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[Music] Heidi: Welcome to the City of Toronto, Employment and Social Services. Nicole: We have locations across the city to help people who are in need
of financial benefits employment services and
social supports. Shannon: Whether you are single,
have a family or are new to the city, we have a number of services
and supports to help you. Ayo: Some offices are co-located with Ontario Disability Support Program and Children’s Services. Nicole: Staff from local community agencies including librarians, settlement workers, and law students visit our offices regularly to help provide on-site services. Shannon: For a list of our offices,
available on-site services and hours of operation, please visit
toronto.ca/tesslocations [Music] Nicole: To better understand your situation, your caseworker might ask
you questions about your health, housing, education,
employment history, skills and social supports. Heidi: Your caseworker will help you with any urgent needs you may have and you will work together to develop a plan based
on your situation. Ayo: You can document your discussion and outline any steps for
your caseworker and yourself. Shannon: If you need help before your next scheduled appointment or you have any questions, feel free to contact your
caseworker at any time. [Music] Ayo: If you are eligible for Ontario Works, you will receive help to pay for basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. Heidi: The amount you get each month depends on your current living situation. Shannon: There are also other benefits
you may be eligible for such as prescription drugs,
eye care or moving expenses. Nicole: Be sure to update your caseworker regarding your current situation so that they can assess and issue all the benefits you are eligible for. [Music] Nicole: Services to help you find housing and avoid eviction are available to all Toronto residents. Heidi: Talk to your caseworker
to find out more information about subsidized housing and accessing money for
emergency housing needs. [Music] Shannon: Yes. So, if you’re eligible for Ontario Works we can help you with your cost for medication, eye care, special dietary needs, medical supplies, dental services and transportation for medical
appointments. Ayo: If you want to know more about general health benefits, speak to your caseworker. [Music] Nicole: Yes. Ontario Works can connect
you with opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge including job-specific skills training, education programs, volunteer placements and employment placements. Heidi: To see available programs visit toronto.ca/humanservices and select “Training courses”. [Music] Heidi: We can help you develop
a plan based on your skills, experience and circumstances. Nicole: This includes workshops
on looking for work, preparing for an interview and
resume writing. Ayo: Referrals to job counseling
or training programs. Shannon: Information on who’s hiring and access to computers,
telephones and job banks. Heidi: Starting a new job? Your caseworker can issue money
to help you get ready. Ayo: If you have a child, you may also be eligible for an up-front child care payment. Shannon: Let your caseworker know
about your employment goals we’re here to help! [Music] Nicole: Yes. Many clients still work
and receive Ontario Works. Heidi: Be sure to tell your caseworker about any money you make. Nicole: Ontario Works financial
assistance payments are adjusted based on your
total household income from a job, training program or from
being self-employed. [Music] Heidi: Yes. People leaving Ontario Works may continue to receive help
with health costs. Ayo: Once you’ve started work and no longer receive payments from Ontario Works, you are eligible for drug coverage and other health benefits for six months. Nicole: Let your caseworker know
once you begin working to ensure that you receive all the benefits you are eligible for. [Music] Shannon: If you disagree with the decision about your benefits, you can appeal. Nicole: To learn more about the appeals
process and your rights please visit toronto.ca/owrights Heidi: If you would like to talk about the service you are receiving today, please ask to speak with a supervisor
or manager. [Music] Nicole: Whatever your current situation is, the staff at Toronto Employment & Social Services are here to listen, help and
support you to move forward. Shannon: To reach any of our offices, or to apply for Ontario Works Assistance, contact 416-338-8888. Services are provided in both
English and French. [Music]

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