#WednesdayWisdom From 8(a)-Certified Business Owner Robert W. Dozier Jr.

#WednesdayWisdom From 8(a)-Certified Business Owner Robert W. Dozier Jr.

Well good morning, my name is Robert
Dozier and I own RWD Consulting. We’re located in Washington, D.C., in the
Adams Morgan area. We have federal government contracts in about 15
agencies throughout the United States and we have approximately 250 employees
and we’re doing approximately 31 million dollars in revenue. One of the things I
want to message to the small business community is to be tenacious and be
faithful and spend time trying to secure your first contract and just hang in
there until that contract comes. It may feel like that contract may be so far
away but it may be right around the corner so if you provide the services to
your future client as if you knew that that client was gonna be a reference for
you going forward then treat that client as if you’re going be with them for 10
years and I promise you that first contract is coming and that cause that
customer will tell someone else to do business with you. Moving forward, you’ll
be amazed at how well you can scale your business if you just hang in there. Thank you.

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