Watch: Trump Impeachment Hearings (Day 1) | NBC News

Watch: Trump Impeachment Hearings (Day 1) | NBC News

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  1. Why couldn't Schiff have had Morgan Freeman read all that mess? Man…hes got the most boring, monotone voice…I'm going to sleep over here.

  2. What I dont understand and if sombody could PLEASE explain What has Trump done wrong in order to be impeached.
    Did Obama do anything wrong to be impeached..Nixon yes we all know about that.
    Clinton Well there was the foundation and Lewinski.
    Trump How can he be impeached. He only got the economy strong and rebuilt the military. SO can you tell me

  3. 1:46:10 July 20 Pres Z's national security advisor says Pres Z doesn't want to be used as an instrument in a U.S. political re-election campaign. This after they were told what phrase to use with Trump( no stone left unturned) concerning investigations. Ukraine obviously realized this sounded like a quid pro quo on July 20, and didn't want to be put in that position.

  4. July 28 Morrison says that Trump said his perfect call "could have been better" and that Trump said Pres Z should meet with Guiliani.

  5. Sondland told Yermach that the assistance wouldn't come unless Pres Z agreed to investigate Burisma. This is after the aid had already been held up for at least a month, after politico story, after the Ukrainians had made it known they didn't want to be used in re-election effort, and just a few weeks before end of fiscal year when they could no longer get aid. They were obviously being bullied. Trump didn't release aid until 2 days after he found out he was being investigated.

  6. 1:55 or abouts. Plain and simple. Sondlan says there is a quid pro quo. No aid or meeting unless Pres Z agrees to investigate Burisma, and Ukrainians supposed interference in the 2016 elections. Trump holding up approved aid until he gets what he wants, and only sending it 2 days after he got caught.

  7. I read the transcript last night, this entire thing is one big diversion.. and big waste of time. I read it all through and through and there was nothing wrong with what was said.

  8. Ambassador William Taylor — You Are Awesome! I love the way you speak with respect. Your answers are clear and very informative.

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  10. And these are the “star” witnesses the whole process is a stain on the American people an insult to their democracy, constitution, President. Looney Democrats does not go anywhere near describing this farce.

  11. There is corruption with the Biden’s staring them in the face and no media outlet is reporting it, yet we have an impeachment inquiry based on hearsay. This is disgusting.

  12. Hunter Biden is not on trial nor in a public office from which he can be impeached or recalled. He is not a witness to any events relevant to this impeachment process, nor a character reference, professional expert for the purposes of cross reference, and he is not under investigation currently for any acts related to the impeachment of the President nor the Burisma firm. He has literally nothing to do with this. Nunes…please.

  13. Its OBVIOUS that all this "IMPEACHEMENT PARODY" is orchestrate by the DMS ONLY to Cover and distract the ATTENTION AWAY from Biden's Ukraine corruption and Hunter's payoff.

  14. Thank God for Mr Nunes! I hope he gets the support and recognition and streingth to stay the course on this and end this French revolutions crap
    Then maybe we get to see hear Wm Barr bring evidence gathered from HIS investigation to light and prove out stuff we all know just from watching the order of things since 2015/2016… BUSTED and whole bunch of Deep State actors in an attempted COUP going to prison, if not the gallows!

  15. Zzzzz What a waste of time. Trump 2020 Let's waste more taxpayer money and not get anything done. Trump needs NO help from any Country to be re-elected. Democrats are fools.

  16. Great candidates for POTUS: Mr. Welch, Ms. Demings, Mr. Castro, Mr. Kent, and Mr. Taylor, in any order you want! WOWA!!!! They killed it!!!!

  17. Follow me, don't follow me.
    I've got my spine I've got my ORANGE CRUSH!
    (This is for the impeachment fans)
    Collar me, don't collar me.
    I've got my spine I've got my ORANGE CRUSH!
    We are agents of the free.
    I've got my spine, I've got my ORANGE CRUSH!

  18. Jim Jordan is a piece of crap!!! Blaming a person that stepped up and voiced there concerns is a AMERICAN HERO. Base youre decision on the facts and not on a side narrative that you feel will distract us from the facts. Shame on you Jim Jordan SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I would think it is more likely Ukraine, being treated like the red headed step child during the invasion by Russia said they are tired of Democrats delivering blankets and MRE's and decided to influence the 2016 election. Ukraine received no lethal help from US during the 2014 invasion. So yes they probably did interfere with 2016 election

  20. I was told by my friend, who said he was told by his friend, that his friend was told by his cousin, who was briefed by his father (my friend's friend's uncle) that Ukraine was looking to make a deal! My friend's friend's uncle has many contacts with the Ukraine

  21. Does anybody understand hearsay? Was that what the Republicans were getting at? Why not an objection on "hearsay"! Oh yeah, this is not a court of law, this is the house of reps committee, a kangaroo court, lol

  22. Ha! 6 hours of this nonsense? Way to go NBC. It could be condensed down to 5 minutes. "What have you got?". "Nothing." What next? Hillary admits she is the nominee all along? I am waiting for her to enter the race, but it looks like she will only do it if Trump can be removed first. Just wait for the election and vote him out if he is as bad as you say. This looks like the end of democrats credibility rolling off the cliff. Good luck in 2020.

  23. Taylor and Kent I thank you for standing for America, the only place I believe is the focus point of not only true power but also lets the world know that that power relies on the power of truth to the constitution and the Rule of Law. Thank you sirs for your service.

  24. NBC News, according to you, Mr. Kent and Ambassador Taylor "lacked pizzaz". So credibility is not enough, you think they need to be more entertaining? Shame on you!

  25. this whole scenario they are portraying is a Fraud on Congress and on the Public, if you go back to the basis of the alleged withholding of security, it was a hearsay statement from a woman from the Office of Management and Budget that her boss had told her that there was a hold on any further security to Ukraine, until further notice, this means any future security, it is not a with holding of any present agreements or past agreements to provide any aid to Ukraine so there are two different things here there is present and ongoing aid to Ukraine, and then there is possible future agreements for further (which means in the future) aid to Ukraine. They have totally merged the two into one and the same to give the false impression that there was no aid being given to Ukraine at present forcing Ukraine to comply with the wishes of Trump, which is a deception and a fraud on Congress and on the people in the Public who are listening, they want to give every one a false impression about Trump these are dirty dishonest Fraudulent Politicians doing their worst for their own personal agendas and purposes, which is a total disgrace they do not deserve to be holding any public Government position or title !

  26. Can't believe an organization like NBC with all the video editing power they surely possess waste the viewer's time with dead content such as 30+ minutes at the beginning showing nothing but people milling around on the taxpayer's nickel.

  27. the obama fools are so mad about the aids but they did not send the needed lethal aid that ukraine needed. nbc freaking talk about war but did not mention the difference in aid under both administrations. that is how partisan these guys are. f u nbc

  28. Excuse me but you also a little crazy trying to make like he's a regular person I just seems like you all are tripping over your own intelligence you've already got it worked out in your head and very develop a document with covering it as if it was a matter of fact

  29. Biden and Obama both got no balls. They dont want to provoke Mr. Putin and did not send the lethal aid. Biden talking like tough guy but in all honesty, him and Obama should cut their balls off.

  30. I love how ALL THE DEMOCRATS are asking "your interpretation", "you heard from someone else" , "you thought", "your belief", "my understanding", " the implication".
    Jim Jordan comes in and quotes dates of actions, quotes knowledge of Ukrainian knowledge and their statements (they are the victims of being extorted) (I guess now since they don't agree with the democrats – they are calling it bribery), and statement of fact that these witnesses only heard things with second hand hearsay. (Basically people's opinions, not facts).

    *The accused denies there was a crime,
    *The victim denies there was a crime
    *The dates don't make sense of the accusation
    *The results don't show the results of the accusation
    Trump derangement syndrome on display at it's finest !!

  31. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN all other biased, lying, Liberal Democratic Supporting Networks are finished in the USA. Trump has exposed you all for the Frauds that you are. GO TRUMP IN 2020 ! MAGA !

  32. So is the house breaking the law for using the house for negative campaign smearing ? When will the government learn how to save Americans money instead of spending it all ?


  34. One republican pointed out that there has already been multiple aide payments to Ukraine during this administration, even under the corrupt former Ukrainian president. Then Jordan says that the payment was held up because of the Ukrainian history of corruption. What about the rest of the payments? Why this payment? Why was the NSA stamp of approval okay for the other payments, but not this one?

  35. Any one whatch all this i did its clear to me america is doomed and poeple are blind with there emotions cant stand listen to the facts


  37. From India. Looks like coup to remove the president without bloodshed, but the only problem is, the opposition don't have a case. Democracy is dead.

  38. This is stupid! Why would you wait until this late into President Trump's presidency to impeach him! He has less than a year left. Just let him finish it off.

  39. This is simply sour grapes and anger by the Dems. So obvious. What crimes are actually being "investigated" that are based upon actual evidence/fact, as opposed to conjecture?

  40. Is this just a money making scheme? The Lawyers investigated him over Russiagate and the only thing they found out was their own bank balances had grown at the tax payers expense for their efforts. Same thing here.

  41. They sheer the sheep for wool to keep themselves warm , then when they are Hungry they slaughter the sheep for meat to fill their bellies. #Sheeple

  42. Thank you for your excellence Ambassador Talor
    You do a better job making Americans look proper thank Mr. Trump.

    I love TRUMP!
    FUQ! ?‍♂️

    Its a National Security risk to be publicize ways to interfere in international affairs!
    Lets seriously discuss this!

  44. If i wanted to Interfere with America!!!

  45. im watching this farce from australia…………….2 hrs in ….2 goodie goodie 2 shoes …………….then the 2nd one (ukraine ambo) mmmm lets throw someone under the bus …………why not /. rudy gulliano ………better than a 5 ring flea circus………… are we any better off here, nope ………….rudd gillard rudd shorten turnbull then scomo (brutus)we have a 6 ring flea circus

  46. if dont notice he gave evidence or testimony for over an hour ……………smooth and no probs ….then continual blinking , had gestures (cramped style) and staring down …………..why? cos he ni liar ……………well he is

  47. who is this fool woman? direct evidence ………….i hear wtf……………what is this bout ……………about us base on the russian border .all i can see is a us president trying to make the us gr8 …………..whats is record ..lets get a fair agreement for trade with china…………..not conceding the south china sea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lest talk to nth korea , lets talk to russia lets pull trurkey into line only one more thing for the don …………lets help syria no matter who is the leader

  48. Where are these Patriots on the issue of Biden, Pelosi and Kerry's offsring to name a few, using Ukraine as their cash cow ?
    Noe this explains Nancy's panic.

  49. Are dems really trying to build a case on assumptions and hearsay? Do they realize that this will only get trump more votes?

  50. It's ironic that fake news cares more about this than they do finding out who murdered Epstein. It's more concerned with its agenda, then it is uncovering a pedophile ring on a national level.

  51. Wow I have over 10 million people in my online groups 48% are Democrats and 39%
    voted for Hillary now they see a Schiff not gonna happen impeachment , we just
    had a poll and not 1 said they would vote for a Democrat Nominee for 2020
    President thank God the Democrats are imploding !

  52. 666 to the Holy Bible and the 'Children of God'…… Same goes for every story, every life, every aspect of anything, that appertains to the Holy Bible and those who believe in it……….

    Euthanize them all! Every soul!

  53. @JLM Smith – They can just hand me the $1.4 billion & I will live comfortable & not above the means I lived before I became 'severely' handicapped [as well as many other needful people]. What is left over when I die [and they gave me a suspected timeline which is not a lot longer], I will see to the many for at least a permanent roof over their head and return the rest for them to give to other needful people.

  54. just leading all questions so all they had tot do was give a yes or no answer, just long and drawn out. this is not democracy at work. this is not your constitutional rights at work.

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