Want To Be The Business Your Customers Remember?

Want To Be The Business Your Customers Remember?

How would you like to get your business’s name, contact information, and marketing message into the homes and on the minds of your customers, and keep it there for a year or more? Well, get ready, because you’re about to be introduced to a creative and unique promotional marketing tool that may do exactly that. It’s called the Custom Promotional Farmers’ Almanac. Published every year since 1818, the Farmers’ Almanac is a nationally known brand that represents trust and authority. It is one of the most authentic sources for creative and useful advice on ways to live a more natural lifestyle. And who doesn’t love the Farmers’ Almanac annual winter weather forecasts, life hacks, gardening advice, wisdom, humor, and fishing tips? The Almanac’s over 2 million readers and social media followers certainly do. Now you can build on that very same brand power. Here’s how it works: We give you space on the well-recognized front cover of the Farmers’ Almanac where you can put your logo, company name, contact information and locations, holiday or birthday wishes, or whatever you’d like. Then you can customize the entire back cover with images, coupons, special offers, the sky’s the limit. The copies get shipped to you, and you distribute them to your best customers and prospects. Here are some examples of how the Farmers’ Almanac has been used by businesses just like yours. To say thank you for taking a test drive. As a gift for opening a new account, or for placing an online order. To promote a special event. As a giveaway at a trade show. As a holiday card and gift. The best part is you don’t need a big, cushy budget. The Custom Promotional Almanac is actually more affordable than most traditional advertising programs. Now you’ve got not only a unique giveaway your customers will love, but you’ve just secured year-round brand exposure. Studies show that 82% of Farmers’ Almanac readers keep their almanac for a year or more. That’s a big return on investment. But wait, there’s more. 71% pick up their Almanac 10 or more times in a year, and 90% of the people who receive a Promotional Farmers’ Almanac come back to the business that gave it to them. So are you ready to get started? Contact us today and start growing your business, increasing sales, and building customer loyalty with the Promotional Farmers’ Almanac.

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