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“Information is cheap. Knowledge is expensive. At Volley, we’re trying to combine information
and knowledge to create better learning experiences.” ”Volley’s technology analyzes all of the
knowledge you need to stay on top of. Volley’s knowledge engine automatically
ingests and analyzes your legacy content to generate personalized resources, like micro-courses
and quizzes.” ”Cybersecurity is a pretty good example,
because the knowledge is always changing: by the time I’m done designing ‘my ten-question
compliance quiz’, often times, the entire threat landscape has changed!” “…So we’re going to start by applying
a type of deep neural network which can summarize this content.” “Volley doesn’t just search for the keywords
in text… It detects the most relevant concepts, tailored
to YOUR knowledge gaps.” “Having an AI system that understands the
structure and relationships between, you know, facts and concepts and practices, um, and
puts that together into micro-capsules of content that can bring them back to the level
of competence that they need — this really catches on.” “At Volley, we’re doing something unique. Not only are we pulling the knowledge out
of the text, but we’re using the structure, the sequence, the texture of that knowledge
to build targeted lessons for our learners.” “It goes with you where you go, and teaches
you WHAT you need to know, WHEN you need to know it.” “They’re now working with the largest
financial institutions in the world! So, Volley is able to come in, automate training,
do risk assessment, auto-generate content… And they’re able to do it very fast. They can really teach anyone, anything.” “Every single employee is becoming an information
worker. Learners today are faced with an enormous
amount of information. Taking that documentation and extracting the
instruction, extracting the ‘latent pedagogy’ is one of the most interesting and difficult
problems in AI. And that’s the problem that Volley addresses,
to create more informed workers in a more informed enterprise. That’s valuable to everyone.”

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