Veterans Day 2019: Hire Veterans, Employ Experience

Veterans Day 2019: Hire Veterans, Employ Experience

(Henning) As the director of Employment
Development Department and as the son of a servicemen, I want to say thank you for
your service. When our men and women come back from deployment and are looking to
try to make this transition, which oftentimes can be one of the most difficult points
in time in their life, as they are looking towards what’s next. We go out of our way through our events. We also provide a number of different services at our AJCCs, America’s Job Centers of California, to assist our veterans. Veterans bring a lot to the workplace: A
variety of skills, a variety of training that are extraordinarily valuable to our
employers and to our economy in the state of California. If you haven’t been to an event in the state of California, I welcome you. I look forward to seeing you there. They’re extraordinarily well worth attending. I hope that you found them as valuable as the state of California has in helping make these transitions. It is an incredible showing where we oftentimes
have our employers standing right there ready to hire. The ability to look you in
their eye and help you on your transition to civilian life. We here at the department are ready to serve you and helping you make this transition to civilian life because we know that you have the tools that are
necessary to help continue to drive our economy further and further.

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