Warren continues to take aim at Amazon

Warren continues to take aim at Amazon

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  1. No ideas to help just hate your neighbor and despise anyone doing better When will Granny have to answer the question of how she would make the economy better for all Americans? Commie Bastards have no answers

  2. Speaking of Amazon I wonder how stupid AOC feels now – about losing all of those jobs from Amazon in her District.
    Just another dingbat like "Lie-A-Watha" – vote dem out
    By the way when is Elizabeth Warren going to return all that money she Bamboozled from Harvard.?

  3. I love amazon not a fake person the is a lier over and over she a big fat joke in her private jet but,worried about global warming all lie and nasty scumbags

  4. Warren is a perfect lying Democrat Communist does absolutely nothing but jump around collecting money while faking her heritage. GO AWAY LIZZIE

  5. Warren is worried about how much Amazon pays in taxes.. Hey Warren.. How many jobs have you created? I thought so. Zero. But you got your hands in their pockets… Typical Plantation Democrat. They got thier hands in your pockets. Then when the Company cuts them jobs. You better like them food lines…..

  6. Corporations are just a group of individuals. I bet everyone of the individuals who form the companies get taxed. When you talk about taxing corporations at a higher rate, you are just talking about raising individuals taxes so they can spend less and help to discourage a healthy economy.

  7. Bezos is anti Trump because he has TDS. He can’t see that Trump is good for business and wants the President as an enemy instead of an ally. If he had any sense he would bury the hatchet and move forward.

  8. Not sure what weapons she will show up with tomorrow night but if she shows up with a Tomahawk again, we’ll know Bloomberg is in trouble and she’s got some engine blood in her.

  9. If they are in "unincorporated business trusts" there is nothing the government an do about it.
    If you own a business (or are thinking of starting one) you should look into it.
    Could change your life.
    They have no TIN and Zero tax liability.

  10. Warren doesn’t like Amazon because they offer a decent wage and health benefits and education to their employees. Warren wants Americans on a bread line!

  11. I believe a corporation writes off every salary, every cost for bennifits, every expense. This includes fuel costs, vehicles and expenses, building and property maintenance costs, and other expenses. So if a buisness has to pay taxes i think they would rather hire someone instead. I know small business owners and the reason for being a legal buisness is that reason. If im wrong someone correct me please

  12. Warren’s never had the chance of one of her stinking farts in a whirlwind of being President of the United States!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  13. This women is just a loaded cannon – she tries to make a point but she is full of crap – both her and Bernie are millionaires – she needs to do something about infrastructure, prescription issues and the securing of our nation – otherwise shut the hell up – there’d of hearing you tell us how bad we are – SICK OF IT – YOU AND BERNIE ARE CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTHE – BOTH OF YOU ARE EXTREME HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!

  14. I would like for someone anyone to explain for me how you support Warren. Elizabeth Warren has enriched her self with fake ethnic heritage.

  15. Amazon isn't the bad guy!!! She forgets to mention how NONE of the tech companies pay state tax in California, due to shady deals made by the Democrats!!!!

  16. Crony capitalism is the problem to many rich corporations are not paying any taxes at all who can defend a system like that

  17. Microsoft
    What’s that spell? MAGA
    We are being sold down the river and both parties are in on it. But whatcha gonna do?

  18. Did Shakespeare have Liza Warren aka DNA of the World in mind when he wrote Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Her version of tax the rich(anyone who has a job)

  19. The President needs to get some effective people to drive his message on the economy and policies especially due to the rise of socialism.

  20. Fact is – Someone needs to check Liz Warrens taxes…. She "Claimed" to be Native American "Indian", Native Americans are NOT required to pay Fed Taxes…. I know this cuz, I'm Native American… Just saying…

  21. Elizabeth Warren is guilty of stolen valor from the Cherokee Nation and opportunity from Affirmative Action recipients she cheated on her application and continues to lie about her tenure as a Harvard University Professor.

  22. Warren you millionaire that made millions as an attorney off the backs of tax payer you scumbag. Also lying about being an Indian con artist

  23. Thank you, Amazon, for making life so much easier. Wish I could figure out how to keep government out of my pockets, too. Congratulations. Keep this shrew out of your pocketbook.

  24. She should stop jacking people up and bring solutions to the table. How about focusing on what she plans to do for for America. If she doesn’t have a plan that makes America better than we are, then she should step down and shut her pie hole. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  25. Listen, this is what they asked for, this is what they’ll get. What cracks me up is they’ll all low key vote Trump behind the curtain to avoid paying for freeloaders.

  26. Taxes for companies like Amazon are a double edge sword. If you raise the taxes the companies could leave and take millions of jobs with them. If you lower taxes more companies will want to move to the US to do business and bring jobs. I personally would rather have the jobs coming in instead of a pipe dream the Rich are gonna pay for anything. Why hasnt the politicians done anything to help the 100s of thousands on the streets in their own districts? All a sudden they will care if you elect them? lol They havent did ANYTHING for decades!

  27. These inbred hicks sure are stupid. The drunks at the local bar know more about politics and economics. Why are these morons on the air?

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