VoIP Features for Dummies – IVR System (2019)

VoIP Features for  Dummies – IVR System (2019)

Nowadays it’s a common experience we will hear a welcoming prompt with a voice menu when we call a company Like this Thank you for calling Yeastar. Press 1 for Sales Service. Press 2 for Technical Support. Or press 0 for the operator. We usually listen to the menu and reach our target destination easily by pressing the specific key So, exactly, what feature makes that work? It’s called IVR IVR, Interactive Voice Response is a feature that can interact with the caller gather the required information and routes the call to the particular destination We can use IVR to answer incoming calls and guide callers IVR makes it possible to provide callers 24 hours of services without any costly human resources IVR feature increases efficiency and saves time and money for the business Get more VoIP features update please subscribe or visit yeastar.com

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