VoIP vs. Traditional Business Phone Systems

VoIP vs. Traditional Business Phone Systems

It’s no secret that the public switch telephone
network is in its waining days. And a lot of traditional telephone customers are jumping
ship, because they know that they can get value and more features somewhere else. For
over a year now, the FCC has been adamantly debating the relevancy of PSTN and its eventual
phase-out. It’s obvious that the landscape of telecom is in flux. Recently released report
showing that by the year 2018, only 6% of the US population will be serviced by the
PSTN network. No longer are you shackled to your desk phone.
Gone are the days of depending on antiquated forwarding options to get your calls to where
you may be. And no longer is your business stuck shoveling money into an ever aging PBX,
or key system, that might, quite frankly, not be doing exactly what you want it to do,
and may never do what you want it to do. Momentum offers unbridled access to key features
that dramatically increase efficiency in your sales team, your workforce, and your help
desk. Momentum offers true mobility, which means that we provide you a phone system that
goes wherever you go, whenever you go. It’s all in the cloud, and it’s all from one provider–

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