Warm Cookies Are Served By The Bucket

Warm Cookies Are Served By The Bucket

This is my favorite booth at the fair. I eat about a bucket and a half a day. Hot, fresh, all natural, and with an ice cold glass of milk I think it best represents what the Minnesota State Fair is all about because a bucket is shareable, shareable means you’re part of a community and a community is what the state fair is
all about.

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  1. 90% of the comments
    "A bucket is shareable"
    Fore it's not

    8% of the comments
    "I eat about a bucket and a half a day"

    2% of the comments
    This comment

  2. I can't believe they are scooping and dropping the cookies from the front. The back nozzle of the scoop is made to control what you are adding

  3. Me:just cookies
    Guys:48 cookies in a bucket plus a cold glass milk
    Me:packing my stuff flying over there buy 10 buckets, return home and sing Christmas carols and leaving a lot of cookies for Santa ?????????????????????????

  4. I did some calculations and he basically steals or gets “shared” half-a-bucket, each day. Therefore this guy “shares” with like 25 people each day…

  5. 72 cookies he eats a day atleast 100 cals in those cookies hes consumkng atleast 7200 kcals just from cookies alone every day

  6. I dont see how these cookies can be very nice with only the ingredients of flour, shortening and water. No butter, no eggs. Not for me thank u.

  7. welcome to diabetes 101
    lesson 2:get fat
    lesson 3:eat grease all the time until your pretty much made of it.

    and thats it for diabetes 101 ?

  8. Honestly I'm the kind of person to say "omg I'm going to eat all of these" and then eat like 6 max and vomit everywhere

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