Welcoming A Visitor In English – Business English lessons

Welcoming A Visitor In English – Business English lessons

Christina? hi. Hi, I’m Romain. Nice to meet you. Oh, hi , Nice to meet you too. You want a coffee? Um, yeah sure. Follow me. Romain didn’t seem like the friendliest Frenchman there, did he? I’m Christina and you’re watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV. The place to boost your English and boost your career. Today, we’re going to build your reflexes for welcoming a visitor in a polite way. You ready? Romain, what was wrong with our conversation? I wasn’t very polite, maybe too direct. I want to seem friendly, I don’t I just don’t have the reflex, so I say what comes naturally. And I think it’s not great. Well, you communicated your message, but we can do better. Let’s see how. First, when you meet someone for the first time, and maybe you’re not sure if you have the right person, you can say: Another typically English expression: Then, you’ll need to introduce yourself. This is easy: You can say your job title if you want, but it’s not an obligation. Next, it’s common to ask about your visitor’s trip to your office. Maybe they came by train, by plane,
or by taxi. In any case, you’ll simply ask: Notice we don’t say “How was your travel?” It’s “How was your trip?” You can also ask if it’s their first time in your city You can say: Then, it’s nice to offer a drink. To do this politely, try these expressions: Then, it’s always nice to make some small talk to start building the relationship. The video “How To Start A Conversation In English” can help you with this! Let’s practice. You’ll see some instructions on the screen. Say the expression necessary. Then, I’ll respond like we are having a conversation. We’ll do a complete conversation like this. Here we go Hi, yes I am. Nice to meet you too. Fine. The flight was a bit long, but it was ok. You’ve got quite a nice city here! Actually, it is. Maybe I’ll have a time to visit later i hope. Sure, a cup of coffee would be good. Thanks. You can practice this conversation to develop your reflexes and practice these typical expressions! Now, I’d love to hear from you, and in English if you can. Tell me in the comments section. It’s the best place to practice your English and ask me questions! If you liked this video, help me boost the English level of French people everywhere! Share this video with your colleagues on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or send the link by email! And if you want to boost your English and boost your career every week with me, go to christinarebuffet.com and subscribe to receive email updates. You’ll get a short English lesson,
vocabulary, and exclusive bonuses that I only share with my Speak Better, Feel Great Ambassadors. Thank you so much for watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV. I’m Christina and I’ll see you next

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  1. Christina, have you ever thought about creating podcasts? I follow two courses, an Italian and a French one, both based on the 'listening as much as you can' concept. Both have podcasts that are very useful for me because I can listen to while I drive.

  2. Christina, help me. I have doubts. 1) How can I ask politely people to follow me to the room where the meeting will take place? 2) We are sending them a gift. It's a book (we call it catalog in Portuguese) about some of the work of one of ours greatest painters, Candido Portinari. The work was – here is the doubt 'digitalized'(?) can I say that, referring to the the transformation of the paintings into paper images, lets say? And all this work was 'financed' (what I mean is has had financial support? Thanks and I'm sorry for too many questions.

  3. Hi?your video is nice. Could you tell me please how to say in English (british) "hôtesse d'accueil en entreprise" and "accueil physique"? Thank you in advance?

  4. Hi. What a great video! Your material is tremendous! I'll be using this in one of my classes after I add subtitles.

  5. Hai Christina,
    First role of the video made me laugh. its so me.
    I have problem with my communication. Iam introvert and quiet person. Also iam so nervous when welcoming visitors. Maybe because I don't know how to express it. Your video is helpful. I will practice at home and office. I hope I will be better. Thank you

  6. When at that moment it's the nervousness that sometimes takes over so if someone can manage to be calm and knows quite good English I think it would turn all as a natural conversation. Should we ask how does he/she drink their coffee ?

  7. Hi Christina. Which question I should ask visitors at airport? I'm a person who pick them up at airport. I'm so nervous because this is my first time to do that. Can you help me? Thanks you very much

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