VGATW Latest News – Fox Business guest compares Fortnite to heroin

VGATW Latest News – Fox Business guest compares Fortnite to heroin

Hey gamers! Gian here. Oh brother. OMG! When it comes to the news media, Fox says
the darndest things. Now, since their creation, video games have
been a very popular form of entertainment played by everyone of every age and loved
by many people, but scorned by the media, politicians, lawmakers, religious groups,
etc. Well folks, this news is about Fortnite. Fortnite as we all know is one of the most
popular free-to-play video games of all time by Epic Games. In which they immediately found a lot of success
with it. It’s a third-person multiplayer shooter where
you can play with various gamers around the world, it’s also featured in e-sports tournaments
along with other games such as Apex Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, etc. But at the same time, Fortnite has spawned
various controversies such as threats, bullying, online harassment, etc. Not to mention that Alfonso Ribeiro, who plays
as Carlton Banks in the hit sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has called out the game
for stealing his dance move. Oh Carlton Even Prince Harry himself said
that the game drained the minds of the youth. Oh brother, his Royal Majesty calling out
the game. Are you that crazy mate? Last time I spoke about Fortnite was when
a 45 year old male threatened an 11 year old while playing online and got arrested for
it. Like I said, Fox News says the darndest things
and we know that some people love it, but so many others hate it due to it’s constant
fallacious statements and so on. But now, here’s the latest folks. Fox Business guest Dr. Kathryn Smerlin, who
is a family therapist, described playing Fortnite as aking to “giving children heroin.” What?! A panel of speakers was discussing Fortnite,
with relation to the popularity of the game and Epic Games’ success, when Dr. Kathryn
Smerling was asked about families seeking help to stop children playing the game. Her response was to say that playing Fortnite,
“has been likened to something like heroin.” In an even odder twist, Dr. Smerling continues
by saying that, “Even Prince Harry in Britain said, ‘I don’t know why anyone would have
Fortnite in their home, because it is like giving a child heroin,’ and indeed it is.” Prince Harry did notably state that Fortnite
is “created to addict” and that Fortnite should be banned, but never described it as similar
to heroin. He did also describe social media as “more
addictive than drugs,” however. In my honest opinion, people can get addicted
to gaming and ignore other things in life. As a gamer myself, I always take the time
to play games and rest for awhile to focus on other things like; working on episodes
of my webseries and thinking what topic I am gonna touch on, read books, exercise and
also try to motivate myself on my drawing talents. But comparing this game to heroin, that’s
incredibly hilarious because the difference between gaming and heroin is this. Heroin is something that you inject yourself
with while gaming is something you ENTERTAIN yourself with. Banning the game is not gonna help solve addiction. To say that without any evidence or supporting
research is just blatantly absurd and stupid. Now we all know that video games have been
accused of random acts of violence. As a gamer myself, if someone tells me that,
I would ask them the following: What video game Cain was playing when he bludgeoned Abel? What video game David played that inspired
him to slay Goliath? Was King Richard playing Assassin’s Creed
at the time of the Crusades? Now when it comes to addiction, sure, people
can become addicted to gaming and LOTS of other things. But when it comes to addiction, the most common
forms of addiction are drugs and alcohol. As for social media, well, we have arrived
in an era where people are glued to their phones tweeting, snapchatting and instagramming
as well. But the good thing is that with social media
you find old childhood friends from school, your old neighborhood, etc. And the good thing about gaming is, it’s a
stress reliever from a long day that you had in school, work, etc. Well, that’s it for today. This is Gian, host of VGATW. Enjoy your end of the summer now that it’s
August, and have a good one.

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