VoIP Features for Dummies – DISA

VoIP Features for Dummies – DISA

When you are away from the office you may want to make a business call to your customer If you contact customer using your mobile they will see your private number rather than the corporate number That’s not an act of professionalism What if we can make a call through the mobile but displaying the company number to the customer That sounds great, right? So, is it possible? Yes, of course. A feature on the phone system called DISA can help DISA, Direct Inward System Access is a feature allows a user to access the phone system from external sources, like a mobile You simply need to call into your phone system and the DISA feature will connect you and your client using company lines So the corporate number is displayed and your private phone numbers are hidden successfully DISA helps staff outside the office making calls to clients using company lines For more information of VoIP features please subscribe and visit yeastar.com

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