WGN News Highlights Harper College Financial Aid Workshop

WGN News Highlights Harper College Financial Aid Workshop

Hi i’m here with Laura McGee. Laura is the director of student financial assistance at Harper College and she has some information about ways to make college affordable. Laura good to see you tell us a little bit more about Harper College. Harper College is a community college and we’re located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We serve about 30,000 students to help them gain skills, earn certificates, complete an associate degree so that they may go forward with their education and their career. Ok so, Tell ourselves a little bit more about how we can make it more affordable for the kids ok there’s some big changes first of all you need to know about the FAFSA the FAFSA is a free application for federal student aid that’s the application that people have to complete your life or federal and state grants not as scary as it looks yes exactly student loans and work-study the big changes that are here it’s early the fafsa is open now it opened on october first which is three months earlier than in the past and it’s easy. Takes the average person about 23 minutes to complete a FAFSA now and use your 2015 taxes okay now this is your area of expertise will have a little advice enough the finances as officer first of all everyone should apply no matter what your income level there are lots of scholarships and financial resources that require that you start with the FAFSA. At Harper alone we gave 9,000 students over 23 million dollars and grants scholarships and tuition labors. Next don’t procrastinate, apply now and most importantly we’re here to help Harper College as well as other community colleges are your affordable option. Its a fraction of the cost of a four-year institution and as I mentioned most importantly we’re here to assist you through that process. Well that’s great with people want to learn more years what they can do attend the Harper College paying for college learned and apply workshop on Tuesday December 6th from 5:32 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. these sessions are free and open to the public but please register in advance to learn more visit harpercollege.edu/info info and click RSVP to get that right yeah thanks for being here Laura thank you take a break while we’ll be right back

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