VV 22 Business English Vocabulary – Risk Management 1

VV 22 Business English Vocabulary – Risk Management 1

You’re watching Video Vocab by Business English Pod dot com I’m this episode a video vocabulary the
first of a two-part series on vocabulary related to risk management in this
episode we’ll take a general look at risk
management in the business world the new all businesses have to deal with risk but successful businesses are the ones
that employees good risk management risks come in all shapes and sizes a risk could be a minor critical event any event that may or may not affect the
operations up the business or it could be va till it E in finance all markets or it could be something
major like the possibility of a natural disaster such as a flood along with corporate governance and
compliance risk management is an important part organizational planning and
decision-making companies me due diligence in these areas in order to
be successful of course different companies will think
everest differently some will accept much greater exposure
to risk than others in this case we say they
have a greater risk appetite this may be partially determined to how
much public scrutiny the corporation is subject to resource
companies for example may be watched very
carefully to manage risk well companies have to
learn to diagnose potential problems they use critical incident analysis to determine what types risks they face and how best to prevent or deal with
them in him now let’s look at the vocabulary
in more detail with some definitions and examples risk risk management risk is the idea that certain events or
situations can potentially bring losses to
accompany the losses could affect finances image operations or any other aspect of
business investments that involved a lot of a
risk often provide much larger returns who critical love it critical event a critical event is anything that
happens which is potentially damaging to our business aka love it could be a small is running
out of printer ink or as large as an industrial accident during a critical event a company’s
leaders need to clearly communicate their
response to all stakeholders volatility volatility till at: is the tendency to change for
better or worse suddenly or surprisingly a volatile investment such as investing
in a new tech companies start-up can be risky but also bring great
profits political levels have brought a lot of volatility
to the stock market natural disaster natural disaster a natural disaster is an event in nature
that causes destruction damage or social problems hurricanes
volcanic eruptions fires heat waves avalanches and routes are all
examples of natural disasters a natural disaster such as an earthquake
or flood conserve really impact a small country’s
economy 0 Vern its corporate governance corporate governance relates to how well
a company is managed when we talk about good corporate
governance we’re talking about responsible and transparent decision-making and
leadership good corporate governance is especially
important in times of economic instability compliance compliance following rules regulations in-laws is compliance verb form of compliance is comply and we
can say that a company complies with regulations our lawyers have reviewed the contract
to ensure that were in full compliance with industry regulations due diligence do diligence when we do all the sherri research and investigation before
making a decision for signing a contract we are performing
due diligence due diligence might show that people
were not honest about profits or potential problems before buying a business you must
perform due diligence on both the business and the seller exposure exposure to risk in risk management exposure is about how
much risk you face hi exposure operating in a politically
unstable country for example means you face a lot a brisk and a lot
of potential damage my financial advisor said my exposure to
risk was too great and recommended more
secure investments for risk appetite risk appetite the amount risk or level love exposure that a
company is willing to accept is its risk appetite people and
companies with a high risk appetite such as venture capitalists usually
anticipate great future profits the company experienced many crises
because its risk appetite was too high public scrutiny public scrutiny scrutiny is close examination or study public scrutiny therefore is when the
public looks closely at a person or company
especially to see whether their behavior is ethical or legal after scandals in companies such as in
Ron corporate accounting is subject to much greater public scrutiny diagnosis to diagnose a problem when we diagnose a problem we are trying
to find the cause I love or reasons for that problem just as doctors diagnose diseases in
business we may try to diagnose what is wrong
with the company an agreement a product or a situation as a consultant it’s my job to diagnose
potential problems with our clients business plans 0 critical incident analysis critical incident analysis critical incident analysis is a set of
techniques or methods that are used to to find and solve
problems in the company a process or a system critical incident analysis has provided
our company with the tools to deal with big problems
when they happen the new now it’s your turn to practice
some other words we’ve looked at in this episode you’ll hear a series of sentences with
the word replaced with the beat repeat the whole sentence including the
missing word for example if you hear investors with a
high risk should be prepared for possible losses you can say investors with high-risk appetite should be prepared
for possible losses will play the correct answer after each
question be ready let’s begin 0 before signing the merger agreement we
spent three months doing do answer before signing the merger
agreement we spent three months doing due
diligence an important part of good corporate is transparency answer an important part of good
corporate governance is transparency at the beginning have a critical people may panic answer at the beginning at a critical
event people may panic we are open to public because we have nothing to hide answer we are open to public scrutiny because we have nothing to hide the new that’s all for this episode a
video vocabulary come back next week for the second part
in this series in the meantime check out our website at
www dot video vocabulary TV to watch and download lots more videos on
business English vocabulary thanks for watching and see you again

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