Vera Fellows Program

Vera Fellows Program

The Vera fellowship is a new experience
that has opened my horizons. The Vera fellowship is a powerful experience that will truly challenge everything that you think you know. An opportunity to enhance
students knowledge of what it is justice and what are the causes and foundations
of the public ownership the Vera The Vera fellowship offers the opportunity for our students to link our intellectual ideas with the real world. The agency I’m at right now it’s called Housing and Services Incorporation Currently what they do is they house the chronically homeless. I was helping people that were coming out of jail find employment and I was placing them in programs that I thought were appropriate for them. A huge task I do there is we actually work
towards re-engaging our clients back to school or GED program. Well the best part of the very experiences of being partners with Anna she’s been wonderful. She is bright she’s intelligent and she pushes me. So it’s an opportunity to sort
of reevaluate why I became a lawyer, why I am passionate about working with
domestic violence victims. She’s constantly asking me why I do certain things and it forces me to sort of stop and think about why we have particular
system and how to address the issues. From a student’s point of view this is
an opportunity to see firsthand what it means to be working in the field of
justice reform and more importantly to reflect on their experiences in the
viewer seminar and to test some of their ideas against the experiences of house
duties and against the ideas and advice of their faculty. When a question is posed to you, you’re not supposed to think of it as a regular rudimentary question
is supposed to take it to another level and offer more critical analysis because
the three professors there are from three different disciplines. Being at safe horizon at the Family Justice Center where I was you know you have a
lot of overlap between child abuse child sexual abuse so just bringing it home
was he very big challenge because these are people’s lives and very traumatic
experiences that they go through for you it may just be one day out of the week
of today’s but for these individuals that’s probably one of the most
important decisions they’re ever taking. It really showed me how all these
assumptions all these perceived you know perceived race perceived class perceived
income perceived status how all those things definitely can can have an effect
they definitely do have in fact is that only left mark and I no longer feel like
I can really just be like a bystander and you know one of those people who say
that you know I disagree with it but you know there’s nothing I can do I feel
working at esperanza that there definitely something I can do. It surprised me
the most how much are non-compliant I didn’t expect that you know the majority
of my knowledge to come from client I expected to come from my mentor which it is, but just learning about through their experiences it
enrich me there are nuances that you can never read just through acadamia. It’s actually surprisingly made me change the way I see my future goals in life like I
definitely think I want to get into Social Work and it’s allowed me to its
broaden my horizons as far as what I want to do for myself. I think Vera has
really made me see that it’s what’s most important is a meaningful career. The main thing I would say is that I hope that he stays in public interest world
and really gets firmly into that I hope that the internship has shown of the
benefits and the joy of giving back to people and the communities that we serve. The viewer fellowship is a way for people to explore different issues of
social justice. An attempt to bring humanity back to people who have lost it.
The Vera fellowship is a program that I’m so grateful to be a part of. The most rewarding academic
experience I’ve ever had or I could even imagine. If we were to look back 10 years
from now and to look at the bureau fellowship as its evolved over that
decade or we’d see are well over 100 people who have had this experience who
have found themselves working in the front line of justice reform and have
learned from that who have created a network of Vera alumni who have gone on
to do great things and support each other and learn from each other over the
years and the agencies that are participating in the Vera fellow
had the benefit of working with the fabulous John Jay students.

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