– Yep. – [Jerry] You know and I have empathy for those moments in
everybody else’s life, and I think in the sales
world that affects two things, your psychology as the seller, and then,
– Empathy is the foundation of the most successful
sales people in the world. Makes a ton of sense. I didn’t name my wine
that for fun like no, I totally understand
you’re reverse engineering. When you said put yourself in my shoes, and the reason I jumped in I was like, that’s the only thing I know how to do. I don’t even live in my own shoes. (laughing) Which is my vulnerability, because then I get taken for granted and the things that I struggle
with my surroundings is that. It’s the reverse, you
get taken for granted when you only live in
everybody else’s shoes. When are you there for yourself? That’s my shortcoming, but it’s very attractive
to everybody else. So I understand, keep going. – [Jerry] So from that one of the things that I’ve learned now as an
executive is to understand what the mind of the buyer looks like, in terms of sitting around
the table like this, and I think there’s a big gap
in the sales process world thinking that way. – Of course ’cause everybody wants to just shove it through
sheer numbers and push, it’s listening not talking. – [Jerry] Yeah exactly.
– Yep. – [Jerry] So I was on
a sales call yesterday from a salesperson and
they wouldn’t stop talking. It was 29 minutes of them
talking and we got very little so absolutely. What I’m trying to do is, right now I’m a VP of a
billion-dollar business and I’ve got that to do and
I’ve got this enterprise that I’d like to build over
time trying to be patient and proud of myself for not
trying to get to it too fast. – Are you able to put out content without it being a
vulnerability to your main job? – [Jerry] From
– Are you able to have it, – [Jerry] From a perception perspective? – Yeah of course ’cause perception is reality. Jesse is sitting right
behind you works for me he’s worked for me for six years Is Jesse in a place where he thinks he can
put out tons of content because he wants to start a small agency VaynerMedia like thing. In my world the answer is yes, like that’s what I’ve
kind of tried to create and people have seen it. And it’s still probably no to all of them and Jesse I’ve known for a long time since he was the most
handsome eighth grader in my brother’s class (laughing) – So my hope, my hope would be that if that was his hopes and
dreams he’d reach out to me and try to make me be
a part of that journey but even that even knowing him that long, even him being with my company so long, I actually think that would
be a tough jump even for him because people are always struggling with if they’re being selfish
within an organization does that organization
spit out that, right? – [Jerry] Right. – But it is the answer to your question and so now the question becomes are you able to actually do it? Or does the organization view
that as a selfish behavior that makes you vulnerable
in the short term in your normal job? That is the elephant in the room. – [Jerry] So far putting out content has not been a problem. – And I would argue then, because it’s a billion dollar company maybe there is enough
modern-day thinking at the top where they realize they’re
getting the benefit of it now. – [Jerry] That’s how I
would try and look at it. – And by the way it is
the right look at it. It just, they may not look at it that way but I think it’s your only answer otherwise you’re in golden handcuff mode. – [Jerry] Yeah. – You only got two moves.
– That’s right. – You do the content, you
know exactly what to do. You just don’t know if
you can get away with it or if it’s appropriate. (Gary chuckles)
I know so I’m listening. You either, my advice, do it.
– Yeah. – And every day be prepared if
it’s not acceptable anymore, what am I gonna do taking
a step back financially and do a different job? Or a lot of times they don’t realize that they’re already in a position to get all the same dollars right away. You might be able to
have four consulting gigs that you can have right away.
– Right. – But the answer is very clear. And so I think that what I would do is, either you have enough savings or you have your exact
moves you’re gonna do the day they say you
don’t work here anymore that even if you go
from 280 a year to 173, you can survive and you
can start this process, that is the answer. Make sense?
– Yep. – It’s a very practical. – [Jerry] Right, I appreciate it. – Yeah I mean really it’s the, I’m trying to like add on to it for value but like that’s the answer. – [Jerry] So far it has been okay, so I’m hoping
– And honestly, honestly I think it will be okay but I think you can’t hope. So what you should be spending time on is building seven to ten relationships of like hey this is where I’m going Ron, it was nice to meet you
the Chamber of Commerce. So great to meet you three years ago. It was nice working
with you four years ago. Hey in five years I’m gonna
start my own firm and like, would you be a client? Be nice to have eight of those, then when it hits the fan, three of them actually come through. You always think like, it’s
the same reason every day I think about my entire family
dying in a tragic accident. I’m always hedging on the thing
I care about the most right? For you in the business
life you’re always you know, it’s why I think about if everything fails at Vayner and everything else, there’s always still the GaryVee brand. How vulnerable would
it be if I, everything? Why would anybody wanna listen? Like I think about those things. Oh I could still sell on eBay. Like really I’m not kidding. Like you know every day you’re you know I don’t like being in the, (laughing) business. – [Woman] Yeah. – [Jerry] Well that’s a perspective that I’ve appreciated about your content that I feel like there needs
to be a narrative around that. You’re driving that narrative but the executives or people with specialized knowledge
inside of enterprises now who in putting that out on social media and the idea that some
organization is going to say, no that’s not acceptable. – American capitalist companies
love being in capitalism but treat their employees like communism. I don’t wanna be a hypocrite. I want Jesse to do whatever the, Caleb to do whatever the, they want. I’m proud that Babin is doing what he wants to do now. I wasn’t happy to lose him you know. I don’t want to lose anybody, good people who wants to? But the hypocrisy I
can’t, I can’t get there. CFO’s LinkedIn content that brings CFO’s value of
information not in the form of it’s a hidden sales pitch. – [Woman] That’s my problem.
– I know it. (laughing) That’s why it was my opening sentence. (laughing) – [Woman] Here’s what it is. I grew up(mumbles), grew up just, Traditional liquor sore family. Grew up working inside liquor store. So now we had customers coming in I’m never out looking for customers. – The end.
Then I go into the school district,
teachers are coming to me I’m able to help them plan for their time. – You’re a counter-puncher by trade but now you have to go and attack. – [Woman] Exactly. – I understand, you don’t.
– Okay. How do I do that? – By being a media company
so they come to you. He did it, he used to
go try to get everybody. He used to marketing, then he just put out content that was actually valuable and now he can’t stop them coming to him. You need to put out content
for CFOs of corporations that bring them value that might have nothing to do
with your product and service. You might start a show, a
podcast called the CFO show and you just interview people
that bring value to CFOs not do sales pitches. And that’s how you have them come to you. – [Woman] CFOs also have
clients that are CFOs so you get one and they really like you, – [Woman] And that so that was my issue. like right now I’m with high-net-worth I’m with pro athlete market and I’m trying to get as a referral. – It will always be referral but the best way to
attract the initial base, is disproportionally bringing them value not in disguise as a sales pitch. Everybody says GaryVee, I’m doing what you said,
I’m bringing value. I’m like, no, you’re not. Second I look at your content you’re perceiving to bring value but you’re actually being selfish. There’s a lot of ways, lot of people like Gary first someone asks like yesterday you know Austin like Gary two questions. One, I’m gonna be selfless one, I’m gonna be selfish they were both selfish. (laughing) GaryVee I’m
gonna do you a huge favor when you land in Nashville, I’m gonna drive you to your hotel. No you’re not, you’re gonna pick me up, and ask for a consulting
session while I’m exhausted. (laughing) Lemme buy you dinner. Really? (laughing) You mean get
three hours of my time so you can ask me all your questions which normally cost $100000? For what? For an $86 dinner? You’re not being selfless you’re being selfish. People are confused. Put out content for CFOs on LinkedIn that bring them value
and have nothing to do with what you’re up to and watch how many come to
you with what you’re up to because just like I told him. When they see what you do in your profile they’ll say huh. [Woman] Did you get John speak? [Woman] I did. [Woman] he’s talking
about like sorting people you may wanna find like whoever you think will
be your most valuable and kind of stop that person
and maybe offer something in return for an hour of
time or something like that. – Which will work as a short-term tactic and I like it I believe in that. What is disproportionately
better in my opinion is having it come to you. – [Woman] Yeah, I absolutely agree. – Well. There’s a reason pretty
girls have more options. It comes to them (laughing) It’s not super complicated. This is very real. – [Woman] This is why I haven’t had to go its been coming to me. – It makes all the sense of the world. And I’m telling you
exactly how to replicate it and it’s gonna come natural to you ’cause you’ve been a service you’ve provided you just have to, even what’s going through right now you’re just oh okay just gotta look at it
from that perspective instead of this one. I hate selling. I don’t know what to tell you. (laughing) – I was just about to ask. – I would have all 30000
cases of Empathy sold if I loved selling. I would just ask you, I don’t like it. – As a follow up question I’ve never heard you say like, go to this link or go do this thing. You’ve never had a call to action. – I’ll do it occasionally. I’ll do it occasionally and I don’t mind throwing a right hook. I just don’t like it.
– Right. – I don’t love it. – If you’re giving value
you don’t need that. – You do, you do need to do it. Let me explain why you need to do it. I wrote a book called
Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook not Jab, Jab, Jab, Jab. You do need to do it. You do need to do it, because think about how many
of you have not bought Empathy and buy other wine? – [Woman] ‘Cause it has carbs.
– It’s fine. But notice how my sentence was deployed, not you didn’t buy Empathy, you didn’t buy Empathy
and you buy other wine. You will go to Albertsons or Specs or whatever your store
is and buy other wine but all the ridiculous
value I’ve brought you has not compelled you enough to buy it. That’s why you have to throw right hooks. If you want to be in
business, but that’s okay. – [Man] I’m sober so I buy shoes. (laughing)
– I get it, I get it. There’s a million things
but you can imagine, and it’s a very narrow thing like, I have provided more value than the 30000 cases that
should’ve been a layup but it’s not even remotely close to there ’cause that’s how actually it works and that’s okay. That’s what’s amazing about
giving without expectations, you have zero hurt from that. Put out content for CFOs on LinkedIn, your business will thrive. – [Woman] Can I hit up your CFO? – You can. – [Woman] I mean I know what
I have I literally have– – You can hit them up I have
no idea what the, gonna happen. (laughing) But you can definitely hit them up, but I’m telling you right now as somebody who’s been to
the counterpunch business you’re better to create another framework of counter punching versus attacking. You’re Floyd Mayweather
you’re not Mike Tyson. So you can go try to be
Mike Tyson with Alan. (chuckling) You can. So no stopping that. What’s gonna happen is gonna
be the most important part – [Woman] Absolutely
– Right? Guys this is very basic. There’s too much value
and information out there so you have to provide more
and more and more value to have a differentiator. Supply and demand. – [Woman] So its just about the value? Or the quality?
– Yep, yep. – [Woman] Okay so. – Sure it’s. – [Woman] Okay so like
my question is about, I know I mentioned like e-learning and trying to grow that piece so yeah how do you put
content out there, add value but then also add in like the
sales foot on the back end without sounding creepy and salesy? – You’re gonna sound creepy
and sales to a certain demo and you’re not gonna
feel creepy and salesman to a certain demo. – [Woman] Okay so just, continuously putting content out there? – Yeah. If you’re not putting content out on these eight platforms you, don’t exist. (coughing) There’s nothing else to say. That’s the world we now live in. – [Woman] Do you put
content out on your subject? Or do you put it out on blueberries? And then they find out about your subject? – You gotta put around
your subject at first. It takes a decade to get into a place where a piece of blue berries, and blueberries was my subject. I was making a point at the end which is don’t use lunch
as an excuse to not work. – [Woman] And then my
other question is about, I know you mentioned you know not chasing like cannabis – Can I say something real quick? ‘Cause I think it’s gonna help
you and this I need to add. Own the fact that you’re
selling something. This is where everybody gets hurt right? Like they’re caught they’re not sure if they should go to selling
information or not right? They wanna build something
more scalable, it’s right, I understand right?
– Yes. – You need to own it. I’m actually very proud when I’m like, hey buy my wine or you know like 4Ds or like you know like I’m fine with it ’cause I’m proud of what I
sell and I need to own it and it doesn’t make like, the reason I consistently
even think about the story I just told you, I don’t expect. Think about best practices
in funnel conversion. Right up to the punch line and now you gotta pay. Come on you know what that is. It may convert better in the short term you might sell 30000
cases of wine versus eight but I’m gonna buy the New York Jets. Got it? So just depends on what you’re up to. Sometimes you need short term dollars maybe something bad happened and you own a loan shark $400000, you better then you better
close people right away. – [Woman] But you just
think of it as a long term. – Always, always, but what struggles is when people go into, oh now I’m selling something they immediately go into
a short term strategy ’cause the ROI is the conversion. You’re playing in a
conversion based game now. – [Woman] Another question on that is, I know you mentioned on not chasing all the short term things like
cannabis and cryptocurrency. So where do you see as the
opportunity in investing lets say in terms of extra money? – In those all same places ironically. This is why it’s such a great
question I appreciate it. Chasing the new hot thing for quick scores is the people I’m talking about. If you believe cannabis
is gonna win and I do and you’re really passionate about it and you’re interested in
edibles healing people like you’re passionate about it, well then go all in on
that ’cause that’s great. Blockchain’s gonna happen but if you’re going into Blockchain to create a fake
cryptocurrency to do the ICO and make a quick eighty
thousand trillion, got it? These trends are real. Social media was right. The problem with all the
social media experts in 2011 is they weren’t experts
and they were selling homes a year earlier before that collapsed and then two years later they
were selling sports gambling. – [Woman] Sure, no I understand. I’m saying what do you think is the? – Cannabis, sports betting, cryptocurrency – [Woman] E-sports
– E-sports. All of those things are gonna happen ’cause they’ve already happened. – [Woman] Tech and like AI. – AI, those are all real
things that are gonna happen. Now the question becomes
are you good at it? (Gary laughs) All those things are gonna, that’s right like that’s the point. That gets back to passion as
not fluffy as now practical. I believe that the greatest
thing that’s ever happened is that we can all can do this. I think the worst thing
that’s ever happened is we can all do this. You’re not competing with everybody, you’re competing with me. (laughing) Right, so I believe the only
way you can win for real, for real or the most guaranteed framework is you’re doing it around
something you love so much that that’s why you’re up
doing it at 11:30 at night ’cause you love it so much. Most people do things for
the money they don’t love it and it’s back to who I was at school. I had to do it and I didn’t love it, which is why I didn’t open a single book for four years of high school which is why I failed. So as somebody who’s lived
both frameworks it’s fine. ‘Cause somebody who
actually loves cannabis or sports betting or wine or whatever is gonna destroy you ’cause
she’s gonna put more work and be better at it. More knowledgeable over time right? Got it? So all those things are gonna work but this goes back to
what do you like best? Now you have a skill set and we built a company around a skill set that will work for
everything which is great. As somebody who has math down, you can then deploy
that against everything. That’s a micro version of
why I’m building VaynerMedia. VaynerMedia isn’t a real
company, it’s a framework. I can use it against anything. I can make you the governor of Illinois with VaynerMedia in ten years. I can attack Crohn’s
disease ’cause AJ has it. I can address, I can do anything I want. So that’s what you have a
little bit brewing right now which is cool. You have a skill set which is a very needed skill set which is quant-based
marketing on the internet. Now where you become vulnerable is, so did people that knew how
to do Google back in the day, and I kept telling them to do social and they’re like this
works and they got caught as the attention goes away
and things change right? Math changes.
– [Woman] True, no I mean, I’m always staying on top of the trend. – Exactly. – [Woman] You have to.
– Correct. – [Woman] There’s no way you can’t, but also the vulnerabilities like there’s a lot of competition ’cause everybody and their mothers are job marketing experts. – My intuition is that if
you sold something tangible that you
– The e-learning or? – Nope. – [Woman] Like actual physical product. – Yep and around something you loved the most that over time that would be a
disproportionately bigger business than you selling the
information of how to do it. I genuinely believe
that so something to be. Because you’ve already thought
through the other part right? – [Woman] Yeah I’ve
just never thought into – Deploying your talent
against your own thing around something you love
is a very interesting to be. – [woman] So like having
a physical product but then using the
digital market to sell it? – Of course. – [Woman] I just never. – I get it. Because you’re in a b2b framework. It’s the same reason she thought she’s now in there Mike Tyson business I’m like there’s a way to stay in the Floyd Mayweather business. You’re just in a b2b mindframe. – [Woman] Yes. – That’s all this is. – [woman] Can VaynerMedia?
– Can I, hold on, lemme just get, I want, I’m so scared to not get
through and then we’ll wrap up. – [Woman] So I like the happiness
stuff you’re talking about I grew up as a pastor’s daughter and it is just like you give free and you give, give, give, give and so, I have to find out
what’s going really well. I appreciate the free content. I just love your intuition on it because, the world does not need more victims. You know when someone’s making
an investment in my program and they’re designing a life
they’re excited about living, it’s like proof that they’re not victims I’m like yes I’m gonna be there 2:00 a.m. if you need to talk. That type of thing which
is of free content. I’d just love your intuition on that, and so how do I avoid
creating more of like, oh he hurt you, he was so
bad to you oh you know, that’s not what I do. And it’s really a how can
you stop being a victim and stop shutting down your life and get to the next level. – That comes but isn’t that coming through what you’re actually doing? – [Woman] Yes I do not do
any free content right now, my social media sucks. – So, I see. My intuition is you’re using
that ideological point of view to justify you not doing it because you don’t fully believe in it that’s my first hot take. – [Woman] Okay. – That you’ve decided
putting out free content just creates more victimization instead of what I think it does which is you’re gonna be
helping people serendipitously without realizing it and some percentage of them
are gonna go into your funnel and some are actually not gonna need to go into your funnel and are gonna be cured just from free content and
that’s amazing too in my opinion. – [Woman] Yes that’s much more aligned with my, I don’t have
a business background you know that’s much more aligned. – Well good news. That’s what I think is happening. You’ve decided that the free content is an enabler of more victimization so now all you need to do is decide what I just said is more aligned with the way you actually see it. – [Woman] Okay. – I appreciate the way you just said that. That’s exactly right, you decide. You’re not gonna be able
to control it anyway. It’s back to the things
that people are passionate, you’re not in control of that anyway. Your 49 posts on Instagram are not gonna make a blip on
the radar of victimization. What is more likely is your
gonna only help two people without them ever going into your funnel and that aligns with
what you give a, about. That’s what I’m doing right? I give advice I take right? I’m helping a lot of people
who never give me a penny. Not a sneaker, not a book, not a Vayner, nothing, love it. – [Man] Your stuff will get shared a lot the same way his stuff gets shared a lot because somebody will know
somebody in that position. – Gets shared when it’s a 100% not 98%. – [Man] Your stuff would blow
up like his stuff blows up ’cause it touches
– ‘Cause it’s a hundred. (voices chattering) So you know what I mean? (laughing) You’re gonna go through, you’re about to go through exactly what he and she went through. You gonna start putting it out. You gonna have more people in the funnel than you could ever imagined, and you’re gonna have the serendipity of somebody grabbing you in the airport and saying thank you. You’re gonna win twice. – [Man] Because of what I saw from you. – You’re gonna win twice. (woman coos) – [Woman] I get that everyday that every guy (mumbles)
is divorcing his wife fifteen minutes in (laughing) you know that is who I’m, (laughing) I’m serious like that is who I am. – Makes sense. – [Woman] I can’t get my
nails done without someone, – We live in a world where 95% of people’s framework is insecurity which only leads to bad relationships – [Man] Right.
– yeah. – I understand. But you putting out content doesn’t enable more victimization. I do not believe that. I could be wrong but you get to decide. Your turn. – [Woman] All my questions changed after. – Of course. (laughing) – There’s advantages and disadvantages of the process we go through, some go first and it says a million, that’s why this works.
– Totally. – It’s cool. – You know I feel like in
the last year I’ve just got a couple of hundred thousand
followers on Instagram I’ve got 100000 on YouTube. I feel like like positivity motivation and feel bad that I’m like selling my advice.
– So change it. – So that’s I think I’m
trying to do with the podcast. So but I was thinking should
I monetize the podcast? But now after listening
to you today I’m like, no I shouldn’t.
– No. Whoever holds their
breath the longest wins. – Yeah. That’s good advice. – My plan is to hold my breath until I die – [Woman] Yeah.
– That is a long time. – [Woman] That is a long time.
– You know like so that’s it. – Yeah. – The ironic thing is while
you’re holding your breath the thing you want to happen is happening – Yeah. – Without you compromising
putting your head on the pillow. – Yeah. – You know how fun it is for me? This is why I keep trying to teach people how to build things that
they need financially that don’t come at the requirement of monetizing their audience. – Yeah. – And there’s nothing wrong
with monetizing your audience and there’s nothing wrong with after you monetize your audience, if it doesn’t feel good to change back. Everything’s in play and
everything changes every day. – Yeah. – Economy collapses
tomorrow everyone’s in deep, and like maybe you need the money. Maybe because you made a
million and it seemed so easy and you’re like wow this is incredible maybe you’re over extending yourself? Maybe I don’t know? I don’t
know if people go out and buy like everyone does different, – Yeah. – So like the advice, this is back to why these are fun for me. It’s contextual. This is easy now like these are themes of things, but like, think about all the moments it’s like 98 to like, I need to talk to get
the ’cause I believe you. Actually I felt about
like oh okay you know, as we kept talking I’m like okay, but maybe this and that was it 98 to 100. Looking at it where you can replicate what you’ve done in the past. Thinking about only b2b ’cause that’s been your whole career but realizing wait a
minute you could do b2c. Because by the way if you build a product that’s the stuff that actually
sells for $400 million as a product like you know vitamin water sells to Pepsi you know. Like L’Oreal buys that product from you. Pfizer buys that product from you. Real estate’s been working
for 11 straight years, it’s just inevitable now. – [Woman] Yeah its getting ready to crack. Yeah but then then it’s fast timing. (laughing) – And that makes sense. I mean I started my brand. Its called like Live Fully. I talk about you know I had all this success come young with Miss America and all those TV shows and I crash and burn I got addicted to Adderall and Ambien
– Yep, yep I get it. – Almost lost my life
– I get it. – And like totally change so my message is a lot like yours, like it’s happiness all of this stuff like I’ve got some of the stuff but if this isn’t it and I tell people that if they come to my audience. – And what you’ve got to decide is, every time you’re monetizing your audience you’re losing credibility with them because they feel like you
did that to get the money. – She’s such a seller and
its how she makes her living and her husband (mumbles) it up like she crushed it on my preset sales. (voices chattering) – By selling something else like by creating a different
– Product? – Sure I love that like, guys remember watch what
I do not what I say. How many people do you think I can sign up for a $50000 a year mastermind where I see them for six times a year? How many?
– A lot. – How many?
(laughing) How many? How many, how many? How many, how many? Throw a number out. How many?
– 1000 How many?
– A million. – Think about that. Think about that. So let’s talk about that. And I’m around selling wine and sneakers with the thought of if you drink wine or if you wanna buy it to give gifts instead of some other
bull gift certificate this holiday season. If you wear sneakers. It’s not even in the realm financially of what I could be doing that’s my answer. Where it gets really neat though, why I love this advice is I think we’re about to live through an explosion of brands
with people behind them, and all of a sudden, this is why I’m pushing you so hard all of a sudden if you do start up nail polish ’cause you love it. I don’t know you like or toothpaste. Now you’re putting your
head on your pillow because for me it’s really easy because I know I wanna give
the information for free – [audience] Yeah. – But I also know you brush your teeth. – [audience] Yeah.
– And I don’t expect you because I gave you great
expectation to use mine over Crest now the whole cycle works, got it? – [audience] Yeah. – I’m not monetizing the core thing. I’m giving you something
that you already are doing. I’m not asking you to buy a hula hoop like you’re wearing sneakers
and you’re drinking wine or you’re not, because you’re recovering
or you don’t wear sneakers and that’s fine. And if you wear sneakers and I’ve, do you know many people
email me things like, you’ve stopped me from suicide. You’ve made me a million dollars and then once in a blue moon ’cause I like learning I’m like, did you buy Empathy? They’re like uh, not yet. (laughs) Because I need that
information to give advice here because I don’t wanna send you down the wrong path like that’s, but that’s what I think you should do when you don’t feel great about it and you don’t feel great
about it right this second. By the way you could also
take one year on one year off, you could. You don’t feel great about it now you go in a different way then you’re like, I miss the
money and need some money, now you do it. You can do whatever you want, but let me promise you one thing. When you’re monetizing
your audience, they know. – Do you have a division
of Gallery in New York? – Yeah so do you know what Gallery is? It’s what owns PureWow and
137 does the podcast yeah. – I’m coming to New York
in like 2 1/2 weeks, I didn’t know. I mean even my podcast
hasn’t been launched yet. I didn’t even know if I
could have a conversation. – Its Gary of VaynerMedia, I’m happy to pass you to Mary Kate. Who’d you talk to Mary Kate, Ryan?
– Kal. – Kal, okay, yeah. – Thanks. – So for me now that I
have launched my product so its helping, my whole niche is like mums – Yep I remember, yep. – And so my audience has
just loved the product. It’s so weird to release a product feel nervous about selling something and then have your audience thank you for doing it yourself.
– Yeah of course. – Best feeling.
– Best. – But I also started out
doing this whole thing doing brand work. I’ve been doing brand work for four years because I love creating content for brands – Yep. – This year I worked for Disney and GAP some of my dream brands.
– Yes. – But now I’m in this weird dynamic where I’m a brand but I’m
also a brand influencer. – Great.
– So I know but it’s like, I’m all over the place I feel like, where do I focus my energy? – Both.
– Yeah both? – Yeah ’cause they’re working. – I feel like, I guess I’m trying to think
too far ahead of like, now the preset thing’s working now I wanna release two ebooks that people ask me constantly like for. So I don’t know how to like do that and then you’re talking about a podcast which I would love to do but then I have two little girls, – Yeah of course. So it comes down to a couple things. Leisure like how much, or how little do you need it? Like is it more fun for you to launch two ebooks and
do another thing for GAP? Or is it more fun for you to like, escape for a little bit and go ski? Or read?
– I’m over the brand work right now. Like I’m cool
– Then don’t do it. – So don’t do it, don’t do it.
– Okay so focus more on my business and if I
wanna jump back into it, then I jump back to it.
– Correct. What people think is they
think things are absolute. I used an analogy yesterday, it really worked for me like, just ’cause the other
team went on a 13-0 run in the second quarter
of the basketball game and the home team booed you like the home crowd booed you doesn’t mean the game’s over. Like just ’cause you
stopped doing brand work doesn’t mean that you’re
not allowed to go back in, they’re not gonna forget about you. – Right.
– Yeah. – You know what I mean? People think like something’s going away. – Yeah. Really makes sense. – Brand work with influencers is gonna continue in perpetuity. – Think the other thing
– But, but when you go through this process now of monetizing two ebooks and this product the stickiness and conversion
base of your audience will continue to decline. – Well yeah because that’s
where I’m kinda stuck ’cause I have motherhood
– I know. – Photography
– I know. – And then there’s brand influencing. – Because there’s a breaking point, it’s like open rates, it’s like anything. it’s like ads on Instagram, they worked better four, three years ago than today of course I know. Now if you’re providing so much value that the top of your funnel grows. So you have a million people you start monetizing
them at first it works the second time less the third time less. But if you’re going from a
million to three million people because what you’re doing on the side if you can keep growing, you don’t see it but it’s still happening. You’re like Gary was wrong
I did two million this year. I’m like nope you grew
2X, 2.9X you’re converting do you understand? And then the really scary part is if another person comes up that has enough similarities with you that they siphon your audience ’cause they’re not asking for anything. – [audience] Yeah. Do you know how upset all the motivational
marketers are with me? (laughing) – Very. – I, them up. (laughing) That’s the one group
that’s not happy with me. The $50000 mastermind but you know the reality is
there’s still so many people so that’s what I think. – Okay. I guess
– Look, look You’ve already lived the
advice like hold your breath, it’s always the same answer. – And I’m doing that TV
project with Jason Burgoon. It’s awesome, that’s awesome, that’s great.
– That’s me. – That’s awesome. – I know. – Hold your breath.
– Okay. It just always works
guys provide more value than you’re asking for in return, it’s as basic as it gets plenty of, passion of Jesus and like in a set like, it’s the answer. It’s hard and don’t make
pretend you’re doing it that’s what a lot of people are doing. In this room and in the world. Don’t make pretend you’re doing it. Don’t justify why you’re not doing it, it’s a very simple thing. ‘Cause it’s convenient for
what you want right now and that’s fine, that’s
human I do that too. Doesn’t mean it’s not true. – First of all thank you for all that you’ve done.
– Hey you’ve recently felt the entire impact of this entire thesis. – And honestly just the happiness that I’ve had this past
three or four months has been leaps and bounds as opposed to thinking
about marketing constantly and new ad what? Why this ad isn’t working anymore? It was just the biggest headache and yeah. – The email from the CFO on your LinkedIn is like thank you for putting that out about why I should be investing more in PR versus you getting an email saying, take me off your unsubscribe
list you’re spamming me from the same human. That’s the difference
between putting out value or trying to monetize, that’s it, simple, simple. You know how much you guys would hate me if I went the other way? ‘Cause I’d be good at it I’m good at selling. (laughing) I’m really good at it, you would hate me. You would’ve bought something. I would have sold more wine. I mean it.
– (mumbles) from GaryVee. (laughing) – You know?
– I did get a Mother’s Day set – Yes we did, they did
that Empathy yesterday. – I’ve been thinking a lot about just like you said what makes you happy. – Yes. – Honestly I have that you
know the end of your video I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? That rings in my head all time
– Good. – And I’ve been just doing that evaluating and I’ve kind of realized that, like I like doing my adjustments. I love my patients, but I really love doing
lectures and videos and like when people get it
– I get it. – And just I’ve had people come in like, oh email me or call me a year later like I was at one of
your diabetes seminars and like just listen to the
nutritional advice you gave and like I don’t have diabetes, I’m not on blood pressure, cholesterol. And I love that never
paid me a dime right? Like I give free lectures.
– I get it. – So I’m realizing that
I wanna do more of that, and eventually kind of
phase into that realm right? So I’m trying to build
my brand more right now primarily my whole audience like my life line’s been Facebook. – And you can’t allow that.
– I know. – You need to fix that.
– I want to diversify and tryna post all my videos,
– Don’t try. – on every single different thing and like build my YouTube and
Instagram and do all of that. So that’s
– The amount of people that are gonna get hurt
when Instagram changes is gonna be devastating.
– Right and that’s what I don’t want, and I’ve done, I do a radio show as well. – Great.
– In the city. I have diversified and I’m getting pretty popular so I’m tryna
build those other platforms. I guess my question is like, how do I or when do I start targeting I guess greater than the city? ‘Cause I’m getting popular in the city like I wanna you know
– That will naturally – I’m not gonna have like
speaking gigs and stuff like that. – That’s gonna naturally happen. That’s what’s so beauty
about social media marketing just ’cause you’re targeting Ottawa doesn’t mean one person doesn’t share it and California doesn’t think, that’s naturally
– And I’ve had that in people’s videos. The answer to your question
is more of the same – Just keep dumping the more content. – When did you go from man to brand? I did it, I’m still
doing more of the same. It just feels like I did, ’cause of the level of success. I literally do the same, I did 10 years ago. – And then I’m just curious
too ’cause I wanna get like, you know I wanna write a book. I have a couple different ideas
of books that I wanna write ’cause I constantly
get the same questions. That’s why I made the
videos in the first place. I was getting the same questions over and I’m like I’m just gonna shoot a video. – I think you’re, my personal
point of view click take is, you’re where she was when we met two years ago. – And I picked that up immediately. – So just put your head down
and like put your head down and do another two years of this, and then come back up for
air and debate it again. All of this will be here unless you die, it’s all gonna be here. Writing books will be here,
television shows will be here like all this will be
here the Internet’s won and the internet needs content. – What about Instagram? Will it be here if it changes? – No. – That’s the thing,
that’s why I feel like, I gotta keep doing it. – You need to squeeze it
for all it is right now, and you need to siphon that information to your own email loose letter your own text messaging platform. You need to win on LinkedIn.
You need to win on podcast. You need to do everything.
– Telephones are gone. – Everything. Everything.
– ‘Cause its transmitted– – [Woman] It’s scary the Instagram thing. – It’s scary because, you’re disproportionately
over-leveraged there. Everything’s scary. – [Woman] But it’s just a matter of time. Facebook was like that. – Of course it’s a matter of time, you’ve watched it happen
for the last decade. Myspace was number one. Dane Cook came from there Tila Tequila came from there. – [Woman] Will VaynerMedia
help me market my restaurant? – Definitely not. It doesn’t ’cause it’s not built to be able to do,
– Help me add with that. – We’re not capable
– Instagram ads. – we’re not capable like the minimum fee for VaynerMedia is a million dollars. – [Woman] Okay. – But Sascha group might be able to. There you go. – [Woman] I’m making, a month at that restaurant. – So you’re not burning? – [Woman] I’m not. I’m burning but I’m making money. – No, no you’re losing
money, you’re burning. – [Woman] Well I’m loosing thousand. – That means you’re burning
– I had too many employees. – That means you’re burning.
– Yeah but, – You’re burning
– Yes but last month, the last two months I’ve been letting go, moving on
– But still burning. – [Woman] In another month I should be – Break-even, good.
– In another month I should be – Well then that’s different.
– Yeah. – Then you start going on the offense, that makes sense.
– I don’t wanna die. – I agree, that’s a bad idea. All right I gotta go take stage. (voices chattering) – Can we get quick pictures or? Let’s go fast.

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