Varney: Alec Baldwin identifies the American dream stood on its head

Varney: Alec Baldwin identifies the American dream stood on its head

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  1. Why do deplorables care so much about Hollywood?Is it because they all want to be in Dancing with the Stars like Sean spicer😂Y’all corporate puppets 🤮

  2. How is Aunt Becky getting her girls into a good school, worse than Joe Biden using his office, to get Hunter, big money deals, and sweet jobs? Can you please tell me???🤔

  3. DIMOCREEP GUNS! TRACKING onto WEALTH instead of just CONSERVATIVES and REPUBLICANS?? NOW!! Hollywood is shaking in its designer sandals. Maybe they'll get HARD TIME when caught with drugs, when caught abusing kids and committing fraud!!

  4. I cannot stomach Alec Baldwin, but, in this instance, Stu, I think you are right. As we all know, right is rtight, right? Of course, RIGHT! Thanks for your superb reporting and commentary; you are among my favorites on Fox!

  5. Nothing this maniac says means anything to me even when he's actually speaking truth. They'll eat each other with all this nonsense they helped push if not create and ultimately will pull the lever for any of these crazed leftist running in 2020 just to spite Trump.

  6. Why is it that in the wealthiest cities on the planet, the hundreds of “stars” and politicians living behind guarded walls in lavish mansions are not doing community service voluntarily? These people are living in the manner of 3rd world dictators with the living evidence of their failed liberal policies eating, sleeping and defecating right outside the gates of their little utopias. No wonder they are pushing so hard to take away our guns.

  7. Hollywood gets paid to entertain us we don’t give a crap what you think. Stick to something your theoretical good at.

  8. Well
    I'm saying this.
    Mark Zuckerberg also is making astounding new claims.
    And I'll expect to hear more Liberals say shocking things because the know the polls are phony and want to show that they care about the United States. Because they don't stand a snowballs chance of winning much of anything in the 2020 election.

    How about instead of listening to actors recite their lines, we just observe their actions, activities and who they support in 2020.

  9. If il Donny wips it out Dobbs, Hannity and Carlson would all fight over it ! The Evangelical Christian Republican that has 5 kids with 3 different women is our Moral leader ? The Reality TV star is the chosen one !! (just ask him)

  10. I've disliked this guy all along, from the day he threatened a free lance photographer waiting outside his home right up to the time he called his pre-adolescent daughter a little pig on her voice mail because she wasn't returning his calls.

  11. The irony is that Baldwin and others are millionaires living the best life possible while criticizing millionaires.

  12. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
    Baldwin and DeNiro are the two most rank leftist Marxist hacks in Hollywood. I refuse to watch any movies they are in anymore. And they are in some of my all time favorites, The Hunt for Red October, The Godfather II, Taxi Driver and more but I have given them up. I won’t support their careers anymore.

  13. Baldwin the name was an ancient defender of the holy a different time on earth. What happened..was it the coins

  14. Why isnt Fox talking about El Chappo Guzsman son being caught by Mexican gov, Well they did and then the cartel killed 15 police officers then the Gov let Chappos son go. Mexico needs to call Trump to come in and clean the garbage out here in Mexico

  15. im not even joking….
    send all of these out of touch extremists to California. send the homeless refugees to Minneapolis Divide California nto 5 provinces and fence them in appoint 5 legally unregistered seudo citizens to Governorship. bring the train to DC (a gift for Trump) stop federal funding. send in FBI to enforce every federal law on the books.
    my family left San Louis a beautiful place in 1989 even as a child I knew it was doomed. THANK YOU GRANDPA ❤️

  16. The top one percent of the usual income distribution holds over $25 trillion in wealth, which exceeds the wealth of the bottom 80 percent. That is more than all the goods and services produced in the U.S. economy in 2018.

  17. No middleclass pay 15 % why cant rich pay the same? Why fool your viewers? No difference you make 100 thousand or a million pay same percent in taxes. Whats the problem?

  18. those lunatic candidates are turning off more than rich people. No one over 40 with a brain in their head s going to vote for a socialist.

  19. alec, practice You're own dream, use You're own money and assets for the "takers" in Society. President Trump ain't stopping You

  20. He and his kind are constantly waving their Affirmative Action degrees at Americans ,calling us every manner of vile things ,claiming to be our Moral and Intellectual Superiors.,Now we know the Truth…Theyve Earned NOTHING ,but our Scorn and Contempt….I hope they ALL Rot in Jail or Hell…

  21. If your no relevent anymore yeah the simplest thing to do is reflecting upon others like alec baldwin and so many other soja hollywoke clowns!

  22. Just another hollywood punk flapping his yap…
    I stopped watching any movie or tv with him and his ilk in it..
    Boycotted chinese products..

  23. Alec has bad record. He was booked and charged in NY for beating a guy because of parking lot. He has bad temper. Wish someone can act out his character and see how he feel to be make fun, joke. He is big jerk.

  24. Dishonesty Varney… BBC trained. It's not wealth, its enslaving humanity for the greed of the insane that people object to. Some are so insane they believe until they own everything, including the world's resources, they won't be satisfied.

  25. This guy is under the umbrella of the anti-American traders that control him trust him believe he is not loyal to his country he is loyal to the money that he has been able to collect from people that seek the destruction he should be ashamed of himself and I spit on him

  26. Alex Baldwin tried to be funny in a SNL skit as a scout master Sodomizing a botscout, Canteen Boy(Adam Sandler).

  27. The man is nothing more than a disgrace. His opinions and staunch left-wing views permeate hatred. To us conservatives he is the enemy.

  28. success is allowable if youre a minority or cucked white that uses their fame to campaign for leftists big city rats culture

  29. Alec Baldwin is a spineless democrat that flip flop on issue to suit there needs at the moment
    Maybe these Hollywood actors should except that there kids are underachievers aren’t goin anywhere in life.

  30. Did such a good job of raising his daughter, we should listen to his wisdom, LOL Evidently Socialism is getting too close to his bank account.


  32. I'm not against wealth but WEALTH SHOULD NOT EQUATE TO POWER. The issue is these corrupt wealthy persons are subverting our Democratic-Republic through wealth with the lobby/bribe system, hiring shills, and financing the "entertainment" media into social-engineering propaganda. I'm sure our Founders would agree with me that there must be checks and balances against this wealth=power corruption because we're not really a Democratic-Republic anymore if wealth=power.

  33. What I find interesting is the entitlement groups are talking about taking the wealth away from the rich and distribute to the poor. Obviously, Hollywood does not rationalize as they should. That means the entitlement kids will be taking all of the actors money and distributing the funds amongst themselves. Go ahead and do it.

  34. Baldwin is a lieing POS with no talent!! The US would be a lot better if he went to another country but they wouldn't want him either!!

  35. Trump is making my life better (lower taxes, great economy 401k, medicare). So why would I care what Acec Baldwin or any other millionaire actor/actresses thinks.

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