Varney: Biden is opening the door for a Bloomberg nomination

Varney: Biden is opening the door for a Bloomberg nomination

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  1. All the candidates are unstable and insincere so Trump will win, earnestness is one of his biggest qualities since childhood

  2. Bluehair Bloomberg is helping Hillary Clinton to jump in next.
    " if he could do it I can do it"
    Ps Bloomberg : "no big sugar cup for you" have 00.00♾% to be president.

  3. Maybe. Bloomberg does not have the crazed look in his eye of Lizzie, Bernie, and Kamala. South Bend is not a success so that puts into question Pete's chief executive skills. Biden is too Boomer.

  4. The left would never allow Bloomberg to win the nomination. Too many far left nut jobs vote as Dems. Stupid socialists.

  5. Biden has a lot more problems and Michael Bloomberg,. I honestly think there needs to be an investigation of Uncle Joe because it seems like after the raid on burisma owner. He makes three calls in 5 days and the prosecutor was fired. If Trump gets investigator over a phone call why isn't there an equel investigation on the Democrats I mean what's good for the goose is also good for the gander

  6. I believe it will come down to Bloomberg and Sanders. I don't know which one will win the nomination, but I do know that the far left will not show up to vote for Bloomberg, and the moderates will not show up to vote for Sanders. The Democratic vote will be devided, and Trump will win even the popular vote in 2020.

  7. Bloomberg has no chance, Democrats hate billionaires and republicans will never vote for a man that wants to repeal the 2A.

  8. Hehe, I think Quid Pro Joe is cracking under the pressure of the chance that he is going to be investigated and indicted for his corruption.

  9. IT'S
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Listen, I have my money on Trump. They all are a bunch of Hippocrates. The first debate said it all what they want. Warren wants Medicaid for all, Bernie is a socialist nutcase, Harris wants your children to stay in sch until 6 pm, Booker is prejudice all the others are democrats and that says enough.

  11. I'll stick with Trump he's earned four more years with me had to fight Congress for Border walls that they already agreed on before he was elected not to mention fight in the Crooked corrupt liberal agenda media ran by Clinton relatives another billionaire never trumper's and America is really looking forward to Obama Hillary Clinton James Comey Clapper Lisa Page struck and other corrupt Democrats actually serving some prison time

  12. Why Biden with his son and they're boss Hussein Obama is not arrested ? The intelligents protect them ? Or the British spy ?

  13. Right, Stuart. Solomon said it best: "Wealth maketh many friends." Or as we like to say, "money talks." Don't think for a minute that the financially starving democrats won't consider buddying up to Bloomberg with all manner of flattery and letting him take the helm, so long as they take back power and take home a fat paycheck. But we'll see. With the insanity going on, I'm not surprised at anything these days, brother. Regardless, happy holidays Stuart.

  14. Varney, J Biden have a lot of money personally, money that he can not show forth – hidden. Money that he may not want to dump into the campaign.

  15. Wasn't Mayor Bloomberg a part of the Brookings institution and even sat at the board one time! The Brookings institution is a totally corrupt thing that was created to figure out a way to take over America!

  16. I get the impression that no matter who the democrat candidate is, if they win, they will be lead by the nose by the deep staters, and told exactly what to do. They won't actually run the country.

  17. Spot on Mr Varney! and with Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate, at least provide some semblance of a genuine political debate. I'll still be voting for Trump/Pence though.

  18. So Varney thinks Bloomberg's not only get more than 1-2% polling but also win the nomination? How out of touch could you possibly be?

  19. No thanks to Bloomberg! Stop and frisk, supporter of 32oz drink bans, hates the second amendment which means he hates the constitution, America and our freedoms.

  20. A guy who thinks Donnie Bone Spurs walks on water does not inspire confidence in his insight intelligence or integrity. Varney and Dobbs for garbage collectors.

  21. Both parties should just campaign in Ohio.They've been right since 1964-and have the best record of all time.Who knows why?

  22. LMFAO is he serious… 😂🤣😂
    Anyone who thinks Bloomberg has a chance is stupid or delusional… I hate Biden by the way… Warren is pretty electable in Massachusetts too I voted for her…

  23. Rotten fox reporting as usual. Still in denial of climate change. Dont you have any children or grand children? Cheap shot fools, gotta take stab at something worthwhile, and something that has to be done. Dolt!

  24. Varney has been dipping his fat heat into trump's crevasse daily to take gigantic nose hits. He's a sick pervert like his lame delusional messiah.

  25. Biden is much smarter than Pelosi and we got proof. Nancy can only get out 3 word sentences before getting lost and backtracking. Biden can get out 5 word sentences before reaching the conundrum point of (a) what was the question again, and (b) no my son is not a Ukraine, China, Romania crook.


  27. This shows what Fox knows about the Dems and that is not much. He is correct about Biden who is a train wreck but the progressives have way too much momentum to allow Bloomberg to ever get above 5%. But I understand that Conservatives would love to have Bloomberg run.

  28. Bloomberg vs trump would equal our end. We need to stop electing these old rich guys with 0 experience in politics. bush jr had many years experience and even he sent our country into the toilet. We need to focus on EVERYONE and not just the rich. We have a base for something that could change the way humans all across the globe live their daily lives. We could have housing and medical for EVERYONE and it not hurt ANYONE. The problem is that the people in power don't want to lose their power. That's how 3 million people voted for Hilary yet trump still "won".

  29. Let’s be honest here ! Whatever Democrat that is the nominee next year. Has big shows fo fill. Something Hillary learned in 2016. We felt our last Democratic President. He connected to us . He connected to the old the young . Black white asian Hispanic etc. Yes the racists abhorred him and ridiculed him and his family. Yet he never complained or whined. The elections proved that they weren’t the majority . But the minority .Two overwhelming elections with very high electoral and popular vote wins. Obama spoke intelligently and honestly to the American people. There hasn’t been anyone to fill his shoes. Bernie is good , I would also like To see who his running mate is.

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