We Tried To Make Zero Trash At Our Wedding

We Tried To Make Zero Trash At Our Wedding

hi I’m Leslie and I’m Matt and we’ve been married for seven years and we had a zero-waste wedding zero waste means that we try not to generate trash and we carried that philosophy over to our wedding I think the decision to have a zero-waste wedding came about rather organically as we began to plan for our wedding the things that we were planning were zero waste I think one of the most fun things that we did to make our wedding zero waste was to make the paper for our invitations and our save the dates and we did that by collecting junk mail we turned that into a pulp and put it into our bathtub and used a window screen to pull the pulp out and let that dry and it became paper because our wedding was zero-waste we used a lot of the decor from our home before we had a kegerator we drank a lot of bottled beer and we saved the bottle caps and for place cards my maid of honor wrote everyone’s name on one of the circles at the wedding that was on a display table next to a sign that told people what table to sit up for the flowers for the wedding we got some of them from a local farmers market and then gathered the rest from the local hillsides near the venue we gathered produce boxes from our caterer and cut those to about the size of our menu and then used repurpose ribbon to tie them on to the cut produce boxes our caterer focused on local and organic food and naturally because we use cloth napkins and real dishes at home we wanted to have that same experience at our wedding one challenge we encountered was storing the food scraps so that our caterer could take them back down the mountain to be composted because we’re up in the mountains we had bears or dogs or something get into the storage place so some of our food scraps went to local animals and some made it back down to be composted because our wedding was zero waste we saved a lot of money on traditional expenditures that we were then able to use in other ways I think a lot of it is just deciding that that’s what you’re gonna do and then come up with a solution that works for you it’s never 100 percent perfect you’re never gonna get rid of every single thing it’s the cute you make it as close to perfect as you can our zero waste lifestyle it became a little bit more tricky once our daughter was born but because we had a lot of principles already in place a lot of that was able to transfer over with Oliva and it helps us feel like we’re making a difference in our battle with climate change and it also saves us a lot of money [Music]

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  1. All I want is to find a partner that is as sustainable and environmentally conscious as me to the point where it wouldn’t be a fight to try to be zero waste at our wedding. instead it would be an exciting adventure for both of us. unfortunately I have never found anyone of the male species that acts or cares in that way.

  2. I was shocked when I saw it was a straight wedding cause I thought I saw a Lesbian Couple kissing at the altar, wtf!

  3. I love this! Your wedding was gorgeous and environmentally friendly! We all need to make more of an effort to protect our beautiful earth or there wont be anything left!

  4. This video is good but I don't like your weird almost clickbaity titles this wasn't we tried they did and we didn't get to watch it because the wedding was years ago. Should have a different title.

  5. Lol, I thought that this was going to be a "We Tried To Make Zero Trash" series from BuzzFeed, but it's just about an adorable couple who had a wonderful wedding that had zero trash! ???

  6. What a trash ass wedding. Imagine your going to your friends wedding and bring a gift for them and they say oh no you’re not allowed here if we have to throw away the wrapping like wtf

  7. Good god- the one day that you shouldn’t skimp……. good for them I guess, but that’s who they are. This is craziness for anyone else. Also, not zero waste. Thanks buzzfeed for nothing.

  8. Well if you truly wanted a ZERO waste wedding you just walk to the court house and get married. That uses nothing more than the legal paperwork needed for marriage. Then u just go home. Lol

  9. It’s easy, just don’t have a wedding!! Also, do you drive a car? oh no no no silly! Driving cars pollutes the air! Guess you’ll just have to ride bikes and spend 5786 hours planning your trash free wedding. (Even though most “trash” clan be reused in some way, shape, or form)
    Buzzfeed is just a trash heap at this point lmao

  10. So you wasted natural resources instead??? You wasted water and you wasted flowers that you killed… and you waster more water washing dishes with the chemicals in the soap… Sony HD a lot more waste than someone who has trash

  11. See how un excited they are talking about their wedding don’t be like these guys who just want some views this wedding isn’t going to stop that fire in the Amazon
    So just have the fun wasteful wedding you want at least you’ll be happy on what’s supposed to be one of your greatest days ever

  12. "Zero waste wedding" still serve animal products which is pretty much the most wasteful thing possible, hey atleast you guys tried

  13. They did OK in their goal. But they should have just use email or social media invites and phone calls. Then they would not have had to make paper from other paper. Also the ribbon is bad for the environment, should have used hemp string. And made everyone bring their own plates and such. For seating just have a list written down, not the bottle caps. And the local animals eating scraps is a perfect use.

  14. I'm already married and never had a wedding…I'm doing the paper thing. It's so smart we get mail all the time which we cannot control from companies. If we can get online statements that's one thing but this is so smart….and the boards and bottle caps as well.

  15. I find it ridiculous. They most likely spent months planning a zero waste wedding. Your not supposed to think of costs when planning a wedding, this couple spent to long thinking about no waste and forgot that there getting married.

  16. I love this video! Huzzah that family who strive for a zero-waste life. I long for a day when this sort of wedding is emulated, promoted, even commonplace. <3

  17. So.. Don't bring my pet raccoon??! ?

    Also super surprised the wedding still came out so Fancy and sophisticated.

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