Visual Russian: Basic business vocabulary. Бизнес лексика

Visual Russian: Basic business vocabulary. Бизнес лексика

Business vocabulary in Russian from
Ru-Land Club Department head is conducting the meeting. The applicant came in for an interview. The boss is reading his CV. If you have questions, call to call-center (referral service) The company held a conference. Bosses have signed the contract. Employee from the company performs with presentation. The girl is making the report. Employees are celebrating the company’s birthday at the corporate party. Manager conducts business negotiations by phone. The visitor came to make an appointment. The secretary is calling to the client to make an appointment.

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  1. Спасибо, моя любимая фраза была "сотрудници отмечают день рождения компании на корпоративе". What a mouthful! In English it's just "office party".

  2. Дорогая Ника, очень очень очень полезная тема. Пожалуйста больше отправьте про бизнес и торговые беседы. Спасииииибо Вам большое.

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