Varney: Voters are rejecting Dems’ costly climate dreams

Varney: Voters are rejecting Dems’ costly climate dreams

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  1. Please tell Trump to stop the chemical spraying of our skies if you have connections. They are killing our planet. Those fires are set.

  2. Everyone knows politicians, especially Democrats and socialists, know how to better spend money than do those who earned it. Just take a close look at any long-term Democrat-controlled shity,, ..I mean city.

  3. President Trump is an outsider a proven self made Billionaire. Not a career criminal politician. Who work for Globalist not Americans. God gave us a Warrior! Please pray for our President he is our wall.

  4. 50% Tax rates in many European Socialist Left Wing countries like Sweden Demark etc and they still don't have solutions for the Suns extra heat from Solar Flares not Carbon
    Carbon Tax is just another Tax to pay for the Lefts mismanagement and stupidity




  6. Dems are about fascist control. Everything is made illegal so that they can mark up the price and sell it on the black market.

  7. Democrats may be rejecting a lot of things….just like the republicans.
    Fortunately, the vast majority of the American population isn’t democrat or republican.
    They may not be completely on board with the climate thing but, most of them are.
    That’s exactly why so many companies and communities are trying to be more environmentally friendly.
    Obviously, the republicans are fine with pollution and filth…most Americans aren’t.
    It’s probably why the republicans are the absolute smallest minority of American voters.

  8. The price for all this climate change tax and need for renewables? Blackouts. Raging fires. Deaths. Good luck California.

  9. The gloBULL warming fraudster, Barack Obama, just recently bought a 15 million dollar BEACH house that's just a few feet above sea level.
    He must know something. 😎

  10. I LOVE NY!—–NOT!!!! So New Yorkers and New Englanders—-You deserve to be Bled, So Bleed you Dumb A$$es!! Keep Electing those Abusers!!!! Suffer, Suffer, Suffer!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!
    Ex Mass-Hole in Sunny Florida !!!

  11. Not only cheaper energy but much much cleaner burning energy, so much for these states being the climate police total BS!!!!!!

  12. So now Maga Maggot wants to cut down the very trees that slow republican global burning. STOP REPUBLICAN GLOBAL BURNING.

  13. I was in Germany and UK a week ago and found out that the Germans and Briuts are even more LOCO then Democrats…total disaster…suicidal…they are letting invasion of military age Muslims to continue in their midst…

  14. Please don't call it FRACKING it's called hydraulic fracturing (named by the inventor Mitchell) . The word fracking was invented by the loony left to try and make it sound evil.

  15. Love Varney just wish he were on more with his no nonsense approach!
    He's absolutely right and most people don't know they could get their utilities cheaper if it wasn't for these tree huggers and bureaucrats who only seek their agendas ! They most certainly would want cheaper costs!

  16. One of the biggest correction that needs to be done is rip the pedestal s out from under these disgusting hollywood jokes and these sports jokers. bring them e to earth and sti k them in the pig pens where they belong!!!

  17. You guys ( lefts rights/ dems and reps) act like you are in high school and always name call. You all need to grow up mentally like come on because all you do is complain about the other side ( talking both sides here). one side is just denying and Sarcastic and the other is taking advantage and or miss using a serious issue that is happing with our planet.

  18. With all those solar panels it's not going to be able to generate that much heat and house is the actually need heat during the winter time and people are going to start freezing their butt off where they're going to need more blankets to wrap up in or build fires

  19. Ukraine is a sovereign country, whose borders are inviolate and whose people have the right to determine their own destiny. These are the bedrock principles of our policy. Because of Ukraine’s geostrategic position bordering Russia on its east, the warm waters of the oil-rich Black Sea to its south, and four NATO allies to its west, it is critical to the security of the United States that Ukraine remain free and democratic and that it continue to resist Russian expansionism.

  20. In Canada the majority of voters across the majority of the country rejected everything socialist Trudeau is doing yet he still got re-elected because of the number of liberals in Ontario. That's because they have a screwed up election system that can easily allow only one area of Canada (Ontario) to decide elections for the entire country. The same thing would happen in America if the electoral college was eliminated. This is why democrats want it eliminated. They want the unfair advantage and upper hand.

  21. DEMOCRATS realize the climate change and population idea is lining THEIR pockets rather than the pockets of the PEOPLE. 2 billion a year in California energy costs because of environmental activists and California costs ALL OF US in all other states MONEY for their wild fires, earthquakes and everything else California screws up on. i AM A LIFELONG DEMOCRAT WHO NOW REJECTS the Democrats and their selfish policies that do NOT benefit the PEOPLE

  22. Trump knows a lot more than people think he does,,,,,he helped build New York city and knows how to save money and make money but you idiot liberal democrats running the state and of New York and the city of New York,,,,,sad for the people paying way extra when they don't have to because of some BS climate crap.

  23. Change title of this segment to smart voters reject Democratic dream to become a never-ending Nightmare of added unnecessary costs to our nation’s citizens. Time to denounce the DUNCE party in 20/20 who live in fantasy world to one that has a real vision for America !!! Please elect and send reasonable, competent, caring, get-it-done people to Congress/Senate BEFORE it’s too late.

  24. I'm not at all surprised if the Democrats actually loved the regular fires breaking out, people, will always rebuild and this brings a regular income with every fire for the Democrats.

  25. Time to get rid of the dums! Theyre wasting all your tax dollars on bs closed door impeachment hearings and getting paid by who knows what and how does nancy get $100,000,000 from a senators salary, something doesnt add up voters, and let them know how you feel come the election, do the world a favour and let them know that the only bad air around here is those democrats farting around.

  26. Fracking is a very short term energy solution and won't keep people in jobs for long, nuclear is the correct choice for cheap clean electricity and it's the greenest choice by far.

  27. Another donkey report by one of the dumbest donkeys on the planet. My entire utilities are a third of anyone else, because of electricity from an efficient electric membership corporation. Yeah, a fraction of the energy utilities for everything. It is the most energy efficient use to heat, cool, cook, light, laundry and anything else you want to do at home. Varney and the idiot Trump are just two of the dumb as a rock people to listen to everyday. Your climate dreams will come true, when the oceans rise a little more or you air becomes a little dirty.

  28. All us American Patriots, must support our CIC and now AG Barr. AG Barr will not recuse himself, he's going to get down to the nitty-gritty and start to make arrests of the criminals who are part of the Obama Administration. This is the biggest Coup d'état, hoax deep state in American history. Nancy Pelosi is supposed to be the speaker of her house of lunatic cards. Except for the fact that Pelosi seems to be taking orders from Adam Shiff who no doubt is a mentally sick man. The DemiFleas report to George Soros who takes care of all these deceptive DemiDogs.

    Bill Barr must protect the American People along with their families. He must do this quickly so that they can't catch planes and make a big run out of the Country. They all need to be thrown into Guantanamo Bay for their verdicts.

    Mr. Barr the American people must see some indictments. Get Hillary first, that would be a great start. But the American People want to see some results to get your indictments started. Please

  29. PG&E cut the power to where I live twice in the past 2 weeks as we're in a semi-rural area. It was cut off today at 1am and turned back on at 2:25pm. At least for today's event, it really was windy, so I can understand it. part I can't understand is why they did not cut it off to the more affluent rural communities nearby. Hmmmm.

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