Video 178: Q&A Session #37

Video 178: Q&A Session #37

We haven’t had a Q&A Session in quite a
while, so we thought we’d squeeze one in here—particularly as we get so many good
questions. Please keep them coming, email them at [email protected],
and put “Q&A” in the Subject line, so we don’t miss them. As usual, we have added closed captions to
the video for those who prefer having them on. Now to the questions: QUESTION 1: What is the major difference between
the general population and that of The Global Elite? Do they go to the Between Lives Area as well
or do they bypass it and take on a human baby body again? Since they are very different than we the
common population in regard to their DNA can they also recall their past lives/mission
here on Earth a lot easier? In other words, no amnesia? ANSWER: The Global Elite has another type
of DNA—this is why they try to keep their bloodlines pure—at least within the upper
echelons. We don’t know what happens to them in the
afterlife, but it appears that the same souls are recycled into the same bloodlines. It could very well be that they, too, repeat
the same cycle over and over. They, too, have amnesia, although they might
have slightly more memories than we do. When they come back and get to a certain age,
they are told who they are and all they need to know. QUESTION 2: If the Overlords are using memories
and experiences to give us a life review in the astral, then reincarnation, i.e. we being
split apart in the BLA (Between Lives Area) is not natural. Is this the index that you elaborated on here
in yours and Ariel’s video series having interaction with Dr AR Bordon of LPG-C? (Life Physics Group California)
ANSWER: Dr. A.R. Bordon and his team of quantum physicists
claimed that our souls can only be indexed on Earth once, and then we need to move on
(see WPP, Level 1). At that time, I didn’t understand what he
meant, but I might now. We are here in this Patrix to go through the
cycles of recycling and “ascension,” and once we’re done, we’re “supposed”
to be released to go to Orion, which we personally are quite sure by now, will not happen. Instead, is encouraging souls to ascend,
so he can use these “advanced humans” in an attack against Orion in the “future.” But what Dr. Bordon was told by the Overlords
was that once we’re done here and leave the Earth environment, we can’t come back
because we’re only indexed here once. And knowing what we know now—who would want
to come back, anyway? QUESTION 3: You said that Anu is the most
powerful being in the universe, and as I understand, he is very malicious too. Why would the Queen take such a consort and
have offspring with him, She being a benevolent goddess? ANSWER: As the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) progressed,
I got much more insights about the Anunnaki/AIF/Overlords. Yes, Khan En.lil (Anu) was once a powerful
warrior, who attacked Orion in the ancient “past,” but later, the Orion Queen and
Khan En.lil made a peace treaty, and the Khan’s soldiers became the Queen’s “Advanced
Guards” because of their bravery. Most of them were, and still are, loyal to
Orion—except the ones who rebelled with Khan En.lil is not an enemy of Orion anymore,
and the “marriage” is not the same as we think of marriage here. It is not romantic—it’s a part of the
treaty. Both parties (Orion and Sirius/Arcturus) wanted
to show their good will by creating a bond. We tend to think from a 3-D perspective, and
it generally doesn’t correspond with how beings in the KHAA operate. Also, the Queen did not have offspring with
Khan En.lil— and Ninurta were born from unfertilized eggs, and their sisters
are not Khan En.lil’s offspring. QUESTION 4: You’ve talked about following
your passion. But what about the so-called life purpose
that a lot of people, especially in the spiritual community, are talking about? They say that being “brought up” in this world
is something you choose before you incarnate, and it is your mission to find it and fulfill
it. Some say it is to clear karma, while others
say it’s a specific mission that has been assigned to you, or that you came here to
bring some change in the world, or simply to learn some life lessons. Is it just a distraction of the AIF? If it is, then I guess that the only viable
“purpose” is to simply learn, become aware, and to get out of this reality prison. ANSWER: The “life purpose” you mention
is different from “passion.” Life purpose is something we agree to accomplish
when we’re in the BLA, based on what comes out from our “life review.” Things that were not perfect in previous life
now needs to be worked on—or so they tell us in the BLA. Most souls agree and will be sent back (but
with amnesia), trying to complete the “karma” they don’t even remember what it was. Passion comes from the genuine soul—it’s
something that has been accumulated within you for lifetimes, or it was there already
from the first incarnation or incarnations. It might have started with that you liked
doing a certain thing, and over the lifetimes it became a passion. This passion is sometimes hidden to the incarnated
soul because she feels that she has some hidden “mission” to complete, which is to fulfill
the purpose agreed upon in the BLA. Thus, it’s a matter of finding the passion
and go for it. QUESTION 5: Are we living in an Illusion of
free will? How would anybody choose to be broken and
abused since babyhood, either by family members or any institution, like mk-ultra? Contracts we make prior to birth? Somehow, I find it difficult to believe. ANSWER: We have freewill—it’s a universal
law that can’t be changed. However, we are using it without knowing what
it is, and therefore, we seldom get the results we essentially want—because of amnesia,
we are limited in our options. We are told in the BLA that Earth is a very
tough school, in preparation for some paradisiac existence once we graduate from the Earth
school. Pain and suffering is how we learn, we are
told, which is complete rubbish. There are lots of better ways to learn than
through amnesia, pain, and suffering. We are, in other words, manipulated into believing
that abuse and victimhood are part of the process, and we need to overcome this in order
to graduate. QUESTION 6: Video 172 about the vertical time
concept was quite confusing. How does it fit together with the video series
no 45 and up about the soul splitting? On one hand you state that we incarnate only
once and live the same life many times (I understand , different lives with different
soul aspects all at once) and on the other hand you say that our soul is completely destroyed
after one cycle and composed anew from various other soul fractions. ANSWER: Video 45 is the first video in the
video series about “soul splitting,” and it will become clearer as listeners progress
through them. The genuine soul that was once WHOLE was fragmented
long ago, and these splinters were incarnated in different bodies across the timeline, as
explained in our video series, “THE TIME SERIES.” The additional split that happens in the BLA
is of the synthetic/artificial soul, also known as our subconscious mind. That’s where all our soul energy gets stuck
during our life because of trauma. This “overlay” is then being stripped
off us, and some of it becomes energetic food for the Overlords, while some goes to feed
the System/Patrix, as explained in Brett Stuart’s remote viewing video, “Moksha,” which
many of our listeners have watched. Unfortunately, Brett took down the video from
the Internet, thinking it was too triggering and fearful. Then, before we are recycled, a new synthetic
soul is attached to us, so we can feed it with more trauma from the upcoming lifetime,
and so it goes in cycles. QUESTION 7: Why now, have we become the glitch? What instigated me et al to read W.P.P.? What changed this time-loop to include your
works? Why am I experiencing an increase in déjà
vu lately? I believe each aspect of you that is left
here will live out their current lifetime, and when they die, they will be retrieved—either
automatically or by the Queen. In the next time loop, you would no longer
exist in 3-D. ANSWER: I believe the unpredictable factor
was that I was getting in contact with my Anonymous Source. If I wouldn’t have, I would never have figured
things out that led to the WPP and the holes in the Grid. That was the GREAT crossroads that changed
my timeline drastically from that point and on—not only for me, but for everybody else
who’ve found this material or will find it in the near future. Everybody who is here now are truth-seekers
who want to know what’s going on in this world and beyond. And with an intention like that, they’ll
find what they seek when it resonates with they. The déjà vu you’ve had probably occur
when you, for a brief moment, remembered a previous lifetime in the same time loop, and
regarding your theory that our other soul aspects need to finish their current lifetime
before they can be retrieved is very plausible. QUESTION 8: Do you consider it possible for
the spirit to be “running” his body outside his body, like a few meters apart? Could this be a useful learning step as to
be better prepared once the body dies? ANSWER: We haven’t tried, so we don’t
know firsthand, but from what we’ve read, it’s not working very well. There are those who say they’ve tried, but
it’s very difficult to run the body properly when we are not correctly anchored to it. QUESTION 9: Somewhere I have read that [the
Queen] was the one who gave us all of our many emotions, so we would evolve faster through
them? But on the other hand, I have read, that emotions
are attached to/by the Archons (so they can manipulate us better). I don’t get this point; there are just too
many different information Who gave us our emotions in the beginning? Did we already have them on Tiamaat? But then I can not believe that the Namlu’us
were perfectly peaceful – as emotions have always two sides and with that many emotions
we have, it’s hard to be peaceful – as we can see here on earth. ANSWER: Good questions! Yes, it’s true that we, already as Namlu’u,
were equipped with this wide range of emotions to better be able to react and act in the
Tiamaat environment. But we need to remember that back then, we
didn’t have our synthetic soul overlays. When we felt something, it didn’t disappear
into a void or forgetfulness; when we experienced pain or trauma, these incidents did not stick
inside a reactive mind. The emotions were there to assist us, not
to halt our evolution. However, and the Overlords found these
emotions peculiar and useful. They figured out how to use them against us
and how to feed from them. Thus, we have the situation we have today. The Namlu’u were peaceful in nature, but
not everything in their environment was peaceful—there were challenges and obstacles. The Queen wanted to see if we, being spirited
and equipped with this range of emotions, could come out of the Experiment with more
compassion, love, and empathy. She wanted creator gods who can create on
a higher level of awareness than other star beings. This is our understanding on this subject. QUESTION 10: If everything here is just a
copy of Tiamaat, are also animals and nature attached to Enki/Lucifer?! I can’t believe this from my heart, as my
love for animals and nature (+ their soul energy) feels like the only ORIGINAL/AUTHENTIC
thing in this patrix. They heal me from within. But I want to be sure and don’t fall for
another deception, so I thought I may ask you. ANSWER: Animals were of course also present
on Tiamaat, and many of them probably looked similar to the ones we have here, understanding
that copied what was on Tiamaat. The physical bodies of the animals here in
3-D are of course just vessels/vehicles for the souls that inhabit them. Yes, animals have souls, but do not have the
same awareness and consciousness as humans. But, as we know, they have feelings and emotions,
too, and pets can be quite healing. So can nature because it’s part of the Patrix,
just like we are in our current state of being—it’s a symbiosis. But the nature we experience here is still
just a “bad copy” of the real thing. This is not even real, if we want to go deeper
into it. We humans, as creator gods, are holding this
Construct in place with our cumulative beliefs and thoughts. We could say that this Patrix is a very solid
thought-form that we humans collectively keep recreating every nano-second, just like frames
in a movie. QUESTION 11: What if during the time to exit
through the grid, one is confronted by a guardian of the overlords and is told that they can
exit, but since they are within this patrix, they can only exit by following’s
ascension program? Aiming to bypass’s blueprint of ascension
altogether—the guardian knows this intention btw—how is one to successfully answer a
guardian to prevent hinderance? I suppose I’m requesting for backup for
that critical of all moments. ANSWER: Why would you communicate or even
pay attention to any Guardian or being in the astral? What we have been emphasizing is to NOT pay
attention to anyone on your way out through the Grid, regardless of who it is. If someone tries to stop you or tell you that
you can’t go there, don’t pay ANY attention to it. You can definitely “go there” because
that’s your intention and your freewill. No one can stop you if you are determined. It’s only if you have a “weak moment”
that someone potentially can take advantage of that.

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  1. ?? Thanks Wes and Ariel for answering my question, as well as the others. I’m deeply grateful for your insight and wisdom! ?

  2. Following your passion. It's difficult to tell people that these days because our passions are being manipulated every single day to suit the PTBs agendas. My advise to anyone trying to do this is to just ask yourself what you love doing the most. It could be literally anything, nobody is judging you. Then keep asking why? Why do you want to do so so or so? Keep asking until you have an answer that you're comfortable with. This is finding the root of your passion, which is the reason behind the said passion. Why?, is probably the most important question anyone can ever ask when looking for this. If you find a root passion at the bottom of all those "Whys", then you've nailed it 🙂

  3. @wespenre and Ariel Glad It is very helpful to have this Q and A. I will keep in mind to send you my first Q and A through your email. I appreciate all you do for humanity. I was in-between lives; they saw I could not forget some things. I feel that they gave me a strong dose of amnesia but still, I have the Dejavu. My awakening was my second Vivid dream after my religious mother-in-law passed away, and I had my first vivid dream. It was like an intense light went through me on my second Vivid dream. It was all last year. I wish it were earlier within the Nanosecond. Is because I forget some things quickly, but then I remember after making sense of it. I am a young lady, too, in my late 30's. I saw a tall being who was me picking up a distinct necklace off a clear glass table in a very different place. The room I was inside had a lot of light around me, and I looked out a window to see two moons. I looked myself in the mirror, and it was a being with cat eyes but with a human face at the same time, light skin, and long blonde hair. I dressed in a dress but like a galactic look to it. Many hugs, kisses, and light your way from your Dominicana viewer and subscriber!

  4. How Enki plans to defeat the Queen, who is Spirit, making her not only much powerful than him, but also immortal? How can you defeat an immortal enemy, when she can insert Herself back into the Khaa anytime she wants, as many times as she wants, or maybe even uncreate the whole universe including Enki? Looks like he really doesn't like to think much before acting.

  5. something ive wondered is are people or aliens watching us from another planet or somewhere not on earth. they are probably smart enough not to live here but are so advanced they have a big spaceship with trees and plants in it. that was probably random

  6. So…The weakness come from our subconscious mind aka…artificial soul plus erased memories.How can one reproduce even the original soul(that very original sparks of fire)?Theoretically we would have won if we would have been able to fully control our subconscious minds.From what I understood …nobody truly exited this prison therefore nobody was in total control of that subconscious mind.Even now when we know about it it’s so difficult.To erase all those negative programs …all those layers.On the other hand : which are the biggest fears of a human being?Death, not being loved for who she/he is, lack of trust and pain.Actually pain…is the problem somehow…the fact that one can feel… PAIN(broken heart broken ego / metaphorically speaking).Mister Penre may be you would consider a video about pain.Which is the very underlying mechanism of pain?

  7. Thank you Wes and Ariel!
    good questions 🙂
    Watched video # 45, 46, 59 & 60 this morning and they had many more in depth details for some of these questions.

  8. @wespenre I did want to mention one more thing is that music you play now in the end so so amazing to me. I feel it through me and is pretty Epic! Thank you for this. 🙂

  9. I have had several experiences of being out of my body and they were not during the sleep state. One was while I was walking with a friend of mine and talking about memories of a past life in Egypt I was suddenly outside my body about a foot or so away. As I watched both of us walking I remember saying to myself, oh this is interesting!! my body is still walking but I am watching it from outside of it, It seemed to have a life of its own at that point. I have been fortunate to have many amazing experiences which has helped me to remember who I really am (I AM) but only because I have always searched for the Truth from an early age. " Seek and you shall find" Its been a tough journey but worth every moment of it.

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