Vape ban would close 10,000 small businesses: Vaping Association pres.

Vape ban would close 10,000 small businesses: Vaping Association pres.

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  1. You mean the same 10,000 businesses that basically bought sht from China and flips it without looking to see what's really in the product first.
    Don't eat drink or smoke anything from China their crooked

  2. How terrible, vaping stores not making a fortune, hospitals losing all that money treating people from vaping, an economic disaster!

  3. What an idiotic idea. If you want to bam anything get rid of vegetable oils. They are are several times more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. You have less chance of getting cancer smoking a cigarette everyday instead of eating vegetable oils everyday. Say no to canola, soy, and vegetable oils and anything from it.

  4. I wonder how many businesses have been closed down from other vices and found to be unhealthy. I would think the Government would strong arm the industries using taxes. Just like all the other vices.

  5. Dear Mr Conley, vaping is not and shouldn't be the alternative to cigarettes. It has clear and proven health effects on teens. You are just trying to sell, not address the tobacco health problem. Also, please don't try to politicize this issue by mentioning Bloomberg's advocating for a ban. Thank you

  6. Listen I'm an American citizen I pay taxes if I want to vape or smoke cigarettes I have that right and nobody should be able to tell me otherwise this is America land of the free I have an option if I want a vape I'll Vape if I want to smoke cigarettes I'll smoke cigarettes and nobody's going to tell me otherwise even if you ban it we're still going to do it. Dummies

  7. I've been vaping since it came out and I'm not sick I don't feel sick I don't have no diseases or long-term effects so those people getting sick off it either they're already sick and whatever their vaping has nasty stuff in it I'm assuming that's the problem

  8. And what about cigarettes you guys are all idiots you want banned those because you make too much money in taxes off of them right and cigarettes are worse than vaping dumbasses

  9. wtf i just started "vaping" a few weeks ago to stop smoking. it's been almost 2weeks sense i had a smoke. my wife loves that fact i quit smoking.

  10. Why is this even being talked about still? Make it 18+ and be done with it. Then everyone can go back to talking in circles about impeachment, Russia, or whatever fake news they come up with next.

  11. My husband and I have been vaping for years. We were heavy-duty cigarette smokers, pros at it. We had to stop so we went to vaping. Our doctor checked out our lungs and it showed that it looked like we never smoked the cancer sticks. That's what I call them. We are vaping at a 3 almost to 0. We started at 18 or 12. I'm not for kids on smoking it. But don't stop the ones that are trying to kick the habit. The Goverment vaping juices those are the one that are poison. Killing our kids. Juul is poison. God bless.

  12. Awwwww. Something that's making people sick or dying from is being shut down. 😂 My heart bleeds for these stores. NOT. Shut 50,000 a 100,000 whatever it takes to stop these selfish money hungers not giving 2 shits about killing people POS Down. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Vaping is not an essential industry. Vaping is at best a tertiary industry. As a society it's not our responsibility to safeguard fringe industries. It is our duty to protect essential production and intellectual property; vaping is neither of those.

  14. I love my vape.. I stick to coffee.. I also make my own thanks to learning how to do it myself, the uk promotes using vapes because it's nowhere near as lethal as cigarettes, I've vaped for about 8 years now and my whole body transformed when I stopped smoking and went to this.

    If it's aimed at kids because of art on the bottle or flavor then well I know certain aspects of that are true what with the millions of flavors and how kids are with picking up habits.. preety inevitable.

    Regulating sales of e juice and other vape products is the way to go (for adults) and the WHO have stated that it's not good for us, but the British heart foundation have stated the opposite and widely promote it.

    I think that those that use it for weed and more is the only real negative to state on this subject because it's caused e juice companies to create a flavor that's alternate to cannabis but tastes exactly the same, and because of this now nobody can really tell if it's the real deal or not.

  15. It should definitely be legal. Because if it isn’t people will make it themselves and sell it, which is extremely dangerous. These things should be regulated. Not to mention freedom.

  16. It was the underground THC pods laced with Vitimin E acetate that kids were getting hurt and dying from. Not registered Vaping manufactures. Licensed vape shops ID kids when they come in. Just like alcohol at liquor stores.People are ignorant. Educate yourself s. Vaping is much safer than Tobacco. WAKE UP.

  17. Political response so dem’s can say “Trump lost +10k jobs”. Dem’s don’t care about the public, just how can we buy votes via BS!

  18. Basically the Government doesn't want to ban tobacco products strait out being that it would have the effect of the prohibition of alcohol. Plus these multibillion dollar tobacco companies Lobbyists are buy off politicians to keep tobacco products legalized. Of course not to mention that these tobacco companies also use child labour to harvest tobacco leaf which sometimes results in their deaths from nicotine poisoning as it's absorbed through their skin.

    So the tobacco companies worked with the Government increasing the taxation of tobacco products while cigarettes especially second hand smoke became unpopular with the public because of health related reasons by the way the Government knew about and concealed for a time from the public. Now they sell vapes as a "safer" alternative to cigarettes but now it's proving to be just as bad if not worse than cigarettes.

    If they ban all tobacco products there is a risk of people obtaining tobacco illegally which would actually increase its popularity like back during the prohibition of alcohol. Do you really want the Government to tell you what you can or cannot put into your bodies? As they strip away more of your freedoms with the introduction of more laws.

    All I'm doing is pointing out the evils of corporations and the evil within Government and within people in general.

  19. Nicotine is more addiction And HARDER To STOP compared to cocaine, crack, heroin. Those type is easier to stop compared to nicotine. Ps I am the 00.01% alive who I've tried and walked away all of those drugs.

  20. This is the authoritarian left at work. VOTE OUT ALL CORPORATE AND ESTABLISHMENT DEMS. They are taking away our freedoms when they won't even stop the opioids or hold anyone accountable.

  21. People have been vaping for years, many of us who smoked for decades. Make THC and CBD available and idiots add it to vaping, and the rest of us pay for their stupidity. Here's a thought…during the same time people have died from vaping stuff not intended to be vaped or altered manufacturer products, how many people have died alcohol related deaths? Yeah, I bet the numbers aren't even close. If I choose not to drink, shall I demand alcohol be banned? The root cause is people vaping fluids not intended or designed to be vaped.

  22. Nicotine is only addictive not cancer causing. And kids can't use nicotine if they just want to blow huge smoke. Nobody can. So they are not addicted to steam. Show us were wrong.

  23. I will collect 20 million people to counter vote fot Trump and against vaping.

    Poison found on store shelves<~Fact

    Vaping Associations did nothing to keep the space safe. Dont worry, it will be cleaned up for you losers.
    Thats a promise<~Watch This

  24. Are all vaping formulas equally dangerous? Some use a base of vegetable glycerine, some use hemp oil, or other bases.

  25. Vaping can be lethal and well find or more soon enough.
    Already lost a family member to vaping.
    If your using it to quit smoking, cool.
    When your free, be free and put it down. Otherwise you're just hooked on a new drug.
    Be safe kids

  26. If Trump supports any restrictions on vaping that limit my freedom he will lose my vote in Michigan. I currently support the President but don't want to return to cigs. I will work to support the libertarian candidate instead of President Trump.

  27. You can Solve the Drug issue in America instantly with Body Automony laws. You get a waver from the govt the way you get a drivers license; you're authorized and free to put whatever you want in your system as long as you don't harm anyone else; but surrender ANY obligation for govt to treat you if you become addict or sickened by your habits. No food stamps, no HUD assistance, no welfare, no unemployment.

  28. It would hurt a lot more than that, it would hurt ALL small smoke shops too! What is the difference if we smoke cigarettes or vape!

  29. Ten thousand businesses closing ? I wouldn't do it. That's a lot of jobs lost. This only has to do with the thc cartridges.. In California you must be 21 to purchase tobacco products. That should do it being 21 years old.

  30. Of course over to UK they embrace it they have a tyrannical government the pay for all Medicare system, who if you become sick they let you die. So they look at these people as a health risk and they encourage them to vap so they hurry up and die so they don't have to spend the money in the long-term.
    That same it should be regulated like cigarettes.

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