Welcome to W3C | W3Cx on edX

Welcome to W3C | W3Cx on edX

TIM BERNERS-LEE: Hi. Are you someone who wakes up
each day eager to code and build new stuff for the web? Do you want to master new
tools and technologies? If so, these courses may be for you. They’re courses direct
from the World Wide Web Consortium, the international group that
actually makes the standards like HTML, CSS, and web apps. My name is Tim Berners-Lee. I’m the director of W3C, and I
also still do some web development from time to time. I’m personally excited about this
project in which W3C is partnering with edX, the organization that actually
makes the MOOCs here at MIT and Harvard and many other universities. With W3C, you can take
courses created by W3C on HTML and other web technologies. These W3C courses are designed
specifically to empower developers like you to increase your skills and
become the next leaders and innovators. Enjoy the courses, have
fun, and learn lots.

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