Watters’ Words: It’s a tough time to be a Democrat

Watters’ Words: It’s a tough time to be a Democrat

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  1. President Trump is hilarious!!! Keep up the power moves!!! I'm voting Republican and Trump!!!🇺🇸 That's RIGHT!!!💯💯💯

  2. I watched the Debates and I will say that Warren Ran over Bloomberg with a John Deere Tractor, and Bernie Used a Soviet made one to Take over the Democrat Party…. and with all their Huffing and Puffin. Trump is going to Mow them down with a Very Large Caterpillar Earth Mover…Ninette Bird- The Caribbean Wife.

  3. "At this point in an economic recovery — it's been ten years since the Great Recession — labor markets get tight, unemployment gets lower, and that at last starts having wages go up," Stiglitz explained. "The remarkable thing is how weak wages are, how weak the economy is, given that as a result of the tax bill, we have a $1 trillion deficit."

    The tax bill that Stiglitz is referring to is the GOP-sponsored Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017, which passed along partisan lines and lowered the corporate tax rate in the U.S. from 35% to 21%. Critics of the law, including Krugman and Reich, have complained that while it greatly benefitted millionaires and billionaires, it left the American working class out in the cold.

  4. Bloomberg’s expression was “I am rich, I am super rich, they can’t do that to me! Why they are all talking to me? Where is my lawyer? Where is my driver, consultant, cook, bodyguard?”

  5. Poor guy I feel sorry for him! The DemocRATS are like wolves. The guy couldn’t defend himself. He should go back to his job and give support to President TRUMP!!!! No one will beat him!!!!❤️💙❤️TRUMP 2020❤️💙❤️

  6. this is too funny… ever since SNL did a skit by simply repeating, verbatim, politicians conversations… it's literally too funny to watch almost…

  7. Why did Pelosi take another trip, this time to Germany to 'meet with the US troops' . We pay for their vacations in Europe and all over the world. These people just disgust me. We can vote them out; how can we 'vote out' the Fake News?

  8. Does everybody remember when the USA lost its AAA Credit rating under Obummer? Since our economy is better than ever before I think it's time it was restored – and could there be a better time than just before the 2020 election. How about pointing this out to the country and hope somebody in the White House notices?


  10. Middle and Conservative America can't connect with the marxist agenda of the left! Mr. Trump's message of "America first" is attracting 10's of thousands of supporters to his rallies. Americans are registering Republican because we must protect and defend our Constitutional Republic. God Bless 🙏 America. 🦉

  11. A few years ago the Democrats were convinced that Obama was their promised "Messiah" who would usher in their promised Utopia! "How the mighty have fallen"!

  12. ,, That's because Dems have no party since it has been taken over… They need to reclaim their Democratic core, it's that obvious.

  13. First it was Trump collusion with Russia.

    Then it was Russia collusion to help Bernie be president.

    Now it is Russia collusion to stop Biden from being president.

    Ask Bernie to DENY he and his wife spent their honeymoon in Russia.

    Schiff told the world during impeachment hearings he had SOLID evidence of Russian collusion with Trump.

    Funny thig is, he NEVER turned it over to Pelosi, thus no article against Trump for Russian collusion.

    Exactly how is Russia interfering? Don't give me that Facebook bull crap either. Are Russians illegally crossing our borders, obtaining driver's licenses and voting in our elections? Because I see that being done by people that are not Russians.

    When will the Democrat's stupidity end?

  14. Wake Up America!!!

    The Democrats are laughing at us Conservatives, believing we feel Trump is guaranteed to win and thus there is no need for ALL of us to get out and vote in November.

    DON'T be complacent and think YOUR vote isn't needed.

    Get all of your friends, co-workers and relatives and GET OUT AND VOTE in November.

    Please don't let America become a Socialist Country.

  15. If Comrade Bernie wins, I'm sure they got the tapes and charges ready. He just doesn't have the fight Trump does, they'll kick Bernie out by spring of 2021.

  16. the Russians are already here and set up shop.
    Trump cannot win the election without the Russians they will interfere again

  17. This debate reminded me of looking at the charters of the wizard of OZ, Joe Biden The Scar Crow Needs a Brain, Bloomberg the Lion needs Courage, Bitti Check Needs some heart, Warren the wicked witch, the one blue Dorthy, and the Burn Oz the man behind the Communist.

  18. "Vince Foster, the president killed a man, I thought that was a matter of public record" Norm McDonald on the view…🤣🇺🇸


  20. Sanders, what aged pension home did they find him. You need younger people with more get up and go, hope they had hie wheel chair on standby cos the walk to the dunny would of near killed him. Mr Sanders it's time to go, bye bye.

  21. Mini Mike is too rich to have a wife, and too old to be President. Mini Mike doesn't have the stamina for either of these tasks.

  22. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Bernie beats Trump !!!!
    Democratic socialism vs Corporate socialism !!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. The similarity between Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders is unmistakable. They are both international socialists. The both preach "do as I say not as I do". They both think they can spend YOUR money better than you can. And, like Corbyn, Sanders will get utterly destroyed, and must be a masochist to think he can go up against President Trump.

  24. When my buddies and I go fishing and stay at our cabin we always make sure we are stocked up on toilet paper, so we each bring one of the news rags and put them in the outhouse. NY Times, LA Times, and the Washington Compost. They are good for cleaning fish on as well.

  25. The Democrats keep saying that the Russians are trying to influence our elections. It may be so, it looks as though they have convinced the Democrats that socialism and a dominating administrative federal government is a good thing.

  26. What's the difference between Wyle E. Coyote and the democrats ? The democrats actually make Wyle E. Coyote look like the super genius that he claims to be. Meanwhile, Wyle E. Coyote makes the democrats look like….well…. LIKE DEMOCRATS !

  27. I can't wait for the first debate with Trump and whom ever wins the Democrat party nomination.. Already got popcorn, real butter, Milkduds, plenty of drinks in the fridge, and my favorite recliner is oiled up. Its going to be a bloodbath..

  28. Lol, here's the main problem other than replacing freedom with socialism.. top priorities are beating trump rather than working for the American people.! 2nd issue, they want to raise taxes substantially instead of lower.. 3rd problem, ban everything and abide by our rules!.. goodluck in November you Soviet union socialism communist lovers!!!!

  29. Trump's sharp tongue? That's funny!! he can barely enunciate single syllable words. but then, that's about all the minions can comprehend, no matter if they make sense or not, mostly not.

  30. Hell the bigger story was Bernie boy trying to blow off the reporter to get on the private jet 🤔
    Maybe he has a team of scientists on there and they're going to make a trip to the ozone to see what he can do to prolong the destruction of our planet LOL

  31. Thank you Jesse. They are tearing each apart and the Democrat Media have the same Russian Spies who briefed Adam Schiff on stand-by.

  32. Stop calling the Presidential Limousine the "Beast". According to Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, no one calls it the Beast.

  33. A Doomburg ad?!?! Right before a conservative clip? Do I have no refuge from this man's creepy ads?! His slogan something like: "He will get it done." That's what I'm worried about. Him bringing his Nanny-state ideas to the Federal level and implementing them. I'd better start stocking up on salt, 32 oz. sodas, trans fats, plastic straws, and so on, so I can survive the tsunami of things he will ban if he were able to purchase his way into the Oval Office.

  34. Good, they deserve all the misery they have brought on to others. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, do your self a favour Little Mike, stay there spare us.

  35. That beast Hillary is crying like someone just sh*t in her corn flakes… She just saw her chance at becoming a VP get a house dropped on it.

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