VICE News Daily: Greeks Stock Up on Fuel Amid Financial Crisis

VICE News Daily: Greeks Stock Up on Fuel Amid Financial Crisis

it’s tuesday june thirtieth and hear some of the news beyond the headlines there are long lines at gas stations and banks as Greeks rush to stock up on cash and fuel an anticipation that the country will default on a 1.8 billion dollar loan the government ordered banks to shut down and ATMs are restricting withdrawals to 60 euros a day worried residents are using that cash to stock up on fuel and supplies the Greek government plans to keep the emergency measures in place until July fifth in a bid to prevent the financial system from completely collapsing thousands of refugees are fleeing Burundi for neighboring countries as voting for a new Parliament gets underway the UN says more than six thousand refugees have fled to Tanzania over the past four days bringing the total number there to more than 66,000 weeks of violent protests against the president’s attempt to gain a third term in office have left dozens dead and displays tens of thousands in the Central African country Egypt’s top public prosecutor is dead after a car bomb exploded as he was leaving his home in Cairo Monday Nashawn barakat was the highest ranking government official to die in a militant attack since president mohammed morsi was ousted in a military coup in 2013 judiciary officials have been increasingly targeted by Islamist militants angered by prison sentences imposed on members of the Muslim Brotherhood that old belief that sharks sink when they stop swimming has been disproven by a new discovery scientists in Hawaii found two species of shark that can actually float to the surface the sixgill and prickly sharks have what is known as positive buoyancy which allows them to glide uphill and surfacing scientists hope to find out how this trade affects daily activities like hunting and migrating check out the vice news YouTube channel for more original reporting and documentaries from around the world Colorado industry I say has been incredibly patient with this bureaucracy they have new rules thrown at them monthly and it drives them crazy and yet they continue to keep at it and continue to flourish so it’s dealing with lawmakers dealing with policy trying to make this a level playing field for this industry that’s what the hurdle is

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  1. Greece society consist a bunch of unskilled freeloaders who couldn't invent anything worthy of exporting if their life depended on it. Tourism slowed down because who would want to vacation in a country full of Nazi's. Greece will serve as a great example to Spain, get your shit together or get the fuck out!

  2. I, once again, extend an invitation to every non-Muslim to become a superior being by accepting that there is no god but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. IS is spreading throughout Syria and Iraq. Allah will grant Muslims a victory by the end of the year. Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia will revolt against their western-liking, anti-Islamic governments and join us in the march. 

    We are quickly out numbering the native population in Europe. By 2050, we will be majority in the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Denmark and others. Once Europe is ours, America will have no one to turn to and will finally be destroyed. Unless, of course, you accept Islam in that case your lives and lives of your family will be protected.

  3. Debt and interest are a fools game. If you engage in shady practices that undermine the finances of the public then you will fail.

  4. The Greek people are so deluded. They're nearly bankrupt and the rest of the EU is at least offering them some bailout money to help them to continue and support some services, under the condition that they reduce their public spending and introduce some austerity measures. The Greeks have the audacity to blame the rest of Europe even though it was Greece spent a lot more than they made, it was the Greek public sector workers that were being given ridiculous pay rises, because it was 48% of Greek people who avoided taxes, because it was Greek people who were being paid pensions at the age of 50, because it was Greek government that straight out lied about its debt in comparison to the size of its GDP. I hope the Greeks vote to leave the EU in the referendum, they have proven on multiple cases that they are not responsible with money and they will likely not commit to their promises of paying it back. No one else in their right mind will lend Greece money, especially when they are planning to write off their debts and no one will offer it with extremely low interest rates that the EU is offering. You've been offered a life line on the condition you scale back to help make repayments and instead you bite the hand that feeds.

  5. the entire financial system of most of the planet is well known to be entirely based on fraud. it is only able to be maintained at all due to ignorance of this fact and addiction/dependency on the use of money.

  6. It should be  genocide Turkey collapsing financially instead of Greece,the fine home of democracy,olympics and Aristotle.

  7. I am such leader of the ISIS infantry and after our conquest to the middle east, Europe and america anyone who is not supporting of the Islamic religion will be executed…… and the shibe soldiers shall run the world! starving the world of kibble.

  8. Seems like the news coming out of the USA is always about science, while the news coming out of the other parts of the world is always about riots/war/chaos.

  9. The problem is not immigration you dumbshits it's this bastards lying politicians and evil bankers the world's most biggest criminals are the one's who are sitting behind in a desk & are managing big corporates companies that buy's law , judges political parties & controls the system we have today so they can get away with scams fraud while we're to busy, talking, arguing with everyone, so stop pointing fingers and use common sense our economy Is a fraud we should of collapse back in 2008 stop the ignorance people…

  10. Now the Greeks will discover why fractional reserve banking is so much fun on the way down… the money in your statement isn't in the vault.  It never was.

  11. crappy lesser countries- economic collapse, fuel shortages, refugees fleeing their own government, assassinations, car bombings

    The Great United States- sharks don't sink when they stop swimming

    thank the gods that I am an American

  12. Every corrupted government whether in US or Egypt needs corrupted judicial systems to justify their violations and protect their fellows.

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