Victoria Mars, Mars, Inc.: How Does a Family Business Survive?

Victoria Mars, Mars, Inc.: How Does a Family Business Survive?

– Tech and tech investing
is male dominated. If you look on the investor side, it’s probably about one, at most 3% of tech investors are women. Then if you look on the
entrepreneurial side it’s probably less than
5% are female CEOs. Then if you include the
whole management team, it might float up above 10% are females. I think, though, the good
news on the founding side is that there are a lot of women who are starting ventures
and there’s certainly somewhat of a spotlight being pointed out of like, hey, it’s harder for women to get funded, it’s harder for them to get funded a second time. I don’t know anybody who accepts that as the way it should be in the world. I think a bunch of us,
men and women alike, look at that problem
and are trying to fix it in all of our small ways. I’m hopeful it will get fixed. I think actually the more entrenched side is the investor side. There’s a bunch of research that says if you don’t have female investors, it is much harder for female entrepreneurs to get funded and stay funded. If you kind of look at an
underlying problem to fix, that would be certainly one is how to attract more women to venture capital and keep them there. A lot of female entrepreneurs say to me, I go and pitch my ideas
to a roomful of men and they go home and ask their wives if this is something they would buy. If you have to take two
steps to get an answer then you might get bad data. Just theoretically to
me there are going to be ideas that do have
a gender lens to them that a guy won’t understand in the same way that a woman would. Therefore those ideas will
probably get underfunded. You’re actually seeing
a bunch of funds pop up and angels pop up that only look at ideas that focus on females as the target customer. That doesn’t mean that all
the entrepreneurs are women. But that the target customers are women and that they’re kind of looking at investing just in things like that. There is a dearth of capital for women and for kind of women focused ventures. But I see lots of signs that over the years that will get fixed because people know it’s crazy. Women control, what,
80% of buying decisions. Just stick that in your head and think well why would we not ask women what to invest into. It doesn’t make any sense.

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