Water Levels: Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship

Think about what that would mean when
you have water levels much lower than what you had built-in design for.
Suddenly, the steps and docks that you’ve built at your marinas for people to get
to their watercraft you can no longer access in the way that you could before
because the water levels are so low. When we’re talking about the other extreme,
high water levels, think of those same docks having a couple-foot drop to the
water when the water levels were low. Now, with high water levels they may be
inundated and when we get huge storm events that blow through, think of all
that water being pushed up at already high water level. We see damages along
the waterfront to infrastructure—it was like the lake walk in Duluth being
washed out. I think anybody with knowledge of land use policy, regulation,
engineering and design particularly in coastal spaces could be successful in
this fellowship role and really guide our local decision makers to make some
of these critical choices about infrastructure and policy.

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