Verizon is Business Ready.

Verizon is Business Ready.

Most people think of Verizon as a reliable phone company. But to businesses, we’re a reliable partner. We keep companies ready for what’s next. We weave security into their business. Virtualize their operations and build A.I. customer experiences. We also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. Like 5G. Almost all the Fortune 500 partner with us. When it comes to digital transformation, Verizon keeps business ready. Hey guys, the message is simple. Verizon is business ready. We kicked off our new campaign on Sunday night football, featuring our very own V Teamers to tell the world our business is ready for businesses of all sizes. JetBlue, Xerox, Anthem — just to name a few. You also got to see some of the proud folks who make it happen in the ad — they shared some fun shots from the commercial shoot a couple weeks ago. One of the creators behind the ad tell us why it’s so important. This is really our big 2.0 coming out party. For the first time we are facing the market as a unified business group. This campaign is really going to distinguish us in the marketplace. We are using real people, real customers, showcasing real business outcomes. It’s going to be very different from any other business advertising you’d see out there. And very much in keeping with where we’re going as an overall brand in terms of real human stories. So be on the lookout for the ad on TV, online and on billboards. Guys, Verizon is business ready. And until next time, you’re up to speed.

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