Walkthrough of ScotLIS for business users | Registers of Scotland

Walkthrough of ScotLIS for business users | Registers of Scotland

ScotLIS is Scotland’s land
information service. It provides both business users and the general public
with much wider access to a variety of land and property information, using our
innovative and easy-to-use new service. Unlike previous services, with ScotLIS
you can move seamlessly from an initial land register search to the
corresponding information on the sasine register. ScotLIS is also designed to
be fully responsive, so you can access this information on desktop, tablet or
mobile. Both registers allow for several different search options. For the Land Register, you can search by address, postcode, proprietor name, title number, or application number. You can also use the interactive map view to zoom in on a
specific area and find titles. Once you’ve searched you can then select
a specific property and access relevant information such as the title number, as
well as a map view of the property based on the Ordnance Survey master map. ScotLIS also features a layer function that can be toggled on and off. For instance,
you can see which properties in the area are registered on the land register and
which are not. In sasine searches, you can search by address, name, organisation or search sheet number. Simply input the relevant information, and you can quickly
and easily view results by search sheets or index results. We’re still working
hard on ScotLIS, monitoring and improving it based on user feedback. You
may see new features in the coming months — that’s why we’ve created the
feature update section, which details each update we make to the service so
you can better understand all the work we’re doing with ScotLIS. To find out
more, and to register with ScotLIS, simply visit scotlis.ros.gov.uk/service

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