Vineya For Business

Vineya For Business

Do you have Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees and clients? Are you providing interpreting services? Yes? Awesome! But, could the experience be better for the Deaf person, the hearing people they interact with, and the coordinator? Could scheduling sign language interpreters be easier and more efficient? How are you managing all of these? It can be hard to keep up with everything. And consumer preference …
shouldn’t that be prioritized? What if Deaf and Hard of Hearing people could have more control over their own communication experience? With Vineya, it’s all possible. [V.O.] Vineya simplifies the entire interpreting process. Using our confidential, secure web-based platform, you can request interpreters and prioritize preference. Within in Vineya, is a dashboard with options that are easy to search and access. There is one access for higher-level schedulers and one for Deaf consumers to book appointments. Billing and reporting features are available, too. Vineya gives you access to a nationwide network
of certified sign language interpreters. That means your requests are quickly filled
without sacrificing quality of services. Consumers can choose an on-site interpreter … Or use video remote interpreting services
directly in the Vineya platform, or through a third-party system. Hello! Have you reviewed the weekly report yet? Through technology and Deaf-led solutions, Vineya transforms businesses by creating a workplace where everyone can clearly and freely communicate anytime, anywhere. Come and partner with us today.

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