Welcome to the Community College Consortium for OER

Welcome to the Community College Consortium for OER

good morning and thank you for participating in open
education week my name is Una Daly and i’m the community college outreach
manager at the opencourseware consortium We wants to invite you to join the
community college consortium for open educations resources and bring your passion to this growing movement. But before you sign on the dotted line I
thought you might want to know a little bit about our history uh… and why we’re doing this and what our goals are
for the future we were founded back in two thousand
seven by Dr Martha Kanter who is now the undersecretary of
education but at that time was the chancellor of
the foothill de anza community college district in northern california Dr Kanter recognize that need for community colleges to
have a unified voice in the open education movement but perhaps more importantly she
recognized that the open education movement was really aligned with the community college mission As you know the community college mission is it is to serve all learners by
providing a high quality an affordable education to help those learners achieve their personal and professional goals but the rising cost of textbooks and
instructional materials has really been a hardship for our students over
the last decade uh… It is forcing our students to
make decisions around taking fewer classes or simply taking a class and not
purchasing the textbook and those are decisions that we’d rather not have our students have to make so through the use of high-quality
open educational resources faculty can make education more affordable for
students and lower barriers to achieving a higher education But faculty and staff at community
colleges are very busy and uh… truly need some professional
development to be able to find the time to go out
and and search for these materials and
adapt them for their classroom and the consortium uh… working with the college open text books
collaborative trained over a thousand faculty and staff at community colleges in the last four years and um… our membership at that time grew to be
two hundred thirty colleges in fifteen states and canada Last summer the consortium joined the opencourseware consortium which really signaled the maturity of the community college open education
movement uh… also was a great opportunity for uh…
community colleges to start to participate on a more global level in this movement uh… this provides opportunities for us to
find partners overseas and also to showcase the great work that’s happening in our community
colleges In spite of those changes our goals have remained essentially the same.
creating awareness around open educational resources uh… we help colleges to identify create or repurposed existing OER
to improve teaching and learning uh… on their campuses and to lower
barriers uh… to a higher education uh… we promote the use of OER
through educational outreach uh… to faculty mostly online uh… we have meetups at community
college conferences to discuss these issues and get together we have an advisory board that meets
monthly online uh… to support open educational tip to support and plan for open it
occasional policies uh… regionally nationally an global level so i invite you to join us and help to plan our outreach events including
educational webinars with leading faculty at community colleges engaged
in OER and to help us plan the open policy
support we need your ideas and together we can
uh… create a sustainable movement to support
open education on our campuses and throughout the world i look forward to hearing from you and you can contact me through the open courseware
consortium web site and once again i’m Una Daly and thanks for listening.

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