VR for Pacific Bushcraft Consortium | Community Trash Pickup

VR for Pacific Bushcraft Consortium | Community Trash Pickup

We need to make a three minute video of
picking up trash I think TSP is part of the Pacific
bushcraft consortium so if you guys want to check them out their videos it’s a
group of people who they’re all bush- crafters and outdoorsmen and it’s kind
of like a club. I’m not in the club… they didn’t invite me yet but… um maybe they
will? I don’t know, but anyway they challenged folks who are outdoors people
to go out and help clean up their area so I’m gonna do that! I mean, I do that
anyway but then I go do some more of that. Look at this. it’s a bag this bag is
gonna go in my bag! put it in the bag out thorns awesome Mike thanks America’s oldest
brewery oh really oh here’s some more trash look at this people go fishing and
just leave their junk ridiculous oh look at this well I got a film you picking it
up this this particular Greenbrier ripped these clothes off of somebody. Wow oh there’s some trash neither the kids
saw it okay that way you found some kiwi strawberry juice cocktail hmm and careful all right be careful mmm I like
that but I wouldn’t leave my trash in the woods guys if you’re out in the
woods and you’re tough in a drink take your trash with you pack it in pack it
out guys oh my gosh somebody left a bag it looks like it washed down the river
yeah thanks Mike all right let’s go so we went hiking today we went fishing
today we didn’t catch anything but we did get a bag full of trash over here at
Mitchell Mill State Recreation Area so Oh Mike come here here’s another piece
we could probably spend hours doing this but we’ve got to get going so here’s our
contribution to the PBC video and guys if you’ve got trash take it with
you! Pack it in, pack it out!

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  1. Wow a drone? Nice. Cool shots! Which model did you get? Also congrats on hitting 500 subs!!!!!!!! Awesome video guys. I wouldn’t call it much of a challenge, more of an awareness and expectation. Thanks for sharing this lesson! So much trash there geez!

  2. Thank you for beautifying the area! It drives me insane how much trash people leave behind in remote areas

  3. Very well done to you all for doing this!  I find it unbelievable that people can go out in out beautiful outdoors and then leave rubbish behind, makes my blood boil.  Brilliant effort on your behalf, cheers Alan

  4. i love the fact you did this video and cleaned up dear it just makes me sad there has to be a contest to get people to do this . i clean up when ever i see trash outdoors in the wild . never needed a contest to do it . thats the way it should be but good luck . hope you win .

  5. very nice that you guys did this….but sadder that it has to be done in the first place… 🙁 i like the example you're setting for your kids and there younger generation…..thanks!

  6. I was thinking the other day if we all picked up one piece of litter a day it would make a massive difference to our environment.

  7. This was a great livestream… loved it… What a great job you guys did!
    I heard you use your "Teacher" voice on us! Hahahahhahaa… Awesome video Em! Cheers

  8. Thanks for cleaning up. I went walking with my family over Easter. My parents always bring a bag for garbage. (I never remember such things until I'm on the trail). I ended up being in charge of garbage. My three-year-old nephew was awesome at pointing out garbage. Especially when it was downa steep bank or in the gunky ditch. "Antie Tawly, look! dere!" So cute. I'm glad my sister and brother in law are raising an anti-litterer.

  9. You guys did a wonderful job on your clean up video!
    If we all just do a little, it adds up to a lot!
    Thank you so much for doing your part! PBC out!

  10. Good on ya guys. And it's awesome you got the kids involved, it's a valuable lesson for them. Thanks for doing this, if everyone would do a little it would add up to a lot. Take care my friends.

  11. Excellent job and effort on your cleanup. Always amazes me how much litter is left where people-like to fish. Thanks again and ATB Mike.

  12. Hi Em!! awsome video!! how sad all the trash left behind in su h a beautiful place!! great job guys!!🤗🤗💕

  13. Nice job to you all its ridiculous the amount of stuff left behind great deed awesome video and congratulations to you breaking 500 keep pushing 😎

  14. Gr8 job I picked up so many beer bottles, water bottles , and small propane tanks it was ridiculous! Beautiful area u live in…new sub here found your gang on the playlist 🙂

  15. Hey Gang, found you through the YouTube Outdoors group on FB. Nice video, it's a shame that it's necessary to do stuff like this. I usually end up packing other people's trash out when I go on hiking and backpacking trips as well. Glad you made the effort tho!

  16. In the desert, we haven’t seen much of a problem unless it’s right on the edge of town. Some people shoot at old TV’s and leave them out there😠

    We usually do the same thing as your family does, pack out ours and someone else’s. Thanks for raising the subject!

  17. That was fun huh? My son as we walked down the road said "piece of trash" hes three, he thought it was awesome lol

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