WA IOTY 2018 – Business News Winner – Universal Continuously Variable Transmission

WA IOTY 2018 – Business News Winner – Universal Continuously Variable Transmission

A Continuously Variable Transmisson or CVT, can shift through an infinite number of gear ratios and is used in industrial equipment, and many modern vehicles. The ability to seamlessly shift through these different gears, results in smoother performance and a better fuel and power economy. For years people have been wanting to implement this technology into bicycles for optimised gear changing but the width of conventional CVTs makes that impossible. Advanced Transmission Systems has overcome this issue with their novel V-belt driven CVT. By segmenting pulley sites into ring sectors that are only moved into contact with the V-belt at the selected gearing ratio they have narrowed the width of the pulley system, so it can be incorporated into space constrained equipment. Only the ring that is needed to engage with the V-belt gets pushed into engagement, all the others rings, are moved out of the way and they can stay relatively close to the center line but that is what makes the system very narrow so the actual gear changing happens through a bluetooth connection between the handle bar and the actual drive chain down at the bottom. So, its completley wireless and what that facilitates, is complete automation of the system The system consists of the front pulley, the rear pulley and the belt the front pulley is active, it means its motorised to facilitate shifting the gears on a bicycle you dont have the hassle of having to separately set your front, and your rear which with conventional systems, you have to do. You have to set your front chain ring and you have to set your rear sprocket separately, in our system, you simply set the front and its done. The rear reacts to the front setting.

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