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  1. The Democrat PLAYBOOK for ISDA $$$$$$$$
    and Class warfare ad infinitum
    since they ….MURDERED…….SOCRATES….
    For pointing out their COMMUNISM STUPIDITY !
    Yeah F…ing Demo-RATS ! and their best friends for life
    ISDA SWAPS*** Casino Capitalism of mass monetary THEFT !

    UNDER the 8 years of the $20 TRILLION in Demo RAT !MISTAKES
    Obama Nation $ 1 BILLION Banksters United "Library man" ..

    For the first time in capitalist HISTORY ~

    "Banks and hedge funds make more money
    on trading ISDA SWAPS than trading in Stocks and Bonds,"
    ~ NY Times Deal Book October 23, 2015.

    "Middle Class Taxpayers and Citizens who
    went from 61% of the USA Population to 50% of the USA Population
    in less than 15 years and "lost" 38% of their wealth !"

    Ad Hominem: see Attack the person
    Ad Antiquitatem: see Appeal to Tradition
    Ad Baculum: see Appeal to Fear
    Ad Hominem: see Attack the person
    Ad Hominem Tu Quoque: See Personal Inconsistency
    Ad Ignorantium: see Argument from Ignorance
    Ad Metum: see Appeal to Fear
    Ad Misericordiam: see Appeal to Pity
    Ad Nauseum: see Repetition
    Ad Novitam: see Appeal to Novelty
    Ad Numeram: see Appeal to Common Practice
    Ad Populum: see Appeal to Common Belief or Bandwagon
    Ad Ridiculum: see Appeal to Ridicule
    Ad Verecundiam: see Appeal to Authority
    Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc: see False Cause
    Dicto Simpliciter: see Accident
    Ignoratio Elenchi: see Missing the Point
    In Terrorem: see Appeal to Fear
    Non Causa Pro Causa: see False Effect
    Non Sequitur: See Affirming the Consequent, Denying the Antecedent or Missing the Point.
    Petitio Principii: see Begging the Question
    Plurium Interrogationum: see Many Questions
    Post Hoc: X follows Y. Therefore X is caused by Y.
    Post hoc, ergo propter hoc: see Post Hoc
    Reductio ad Absurdum: A false X is silly, so X is true.
    Secundum quid et simpliciter: see In a Certain Respect and Simply

    FHFA/NYSE/CBOE ………..Democrat Party Community ReInvestment
    Low income, robo signed FHFA ISDA SWAPS losses booked to DEBT…

    $ 7,389.4 BILLION Domestic
    $ 1,561.6 BILLION Foreign

    July 2011, Government Accounting Office
    GAO-11-696 Federal Reserve Investigation

  2. To MSNBC,  Your a disgrace to the journalism profession!  we are not interested in anything news networks has to say, ever again. Your lying type ruined journalism , I hope that your choice to fuel lies to the American people is worth it, it use to be such a Nobel profession, journalism, They made movies about it, tv shows, Everybody wanted that job, but now its less desirable than one of the worst jobs on the Mike Roe "dirty jobs "Program .So sad. now you can only brag to the dwindling base of fans on the left. (not a prestige group) just saying…

  3. None of these Dem turds can compete with Trump!!! You can always tell when Dem nominees are off the meds!! They start talking psychotically!!! Whhoo!! Let's spend 56 trillion on a new health care plan!!??!? Whowhwo!¡! Here, here take your prn!!! Come on take it!!!

  4. The Media spent the last 3 plus years eating themselves from the inside out. Maybe we can get back to some kind of normal in the next few years. Not likely but one can dream for the future and his children.

  5. These stiffs are never asked about their position on fetus tissue and organ sales? So what is your position Pocahontas?

  6. once in a while???go into the comments and youll see how its exactly the opposite of how suprised of having Bernie on

  7. And anyone questions why they have to impeach President Trump ? Look at the loser on that stage and even Rosie O’Donnell was saying they won’t win @ 2:00 minutes in ( and she’s looking good for her , lost weight or haircut ? )

  8. Hillaryous … I'm from Australia and even I know who "Crooked" is.

    I also know who "Shifty" is, "Nervous", "Pocahontas", "Sleazy" etc.

    It's like knowing who the seven dwarfs are.

  9. My favorite MSNBC LIE was the Bomb shell game changing Rachel madcows Trumps tax returns exposé
    The stunned look of a gaint nothing burger on her face was priceless. While it wasn't Geraldo's Al Capone's vault Nothing burger it was beautiful
    Ps. Geraldo should burn in hell

  10. If Hillary isn't, at least, CHARGED with crimes BEFORE the 2024 election,
    It's time for 1776 all over again. Government is only worth having, IF IT IS HONEST!

  11. I’m still waiting for what did Trump ever lie about? MSNBC just uses the word over and over, but never identifies the lies. The reason I DON’T watch the Legacy menus us because they have been caught lying over and over. Only stupid people who don’t care about much in life watch the news from the Legacy. Strange, because I now wonder if Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley, were just a couple of liars? How about Cronkite?

  12. Loonie libs have gone off the deep end and even some in the MSM are finally recognizing the ongoing train wreck that is the left. MSNBC is eating CNN. It’s glorious. Anyone tired of winning with Trump yet?

  13. Well at least he's right about the lying at cnn. He needs to go to confession though because they spread the same fake news.

  14. Up here in Canada if we face a problem we stroke a cheque and create a new tax oh how i wish i was down south helping drain that swamp up north here there is no hope

  15. When these three amigos of the far left agree that their horses are horrible… you know it is doom for the democrats.

  16. They need for these media to ask questions and have the people ask themselves.. might not be exciting but it what we should hear.

  17. The economy is doing well. There I defended the liar without telling a lie. Listening to liberals talk is like listening to a child. Its so easy to punch holes in their logic that it's weird they say it.

  18. ALL Americans that are sick and tired of these moron democrat politicians need to go out IN FULL FORCE in November 2020 and vote all these clowns out of office. Make them pay dearly for all their B.S.!

  19. Microsoft was wise to ditch MSNBC. It's hard enough trying to maintain user dependence on software that is being slowly replaced by open source alternatives, without having to be associated with a bunch of totalitarian left wing nutjobs.

  20. MSNBC has nothing but liars on there Network…. Just like David Rockefeller and his cronies always do… That is why his buddy's (Brzezinski) daughter is a propagandist on NBC…

    Same people Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler exposed…. They have been at this a while.

  21. Too much fluff news and not enough actual important news. What has the federal reserve done to our currency and economy ? The real state of our economy….which looks great on television…is going to collapse (too much debt). But…you're not supposed to know about that….. and thats what they won't talk about..hey, don't think this is going to happen? Do some research…

  22. And the left and dems begin. They can win at attacking our president and coutnry for a win.
    So they start to eat their own. Hilarious 🙂

  23. Lol fox news getting mad whining and nervous because MSNBC Rachel Maddow trash them on rating last week😂🤣 I love to see fox news whine and throwing tantrums!!

  24. To the Democrats..🎼Desperado, why don't you come to your senses, come down from your fences..🎶. Good piece Watters.

  25. Media is scared because SOROS cash put THE Media in the situation there in. Stop taking payoffs and you will sleep great at night knowing that a nationalist or Republican won't kick down the doors sealed with corruption. You all work for the American people not the highest bidder especially when it's our tax dollars that are helping established this deep state corruption. Revolution is needed

  26. Pelosi said Trump will be impeached forever because she knows hes innocent and will be found such. This is her way of saving grace. So funny.
    Trump wi be known forever as acquitted and best president of all time.
    This will be know as Pelosi putting the nail in her coffen for all time..LOL.


  28. Love your show, and you common sense. The only liar are anyone within the Dem party, my former party. I left the evil bunch. Voted for the Businessman President Trump. And change my party after I was in my late 60's.

  29. Speaking of "bringing people together""Faux News" had only one video on Virginia .Patriots are being lured to s slaughtering a huge cage,and "Faux" is spreading propaganda for the left pretending they're more right leaning. Most saw the light along time ago!

  30. i think Trump should rehire Gorka, and send him as his personal 'representative' during the presidential debate…that would be funny all round. plus, Gorka will kick the #$%@ out of his opponent.

  31. We would all be better off if the Communist News Network and msLSD just ceased to exist. They provide 0 substance and 0 positivity. It's all negative and motivated by power and greed.

  32. umm. no. "the media" is doing its job. and write articles and report information. …. PEOPLE are getting nervous.

  33. I still believe the Democrats have someone waiting in the wings that they will give the nomination to, in hopes their 'ringer' can beat Trump. Just my opinion, but it won't surprise me if they do.

  34. MSNBC, hissed between the forks of snake Maddow's tongue: "OAN is literally Russian propaganda."
    OAN Sued… Tabloid MSNBC's defense is that no one believes anything they or their goofy looking airhead spews. OAN's position is that it was done maliciously. Duh. Maddow's parents' breeding was a malicious act.

  35. Government in charge of babies? Is that because of their great record with children’s welfare services and MK-ultra programming? Maybe Biden stops by to “read stories?”. No thank you.

  36. Is it just me or does Sharpton have a really really big head on a really tiny body or am I just seeing things? The two just don't fit together. Weird.

  37. The governor of Virginia is going to start a civil war in Virginia ovary guns and then he's going to turn around and blame it on our President Donald Trump a civil war is upon hand Jessie please bring this to the front line of news it needs to be talked about immediately Virginia is going to start the next civil war and blame it on our president for gun control mark my words by the way I love you show

  38. People pay attention to Richmond Virginia tomorrow in within the next week you will see antifa and several other hate groups incite violence so that they can hinder our second amendment rights Jessie we need you to cover this this could be the start of the next civil war in our country you need to be there cover it first hand if it goes down in Virginia schitts going to hit the fan all over the country

  39. Why do these fake news idiots listen to Michael Moore??!! Next up Hillary's back!! Lmao! Taking bets 2 weeks tops that the headline!

  40. mmm yeah lets just call half the electorate "liars", not mistaken , or sometimes right, or with alternative policies, but "liars". Kindergarten level of talk from MSNBC.

  41. Democrats want your infants the same way Stalin wanted a generation of children . . . indoctrination. Why is Fox News so afraid to call Democrats what they really are? Democrats are communists.

  42. It seems the Dimocrats have feminized all their males, and now they wonder why none of their soy boys and baby girls can stand up to Trump. LMFAO.

  43. You probably said , Hey Eric, why don't you get your hair cut at my Barber shop ? So he did , lol , just saying , what could of happened , just funny. I know how you love your hair, ( ex hair stylist myself ) in my opinion , Great show tonight

  44. O,donnell claiming they don't bring on liars! These people are an absolute joke,o,donnell himself is one of the biggest liars on T.V.

  45. Whatever agencies the federal government runs , they should be privatized . These workers could care less .They think they're entitled.

  46. If the Dems really feel that Trumps election was illegitimate in 2016, then he should be able to run in 2020 and 2024!!

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