VoIP Features for Dummies – Mobility Extension(2019)

VoIP Features for Dummies – Mobility Extension(2019)

When your employees are out of the office say on a business trip or just at home obviously they are away from the office phone system It’s unreachable for them while checking office voicemails or calling customers with company phone lines Is there any easy way to establish connection regardless of locations Mobility extension feature will help This feature turns a mobile into an extension of the office phone system and thus frees users from the office Employees simply need to dial any company number using their mobile sim Then they will have the same permissions as the office phones playing the voicemail calling out with company phone lines and contacting their colleagues’ extensions directly In this way the Mobility Extension feature will increase the employee’s productivity Mobility Extension feature gets lots of flexibility and convenience for users to be connected anywhere, anytime Get more updates, subscribe the channel More VoIP features, visit yeastar.com

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