Watch Live | Impeachment Trial Day 2: Senate adopts rules for Trump trial after heated first day

Watch Live | Impeachment Trial Day 2: Senate adopts rules for Trump trial after heated first day

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  1. This is a very interesting answer. America please read this …

  2. So how many people in America you think are actually watching this entire impeachment garbage? It's got to be lower ratings than when Arnold hosted The Apprentice.

  3. The Democratic party have failed to produce factual evidence of any high crimes or misdemeanors against the President. After 3 years & $48 million of tax payers dollars, and numerous investigations, they failed. After weeks in the basement of the Capital trying to fabricate evidence they failed. They have no reasonable answer than the obvious as to how we've got here. Now the Senate Chambers is being disrespected by these Demonrats, expecting the Senate to continue their failed investigation!? It is not nor has ever been the Senates place to investigate. Our POTUS deserves better!

  4. Everything The Democrats and the media claim Trump did, have been said over and over already months ago. There is noting new to see here. What a waste of out taxes. Imagine if this is how hard our Congress worked on securing the border and solving the opioid and homeless crisis.

  5. It is amazing that Democrats would have the nerve to claim someone stole an election, given the fact that John F. Kennedy conspired with the Chicago mob to steal the 1960 Presidential election…where was their outrage and desire for impeachment then.

  6. 45 is a guilty racist lying crook. Him and the Republican Criminal Organization should be fired and sent straight to jail. Look at thia clown Lindsey Graham one of the biggest crooks to ever sneak into the Whitehouse.

  7. So the house mangers says that the Senate should go through a fair process when the house themselves didn't go through fair and due process hippocrates

  8. It is not the Senate's place to investigate! The Democratic party have failed over and over again. Now they're disrespecting the Senate Chambers and still refusing to be honest. It's pathetic. Disgusting Demonrats!

  9. Everyone in the comments preaching their opinions like they're professional constitutional scholars.

    Guarantee 90% of them don't know the difference between a senate trial and a trial by jury.

  10. They need to close this thing up…sooner is better. Allowing this farce to be a political process through the first half (the Democrat half) and crying through the second have that's it's not more legalistic is just ridiculous. Democrats don't get to have their cake and eat it too. Impeach Trump at the ballot box and move on…Democrats are clowns and they are turning our Democracy into an even bigger clown show.

  11. We the people don’t inalienable right that is what Lord God Almighty does and so in conclusion Trump proved that our Constitution is Un Constitutional,hint you faltered and in comes Socialism and the end of our country. Keep Trump and allow for improvement to continue,please.

  12. Did Schiff actually just call Trump…President Trump? That must have been so incredibly painful for him. That dude is a big-time clown. Just listening to the sound of his voice makes me want to vomit.

  13. Money was said to be going to pay the contractors ( kick back deal makers ) and never mentioned the Biden acts of s shamefully clear this again is a insurance policy ! President should also have a right to pull funds of any country he feels corruption is high or reasons as he felt was correct . Corruption was so high for so long and past leaders had helped corruption in Ukraine for so long and did nothing but help them become more corrupt ! Something is very wrong indeed ! Especially when Biden bragged about what they are trying to say our President has been part of what Biden had bragged about ! No question about it ! Shame on this abuse !

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