War for DRM is OVER! Big Business WINS? – The Know Tech News

War for DRM is OVER! Big Business WINS? – The Know Tech News

Welcome to The Know i’m Ashley i am John Drm Always a Controversial Topic Copyright Holders Using It to protect Things like Movies and Games from Piracy as Much as They can While consumer is Generally Considered to be A pain in the ass but It looks Like Theorem as we Know It may Be changing soon and according to one privacy Group not Necessarily in a Good way That’s because the latest version of Drm for streaming video Might Be even Less secure Because it could Be Crying for researchers to tinker with it so Researchers can’t Poke It to find the Holes but pirates Like it All of This is causing a Huge split Between content Companies like Netflix versus consumer Privacy Advocates Like The electronic Frontier Foundation Who don’t like Where they ctrm Going Right now ok So Here’s some background to this issue the group that Sets Standards for the web the World Wide web consortium or W3C Recently Released its recommendations on protecting the Copyright of streaming video Which of Course Involves drm and That’s What the Whole fight is about that Recently W3C approved putting drm into Html5 in the form of something Called Encrypted media extensions so that Will Let web Browsers Instead of Plugins DecryPt Protected content Like Movies and TV shows so good so far right Lots of content Providers Like Netflix NBC universal and the ocean picture association of America Supported This move Which isn’t surprising Defenders Say That putting drm into web Browsers Makes for Better Experience Since you won’t Need to install plugins it’S a more straightforward Solution For the Kinds of consumers Who don’t even know what a Plug-in is right so think like Your Parents or your grandma People Who are always installing Stuff They’ve never Heard of a Plug-in But What’s Silverlight Why Am i installing Server Why for the 10th God Silverlight Yeah but then you Say What about the People Who study drm and discover vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities That can Then Be Hopefully Patched up well the e ff Which is also a member or Was a Member of The W3C Wanted protections for Those Security Researchers Who study and in some cases Cracked Drm so That They Wouldn’t be prosecuted Under the dmca for committing a Crime That’s a Good Thing right yes yeah you think ef F representative Cory doctorow Told Gizmodo That he Told The Group we Will stand Down on our views on drm but you have to promise that you only use drm law like the Dmca When there is some other cause of action like a Copyright infringement that All Sounds Pretty Reasonable Yeah but the other W3C members shot That down and those protections ultimately were not Included This Pissed off The e Ff Which has Now stepped down from the group in protest so what Does that Mean Well According to these new Rules It could Be illegal to study Drm Which means It could Be more vulnerable to hackers because The White has the Would Come Board to facilitate fixes you know People who Like and They Enjoy finding Bugs and finding Those Exploits and Then reporting them so they can Be fixed They’ll Be the ones taking the brunt of the punishment because the pirates They’re gonna do the cracks They’re not gonna Help You find them so it’s not a Good Sign at all Given How easy It is Already For Groups to crack Copyright Protection like de Nouveaux Which Was billed as the next big Thing in drm and now can’t Keep Crackers at Bay for more Than a Few Days Well and Like We Said according to these New tools from the w3C drm is about to be added Directly into browsers Instead of Third-Party software Which means that a Lot of Things could Get more vulnerable as Soon as They’re Found by the parts yeah content Companies Like Netflix the motion picture association Of America and The recording Industry association Of America all praised the decision But Netflix Wrote integration of Drm into web Browsers Delivers Improved performance Battery Life Reliability Security and Privacy to users watching Their favorite TV shows and Movies on netflix and Other video Services we can Finally Say Goodbye to Third-Party Plugins Making For a Safer and more reliable Web or at Least more of a Black box web But The emf Feels Like The Big content companies are more or less in Forcing Their Will on those Who had objections to drm and General Drm Opponents Generally Feel Like There’s no evidence in drm Helps prevent Copyright Infringement That it’S more of an inconvenience to legitimate customers Than Anything It can Also prevent users from Doing Things Like Accessing Work That’s in the public domain backing if the Purchases using Copyrighted materials for research in a Letter stepping Down from the W3C dr O wrote today the w3C Bequeaths a Legally Unaudible Attack surface Two Browsers Used by billions of People of Course Gamers Know all The vulnerabilities of Grm de Nouveaux Which we Mentioned earlier provides Copyright Protection for Games TyPically Cracked Within Days Of release Now for big-name games and a Lot of Times drm in Games is the pain Mostly for legitimate customers Yeah Recently sega Slapped a Nouveau on Sonic Mania Which prevented it from being Played offline and inconvenience Only for Those Who Actually bought the game Pirates Had no such Restrictions nope They could Play offline all They Wanted cool yeah PC gamers not happy about that the hard Feelings Ended Up persisting even After sega Removed it so they Said all right fine we’ll take It off and they did but They Still put It on and People Weren’t happy about the first move AnyWay Lots of Tech sites Were Bummed at The news coming Out at The W3C and some criticized the fact that the final vote on Drm Standards Was Taken in Secret look Because secret votes are Generally Not Good That’s the way you do it as Gizmodo Put It the fight Over Drm Standards for streaming video Is over and Big Business 1, oh Doctor Oh Further Addressed The issue on boeing boeing is Saying This is a Bad day for the W3C it’s the day It publishes a Standard Designed to control Rather Than Empower web users the ceo of W3C Jeff Jeff Addressed The controversy by Saying i Know from My conversations That Many People are not Satisfied with The Result but My personal Reflection is that We took the appropriate time to have a Respectful debate about a complex set of Issues and provide a Result That Will improve the web for its users so we’ll have to see how all this Ends up shaking out but if you believe The e ff this is a Very unsettling decision that ultimately Sided With Big Corporations Over consumers and May Have made Drm a Whole Lot less secure Everybody With Your browsers we’re all good look browsers were not secured up in the first place and Now there are gonna be a lot of Secret Holes Just Turn off Firewall and antivirus we’re all fine if we All Just Let everything Flow Freely no one can Get sick look if you don’t look there are no vulnerabilities Hey so what do you Guys think about the latest controversy over Drm Let us know in the comments and roll Your internet Copyright Browser Terror streaming video and Drm News be sure to like This video iF you’re New Around Here subscribe to them no This is making Less and Less sense this is like Making Researches you’re trying to find Cures Like Diseases Punished for Looking For The Diseases Kind of It Sounded like You said illegally i think i know you said legally but It sounded like illegal Today The W3C bequeaths and a That’s why yeah It sounds super we Go there’s an n and needle

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  1. why people are whining about DRM ? I See No Harm with DRM .. guys its not the 90s -2000s bad DRM's . but Movie DRM Really Sucks like Netflix if you want to watch a 4k stream you got to have an i7 7700k and up ( kaby lake ) and only use the hdmi from the motherboard wtf !!!

  2. Guess it's time to jump ship by switching browser and get some sweet sweet T-shirt, like the one on Ashley, Mario and Doctor Who, nice.

  3. The shirt vis an underwater 4d chess game master move. It is a away to boost the comments section of the video to generate more $$$

  4. Did you really use the cover of the book The New Jim Crow for a thumbnail on drm? I find that much more offensive than the nazis who are complaining about his shirt!

  5. That 45 shirt is hilarious not because for what it stands for but it's usually the case that people who where them are fascists themselves, they just don't realise it. If you're a collectivist, you're half way to fascism because obedience is at it's core.

  6. Piracy is a crime and you are commiting a crime by stealing from the companies, if you dont like it then dont buy it or get a refund, dont like what you see then dont watch it or ask your money back, it is simple, you dont go around stealing content or pirate content for free for any reason, just dont buy and watch it, simple

  7. This is all so much better than people being able to earn enough to simply being able to go out and buy the things they want and need instead of clawing through life for the essentials and find anyway to scrape a few little bits of joy out of life

  8. I have a feeling that this is going to end up like Sony's famous rootkit disaster. I wonder how all of the drm supporters will feel when the lawsuits start flying.

  9. Awww… how cute. The big companies think they actually won . Except that they (once again) only took into account the legal researchers who give a damn about the law, and erroneously believe pirates actually give a damn about not breaking the law. So what they've actually done is empower pirates and shoot themselves in the foot by effectively removing what little defense they had using DRM in the first place.


  10. So literally all this does is make the internet more difficult for the un-initiated and non tech savvy people. This is just encouraging piracy and is gonna backfire immensely when people who have any shred of understanding will be able to bypass all this with light piracy practices (but those kinds of people are just pirating full force anyway). Again big business completely fails to understand how their customers and pirates work and refuse to look at evidence, making it harder for consumers and easier for pirates; completely anti-thetical to their goals because they are blinded by money and too stupid to do any research.

    All this does is drive people towards pirating. I can't tell you how many games I have (and many others) bought legitimately only to have that game unplayable due to DRM, and then am forced to crack it just to play it. I really don't understand how these companies have had such pathetic practices for all these years. At this point I'm afraid to buy anything with DRM until a crack has been made, just incase the DRM makes the game unplayable. I might as well just never buy games when pirates are making better ports than the developers/publishers. Nier Automata is still practically unplayable without the fan-made crack and PC port and Denuvo was cracked in record time while making legitimate copies a huge pain in the ass.

    I don't understand how this is going to work for video and music streaming; other than make it difficult for anyone trying to view their legitimate content from different devices. Anyone who uses a TOR-like browser or has any form of net neutrality/privacy programs is gonna be forced and tech savvy enough to pirate their legitimate content. This is a huge breach of privacy for anyone who likes to remain safe and anonymous on the internet and is going to encourage these kinds of people towards piracy. It's making anyone who is "in the know" more likely to pirate content because they are being shut out from spending their money and retaining their privacy on these business's. It's also going to be a huge pain in the ass towards people who don't understand why their content is blocked or they are being called a pirate illegitimately when the system inevitably fails or you hit a loophole on accident.

  11. How does this effect making digital copies of our DVDs and blurays? cause in the uk we are legally allowed to make copies to back them up

  12. Good old youtube comment section. Title of the video should be changed to John's shirt to match the comments.

    In all seriousness folks who cares? It's a shirt, it's an opinion everyone has shirts and opinions that other people don't like. Embrace it have a dialogue and stop crying about people expressing themselves.

  13. LOL! The big media companies are so blind; I hope this backfires on them in the biggest way possible and they lose buckets of money from this decision.

  14. As usual corporations decide what is to be for the rest of us people on this planet. Be sure they will hide backdoors in there to be able to see everything You do as well. Back doors that only "they" have access to, to gather information only "they" decide what to use for. Just like Micro$h*t is doing with Windows 10. All done for "our" sake of course and for "us" to get a "better" experience. Yeah riiite, my @rse.

    Today You basically have to be a hacker and treat corporations software as malicious spyware to protect Your privacy.

    "Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say," – Edward Snowden, 2015

  15. So if they can't control us through Censorship they will go directly to DRMing us which is basically the same thing…. I call out to all, Anon, Pirates, Lizards, whoever else reads this, we will not have our internet rights and freedoms restricted by these fools. Prepare your tools of Cyber war… for the Challenge has been issued… They think they can take our freedom… show them how wrong they are… As such choices usually have a paper trail and money… hold them accountable for whatever plot they have.

  16. I bet this is a stepping stone in to Censoring the Internet… to Restricting our freedoms, why can't they just leave it alone…

  17. this literally makes no sense to me… If you want to steal it cant you just do a screen capture… WTF is the point DRM for media….

  18. Jon is generally an idiot, so I'm not surprised he's wearing the shirt.. I mean he's worn a youporn shirt before too lol..

  19. wow… big what is big business's goal in winning a fight for something that not only doesn't work but makes it even easier for their 'publicly claimed enemy' can do what they want even easier now? An outcome like this, really looks like something else is going on entirely and the voice goal of the big companies is nothing more then a PR front. big wins that do the exact opposite of what they publicly claim they want. It feels more like we are being lied too and that they see money and opportunity in making it easier for pirates to pirate some how, but are hell bent on lying about it.

  20. You know what really has to go? It was mentioned with the Sega segment. Having to be online to play a fricken game you buy. I know there is offline mode for most games, but I've had issues with Steam and Origin (quite a few times with Origin). Complete bullshit to not be able to play a single player game when not online with their service.

  21. Can't you just video capture on your screen? Like an old VCR did in the past? Not as efficient, but it's still possible. Nothing to stop that is there?

  22. John, keep your political bullshit out of the videos. Stick, objectively, with the content your audience actually comes here for. Unless, of course, you're reviewing a Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump Street Fighter-clone.

  23. I suppose this will lead to even more user data collection. I've had enough of digital stalkers forcing log ins to watch/read/play or and listen to stuff.

  24. Getting free movies is so easy.Use Netflix free trail and record the video with Nvidia shadowplay.lol Then crop it out nice. Done. You got your movie for free.lol

  25. There's something contradictory about the MPAA's statement. If they didn't use DRM in the first place, then there would be no need for plugins any more than having DRM in the browser itself.

  26. Ok, then I will be saving my money by pirating all my digital entertainment, gj big business you make me wanting to hurt you rather than making me a loyal consumer.
    AHOY, maties!

  27. So I don't have to install plug-ins….
    Like the one for Netflix, cuz they don't support ultra wide 21:9.
    Ya know, the generalized aspect ratio of Movies.

  28. EVERYBODY knows firewalls and antivirus software only weakens our computer’s immune system. DRM making things less secure should help make our computers stronger and less vulnerable to attacks!!

  29. The guy they quoted was sci-fi author Corey Doctorow, who writes for Boing Boing and has written some great books. One is about a society where copyright rights holders are the law. It's called Pirate Cinema.

    I got it for a reasonable price with no DRM and enjoyed it a lot. He's a cool guy. Buy his books.

  30. A safer, more reliable web ? So you just need to find a fail in one browser and you get unlimited access to everything the person does. You know, apart from DRM being the best way to punish people who do not pirate content. And the whole claim of a repectful debate is doubtful, if you are respectful, you should be transparent about this vote and get factor in public input. A private vote puts into question the imparciality of these entities, especially when the result diminishes the freedom of those whose interest they are supposed to protect.

  31. Do you pronounce "consortium" as "consort-shum" or consort-tee-um" ? I believe "consort-shum" was once the correct pronunciation. But pronunciations can change over time as human behavior changes. In a few decades, "vehemently" WILL be pronounced "ve-HEE-mently."

  32. In some cases I had to either crack a game I already purchased or pursue a refund (RA3 3 times install limit, ANNO1404 ubisoft drm server offline/unresponsive, etc.). Essentially because the company was plain stupid.

    The last statistics already show that piracy is not a big deal – and that's not even including the fact that many of those that actually pirate stuff would simply not buy them in the first place otherwise.

    But sure, keep going, force everyone to get the pirated versions since those simply work better. At this point 95% of the time.

  33. Okay, technically they got the legal stuff wrong, cracking DRM is already illegal in most jurisdictions (thanks the the digital millennium copyright act in the US and similar relevant laws in other countries), cracking a web browser on ones own computer to find an issue to fix is legal. Now if DRM is built into browser it inherits the cracking DRM part now making finding vulnerabilities in browsers illegal, especially if the vulnerability is in the DRM handling itself or effects the DRM in any way.

    This means current researchers working legally won't be able to any more.

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