Virtual Advanced Placement® (VAP) Courses Offered Free through Regional Consortium

Virtual Advanced Placement® (VAP) Courses Offered Free through Regional Consortium

♪ I took the Virtual AP route because my school doesn’t
have any AP courses whatsoever, and this was offered to us, so I figured why not take
the opportunity when it’s there to learn something new. Any time you can get
education for free, take advantage of it. This was my test run,
it was a free test run that I got to take basically
a college class for free and to test out something
I really wanted to know about and see if it’s something
that inspired me or that I enjoyed. ♪ A student who is driven,
self-motivated, someone who is willing
to put in the time without somebody
on them all the time. You have to be very dedicated. It helps, also, to be
interested in learning and interested in
the subject you choose, ’cause that makes
your dedication to it a lot easier as well. And you really need to work hard
and not fall behind, and if you procrastinate,
it’s terrible. ♪ These courses are great
for students who know they’re
gonna go to college, and they can get
a firsthand experience before they make
the trip to college. I took Human Geography because I was really, really
interested in the subject. In human geography,
in culture, in anthropology. ♪ You can sit down after you’re
done with your other homework or do it before
your other homework or when you have, you know,
a minute after breakfast. I was in the Drama Club,
so I had to practice like every single day
near the end 4 to 7. You really just
have to build it around what you’re doing. ♪

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