VP Pence aide: It’s been three years of endless investigations

VP Pence aide: It’s been three years of endless investigations

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  1. 3 years of investigations is what happens when you support and elect a known wannabe mobster, big city real estate con and inept, entitled, spoiled child, and put his inexcusably abusive butt in the oval office. As a person who often votes Republican, who is a devoted Christian, I can't begin to express my appalled heartbreak over how low those I used to admire have fallen.

  2. What's not happening???? Condemn Mitch McConnell. Democrats are doing their Constitutional duty, you deranged fucker.

  3. BECAUSE TRUMP IS A CRIMINAL. jesus Christ. All rightwing media is lies to protect 1 person. To hell with the other 300 million

  4. Wow that's a surprise seeing as how they just announced 10,000 jobs lost in the state of Ohio this year alone. I wonder how much of this good economic news is tied to his tax cuts? You do know it's some point someone is going to have to raise those taxes again? It is amazing the people seem to forget the republican-led Congress has said on many occasions whatever the Democrats in the house send over to them if the president is not on board they won't even bring it to the floor for a vote in the Senate. But I guess they won't bring that up it'll make their side look bad.

  5. If Trump is innocent of all the crimes he's bee accused of he sure is going out of his way to make it look like he is guilty.

  6. Just bunch of crooks following chief in crooks. Just how many people from Obama’s circle went to prison?? NONE!! BURNED!!! And no they are not going either trumpturds.

  7. i bet this marc short guy uses his bald head to shine trumps and pences shoes. no more going down on the sidewalk to the shoe shine boy. good old marc does a wonderful job using that bald cranium of his.

  8. Trump is showing what the rest of us already know. Career politicians are completely useless. They are doing everything they can to save themselves. Look at what Trump has accomplished in three years. Trump 2020.

  9. Imagine being successful enough to run for president one day and then the guy who's currently in office uses his presidential influence to investigate you. Instead of getting a foreign government to try and get dirt on the Bidens and getting his hands dirty, he should have just banned all other political parties when he got in office and declared himself supreme leader! You can't lose if you don't have any opponents! (sarcasm)

  10. All of you commenting about three years of scandals…tell me which scandal has actually been proven. What has Trump done wrong? Seriously…tell me anything he's actually done.

  11. He's taking it in one end from Pence & in the other from trump while Dobbs watches. Oh & the Republicans are the only ones working. He's not insightful he's color blind & only sees orange

  12. Impeachment has been required for 3 years, since day one, because Don the Con has been violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution since day one, having never divested from his businesses as he promised, taking in millions from foreign & domestic entities, including the government, using his public service position to privately profit. Trump swore to uphold & protect the Constitution, yet he violates it every single day, while pronouncing that the Emoluments Clause is “phony” (a direct quote).

  13. Start telling the truth and maybe it will help bounce back a little. Almost 300 bipartisan bills passed in the house, sitting on Mitch's desk. Stop stop stop lying

  14. Be careful of the behavior you allow of Mr trump today. One day a Democrat will do it too because you all just normalized traitorous behavior.

  15. And… 3 decades of criminal behavior by Trump who thought he could get away with it as president. The new symbol of the republican party is a "Tissue Box"… for all those tears.

  16. One can see the libs are desperate and melting down. I've never seen so much commenting from the demented left. I'm sure [email protected]@s sees the writing on the wall and is paying millions to fund these trolls.

  17. Breaking the law and committing impeachable crimes tends to cause mass investigations. Get with reality or shut down this idiotic network.

    Y'all literally are so desperate and triggered that you spend HOURS and probably millions of dollars trying to deny someone fking farted on your show. Jesus you're all pathetic.

  18. California Democrats leading the impeachment are responsible of the homeless and heath crisis in California…. I don’t want America to be anything like California. Pelosi is guilty of humanitarian crimes. There’s literally poop and needles all over her district and she just rapes the taxpayers…

  19. How does random statements about the little bit the President has done that may have benefited the country. Have to do with his illegal and unlawful actions?

  20. You snowflakes on this thread are just butt hurt because you lost the election . Put on your big boy pants and quit crying every time Trump cuts a fart . I have to laugh about how stupid you Democrats are . Get a life

  21. It's been three years of investigations because the president's personal conduct is terrible. You would not want him as a friend or business partner. Most people know this, even those that voted for him, but they are going along with the bad personal conduct to get the polices they want. Live long enough and you know you can't do this, you can't rely on someone who's personal conduct is not stable.

  22. Republicans we shouldn't have investigations! But didn't you dumb shits investigate Hillary as and still weren't able to get her on anything

  23. This is Trumps own doing, he didn't have to cheat, but that's how he got to be president in the first place. He was a business man with no rules or humanity for others, now it's different and he's too shitless to speak under oath because he can't be on the record.

  24. Ken Starr spent more than four years and $92,000,000 to catch Clinton lying about a BJ. What goes around comes around. Get over it.

  25. CNN, MSNBC, and ABC now have to face the hard reality of admitting their own bias and non-factual reporting. They have all failed the public trust of a free press, since their bias is now clearly visible. But will the press own up? The real question is: do they have good character. So far; no.
    The DOJ will be releasing their investigation findings within the month. Icing on the cake.
    Pelosi and her gang of Schifftless no-goods will have to get back to real work just to save whatever face they might have. Going to be interesting to see whose heads roll and how many seats the Dems lose in the next election.
    Is Jeff Epstein and his brothel of underage Blackmail R-US crew going to get the kind of exposure they worked so hard for? Let's remember that they went as far to blackmail and take down Prince Phillip.
    What about all of number of yet-as-to-be revealed blackmailed politicians in the US? Will these politicians and businessmen come out of the closet and admit they have been blackmailed? Will some have the spine and fortitude to believe that the cost of admitting their own wrongdoing – however maliciously created by that evil crew – is better than letting it continue unchecked?
    The FBI has recently announced and began a full investigation Into Jeff Epstein. Will it get derailed? Will they ask the same questions as I just did? Will they also look to see if Democrats have also been blackmailed and forced to let the Left through the door?

  26. Don't break laws and there would be no need for investigations I have had enough of republicans belly aching they are getting picked on stop breaking laws and telling us it's ok No ITS NOT!

  27. Wrong!!!! What it's been is Over 3 Years of Sedition, Obstruction, Fraud, Insubordination, Treason and A Total Disrespect of THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. To those inside the Washington Establishment Bubble this may be The Norm! But for those of us outside of their Bubbled World who really work for a living that "Are Forced" to pay these fools salaries via our Tax Dollars – This is absolutely unbelievable that sound minded individuals who consider themselves "Representatives" actually believe what they're doing as Sane. These are some very TWISTED SICK individuals, and it's shocking to actually "See" these are the type of Unethical Out of Touch Government Officials running this Nation. This is unbelievable!!!!

  28. I know I’m reaching but notice at 1:00 how he looks away, if I remember correctly in class we learned how liars can’t keep eye contact in a conversation ???

  29. All Americans should be angry that our tax dollars are being wasted on these endless hearings. The Democrats have done nothing for the American People in THREE YEARS.

  30. So, the only evidence Sondland gave (from his testimony during the hearing) was his own personal presumption. What a joker. Only the Dems would try to use presumptions as evidence for a crime.

  31. Там не пожилые – которые умирали – Там просто – БЫЛИ фашисты!

  32. Dems are free falling and Swalwell is pooping in his pants on MsN while the whistle leaker's attorney openly expresses a coup desire in 2017… unbelievable

  33. Doesn’t matter the important is to know the truth and keep country over party and keep law above president …
    This is good for the country short and long term and you must be in right side which is the nation not the party’s benefits

  34. until the president has a heart attack or Resigns there will always be these attacks upon him because he deserves them he's very crooked he's always been crooked and America should not be run like a business we are humans not dollar signs

  35. Bombshells, flamethrowers, tight nooses, closing walls…
    For one man's most convoluted presumption.
    They know their audience.
    Send that turd on to the Senate.

  36. If I was Trump I would run investigation on CIA involvement in the HK protests. For its clear to me CIA is involved, and the only reason for them to keep the protests going would be to foil Trump's efforts with China.
    And its clear theyre doing it for the democrats, just like they were spying on the president for the democrats.
    So, get CIA people still loyal to Trump to investigate the HK situation. And when they find out that democrats are indeed using rogue CIA agents to stir trouble there, it'll be the democrats that are in trouble.

  37. Adam Schiff ,Nancy Pelosi treason Demo rat,Socialist, COMMUNISM, WAKE UP AMERICAN, Democrat BURN to much from Tax payers, for nothing only the funny

  38. My American cousins I am sorry for raising this, but you know the term his name is "Mud" after Dr Samuel Mud involved in the Lincoln assassination. Should one throw enough mud at the wall some will stick, there goes the news media throwing so much mud some will stick. This is the whole aim of those who trying to impeach your President . All I am saying is it is up to you, but please make a sane choice based on facts not news media or how much MUD sticks to the wall.

  39. And Jim Jordan, why you turn your back on the wrestlers that complained about the team doctor being inappropriate. You ignored the situation. Time for you to be ousted… Except I don’t live near you thank God. Nunes is bad enough And that fool represents my district.

  40. Imagine a Trump Presidency where the Republicans control the house and the senate….where they have enough seats that the democrats won't be able to block all Trumps legislation?  It will 4 more years like none other….the US under Trump would be soaring….the people might be demanding another 8 years of Trump….Shifty Schiff Gone, Nasty Pelosi gone, Chuckie Schumer Gone, Maxine Waters Gone, Elizabeth Warren Gone, The Squad Gone, AOC Gone…Kamala Harris, gone, Cory Booker gone, all Democrats Gone….Won't that be a Glorious Day?

  41. People that their only response, all the time, to everything is "Russian bot"… need to seek some professional mental health help. That is some seriously unhealthy paranoia. I would say bordering schizophrenia. It actually concerns me when people use that for every response in person (sometimes just trolling on the computer I know). They believe Russians are spying on them through their phones, watching them through the computer cam, or following them throughout the day by street/store cameras. That's some next level paranoia.

  42. If President Donald Trump ordered the military aid withhold he needs to be impeached for bribery, if the White House members all worked behind his back to withhold military aid he should be impeached for incompetence.

  43. Pelosi does not wish to pass anything that will favor him whom she calls an IMPOSTOR, even if it hurts the whole nation, so that in her legacy in the history books she is admired for ‘her courage’ against the ‘impostor’. NP is sick, not in her liver, but in the heart.

  44. The Democrats are holding up Ukraine military aid for political leverage and bribery and quid pro quo and something to do with Weinstein and Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

  45. If the Republicans dont like endless investigations then they shouldn't have elected a idiot manchild criminal to the highest office in the land.

  46. so why isn't this info on ukraine money that is held up by this BS congress brought up by republicans in these debates? rather we have council for nunes caster boring the pants off everyone with mundane questions ?

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