Warren posts Facebook ad with false claims in latest campaign stunt

Warren posts Facebook ad with false claims in latest campaign stunt

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  1. I really miss Shepard Smith, why did you guys have to fire him before his contract was up, right after you spoke to the attorney general?

  2. funny they say its an ad full of lies but fail to adress what the lies were or facts to refute them. seems fishy to me, like the news anchor is the one lying

  3. Facebook is pro trump… if you say anything against trump , you go to Facebook jail.. Facebook is pro Russia and loves those rubles

  4. lol kind of shows how biased Fox News is. The whole purpose was to show how Facebook doesn't fact check any political ad, so you can make any ad with any lie on there, which Trump is using to make fake ads against Biden… (and I hate Warren btw, so I'm not defensing her, just stating facts.)

  5. Warren is constantly looking for ways to claim victimhood, in order to benefit financially. The whole fake Native American thing, then the "got fired for being pregnant" lie….I bet the next attempt at victimhood will be her claiming that she is coming out of the closet, that when she was younger "she kissed a girl and she liked it"….What a fake.

  6. Leaked audio already proved, that Zuckerberg wants Trump to win. Shouldn't Fox News try to at least be a little more honest.

  7. Donald J Trump has also posted many misleading ads some including outright lies. The difference is that Warren PUBLICLY ADMITTED this fact to demonstrate to people how easy it is to influence others by lying on social media.

  8. I would love to strap her to a polygraph test . that thing would be of the charts , it would look like a cataclysmic earth quake was hitting .

  9. And to think she's ahead of Biden. A lot of people just WANT to be lied to. You know there people who only listen to CNN, MSNBC, TWP, NYTimes etc.

  10. So… as I understand it, Trump lies 15-20 times daily since being in office, the total is up to well over 15,000 lies so far while in office. That’s cool, no biggie. But Warren lies and she is labeled a liar. Ahhh… hello?

  11. WARREN is the Best.. If dingbat Trump can lie 12,000 + times what's one truth about Mark Zuckerberg he wants to keep all his BILLIONS,

  12. BIG DEAL. Trump does false ads all the time he has also told over 12,000 lies as President. He has ruined our foreign policy. He asks foreign countries to interfere with our elections and YES there is a quid pro quo with the Ukraine scandal. Holding back aid and asking a favor is = to quid pro quo. Plus there doesn't have to abe a quid pro quo. Asking a foreign country to interfere with our elections a.k.a investigating Biden is illegal. He broke the law! IMPEACH AND REMOVE!!!!

  13. Wow, a nice, 2-minute news segment where they deliver a story, and comment on it without devolving too far into partisan rhetoric. Bravo, Fox! A rare thing, indeed.

    Now to briefly peruse the comment section to observe all the right-wing lapdogs, too stupid to have any business commenting on a social forum. They're always there, spitting whatever senseless vitriol they can out into this cozy echo chamber, secure in their misguided notions of community.

  14. It’s not penalizing success and it already exists in anti trust laws to keep legit competition in markets. I think Sanders plan for putting some Corporate stake in the hands of workers and empowering unions gives them a better negotiating position for wages and conditions. Working class pay higher tax rates than the 400 richest Americans. That’s not success it’s using and abusing workers and gaming the tax code as they’ve successfully done w/ no real wage growth for workers some measly 12% since 1978 as executive pay rose 940%. That’s greed and destructive deregulation and this is Capitalism breaking down the country cuz free markets are not existing at all. Billionaires ARE a threat to democracy and the founding fathers knew this trying to prevent us becoming the oligarchy that we have. Tax cuts for most wealth which is inherited needs to come up if Republicans wanna talk food stamps. This idea we have some meritocracy is a myth and Rand Paul was properly laughed at for defending the rich and attacking ‘Medicare for All’ when in the last decade they’ve got no policy on healthcare but to make it outrageously unaffordable.

  15. You mean Facebook is being used to further a political agenda? Oh my god sound the alarm, this is such a new occurance!!1!!11!

  16. It really really has blah blah, everyone is so biased you can't even watch this stuff anymore. When a new channel writes and publishes news the world will be a better place

  17. Bernie Sanders the Vermont Hick who has all the answers for the everyday Joe. Bernie you let your wife Bankrupt a tiny college. Burlington College with only 185 students and Jane received a golden parachute of 200k or 1100 dollars from every Student/parent. How can you live with yourself? Talking about inequality and demanding the sacrifice of peoples wealth for the benefit of your megalomaniac perspective on life. When everyday people realize you are the consummate bullshite artists and your whole family is on the take. Carina, David Driscoll, total scumbags and being enriched by the fable of equality? In America poor have big screen tv's.

  18. Acting like the trump campaign and it’s constituents (Russians) didn’t post in-factual ads all over Facebook in 2016

  19. I have a family member that is Anti-Trump, because he lies, yet she is pro Warren… I think it's a mixture of being in the MSNBC bubble, AND double standards

  20. If a presidential candidate for 2020 needs to "lean" on trump impeachment then they aren't any better. Now is the chance for a candidate to stand on firm ground and rise above trump style politics. Give our country new hope .. a new direction clear of the trump smog. We need to breathe. These four years under trump circus has been depressing and childish. Let's rebuild our trust in a president. "Let's be proud of our commander in chief again".

  21. It's not hypocrisy if she's highlighting hypocrisy ya dopes. She's admitting it's fake because she wants Facebook to take action against fake news on Facebook. Isn't that what Fox is all about? Fighting fake news? Except when it doesn't fit their narrative. Talk hypocrisy, pot meet kettle.

  22. its funny how dems claim to hate the tech companies yet, they take millions from them help and demand they censor any opinion they don't like and ensure they get away with anything they want no mater how illegal and immoral the act is.

  23. Ok, Shep was actual news. PLEEEEEZE determine your choice on looking into at least 4 news outlets…they are different as our country learns about others…it's 2019 and no one
    ..no one wants to take over anything…my idea…we are here to help each other and violence is not the way to go…..we All HAVE days which are horrible…others can relate…..

  24. Some of you folks seem to think that when your guys do something, it's fine, but if any democrat does the same thing, suddenly it's a problem. I swear y'all are allergic to reality. Please wake up. You are hurting our country. As for FaceSuck, I got off of it ten years ago and got my life back. I had originally gotten an account to keep up with the grandkids, but I can do that on my phone without facebook sucking down it's black hole of ignorance. Do yourself a favor and go outside and speak, out loud to another human being.

  25. She's obviously a habitual liar!!!!!!! Why would ANYONE vote for somebody who has been caught in so many LIES?????

  26. So Donald Trump, with over 15,000 documented lies since taking office, is your hero? You can post a snarky response as soon as Mexico pays for the wall.

  27. Oh wait, so Republican's are against facebook and Zuckerberg when they are being censored. But when a DEMOCRAT PROVES this in her ad by saying Zuckerberg supports Trump, they attack her. WTF???

  28. Omg! A lie coming from a candidate how new. Haha fox you just tell lies all the times. Are you jealous that other people can also lie to the public?

  29. Faux talking heads upset? Whatever upsets them must be good for America.Warren=next POTUS if Americans are smart and thwart Russian interference.

  30. "its KINDA indefensible…" lol yall need to stop coming off SOO bias….tone it down you'll get viewers outside of then 65-89 year demo..🤦‍♂️

  31. Deleting Facebook isn't enough. Those who advertise on Facebook should be boycotted. Facebook admits they want to publish fake news and meddle in our democratic process, and divide Americans. Mr. Z will meet his fate soon enough at the end of a patriots rifle 100% fact.

  32. Warren published an ad saying Zuckerberg endorsed Trump but immediately said that that claim was false, that it is the kind of false claim permitted by Facebook.

  33. elisabeth warren dojte me mdhon end kan mor ket fjal sa te rritem edhe pak do te bohem demokrat ene kte fjaln o sali sali berisha qi na msove me dy gishta e shifshe onderr elisabeth warren sikur ishte u ene bojte fushat elektorale do ti jap i hale do ti jap i halil dumi

  34. I have a real question? Why do the Democrats pay no attention to history? Or even reality. Such as the concentration camps in, China, Venezuela, Cuba and other communist countries. I don't understand why anyone would want that.

  35. Watch e.warren's hands tonight. She rarely relaxes them, if she does they tremble like someone on methamphetamine, which would explain why she talks so fast and bounces around the stage.

  36. Is she serious? Stop blaming fb for y'all lost, stop spreading y'all toxic to people. Tired of the all the bs especially from them bitter donkey's. The government has literally divided the people stir up so much drama, and for what? a vote? Smh!

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