Welcome to the Bulls Business Community

Welcome to the Bulls Business Community

I like improv nights because I get to interact with my peers and it’s a chance for me to not sit around and do work or listen to a lecture. So, what I want you guys to do is be able to prepare, anticipate that clap coming towards you, anticipate giving that clap to the next person. There’s 40,000 students enrolled in USF. I’m sure not even half of them can say they met the president much less play games with her. Three things for the napkin. In your lap to catch crumbs, to wipe your hands, and to blot your lips. Cut only what you’re going to eat. When we are having conversations at a round table, we do not talk across the table. So, does anyone have any questions out there? As the adviser for the Bulls Business Community, I work one on one with all the students that live in the community. I make it my goal to know each and every one of them personally. I know their names, I know where they’re from. I try to know their hobbies and their interests and most importantly, their career goals. I am so grateful to have this for my freshman year. There are tutors that live with us, that was one of my big helps. There’s mentors that can help you out, and if you don’t live in the BBC or at least find out about it, you’re never going to get that experience. It’s the best decision you can make coming in as a freshman because you’re going to be on a whole floor with 105 students that are all taking the same classes as you are. You are going to have freshman that are learning the same things you are in the same courses, with the same teachers and the same book. I’m already ahead of all the business majors just by going out and networking and going to companies and visiting, and seeing what the real world is like. and I will know what to expect when I graduate.

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