Vanessa Bryant Remembers Kobe And Gianna In Emotional Tribute | TODAY

Vanessa Bryant Remembers Kobe And Gianna In Emotional Tribute | TODAY

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  1. She did amazing, I have lost people before there time and almost lost my daughter due to two tumours, I don’t believe I could be as strong as this beautiful mother

  2. Huh wtf everyone would say something nice about their lost ones it's so fcking weird that the hole fcking world about them no one cares there are planty people die everyday and no one cares.. but when rich people die or popular in sports or something the hole world cries for them like wtf you dont even know them only people that are close to them knows all no one cares about you when you die besides your families

  3. I heard Josh Groban and Charlotte church song “The Prayer” and I thought of Kobe and Gianna and all of them that were lost that day. Such a beautiful song.

  4. She's so strong to be able to do this. If this was me I would still be in absolute shock, I'd probably go insane. RIP Kobe and Gianna 💞

  5. Sooo sorry for you Vanessa. You are strong beyond words. For someone like me who didn't watch basketball, your husband was a positive role model. That says a lot.

  6. A black Jewish boy runs home from school one day and asks his father, “Daddy, am I more Jewish or more black?” The dad replies, “Why do you want to know, son?” “Because a kid at school is selling a bike for $50 and I want to know if I should talk him down to $40 or just steal it!”

  7. Kobe was in the process of having his johnson removed and transitioning into a female and a burlesque dancer. Seems such a shame how he never got to wear all the provocative womenswear which he had recently invested in. Life can be so cruel.

  8. I undoubtedly wish Vanessa can just have her own weekly cooking show airing Saturdays. Similar to Rachel Ray, or Martha Stewart.

  9. I'm a muslim girl from Somalia, I feel pain and saddly for her, and her family..😥 Vanessa be srong more ..I pray for u all the time sister😍..

  10. 1 month ago, we were all relaxing and chilling, few hours later we lost a legend and his jr legend, this hit different that day and we all knew

  11. I am all for these tributes, but why are none of the other crash victims mentioned or honored? Were they just non humans? Why are they making it all about Kobe and Gigi?

  12. yeah she sure is and shes now suing the helicopter company. and she had tons of make on. very conscious about how she looked. i am not for public display of grief.

  13. If the people are very sad
    Then just think how would the mother feel
    She is saying her words out but not her feelings and heart.
    May god bless her

  14. Am I the only one watching this and tears are flowing? What a tragedy for one woman to have to go thru. May the Lord bless and comfort her and her daughters.

  15. I dont know why people dislike this maybe people feel bad they just dislike for feeling bad for something otherrwise you dont have heart

  16. People leaving all these comments about his wife as if she made him-remember he was just a little boy throwing his rolled up socks in the trash can dreaming of one day playing before millions–who was only in the other room while he was dreaming–his mom dad, and sisters—–NOT VANESSA– My God, I feel for her, but as she loved her daughter–so did his "1st family" loved him as well. Let all of us with black sons stand up and clap for his black mother and father who raised him well—Well, you all don't have to–him dying before his time speaks to ALL HIS PARENTS WERE TRYING TO TELL HIM–did he listen No–well that took care itself–This young man and all that died that day–all perished before their time!!! All his parents wanted for him was the best–as ALL PARENTS DO! I say today–I will be praying for his "1st family" that they can move on and have no regrets!!!

  17. Wahhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. He was the Bruce Lee of basketball, and I just cant believe he is gone so fast with no trace, with his beautiful daughter.

    I dedicate this to him with all my heart.

  19. It's remarkable that Kobe remained with Vanessa for nearly 20 years. He made mistakes, but grew from them and became devoted to her. He didn't eventually divorce her and marry someone younger like so many rich and famous men.

  20. God losing someone you’ve been with since you were 17 I can’t imagine the hurt she is feeling this is rough man

  21. so sad! The only thing I didn't understand about Kobe's wife is why she read from the sheet … she had to speak freely about her feelings for the two loved ones …😢🙏

  22. Exodus 20:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

    For all he achieved, Kobe died young and it was a horrible death

  23. I wrote a short story in my English writing class when I was in college….

    English was a minor of mine…

    The story was title: Mommy

    I took that story to Florida

    20 pages…..
    Gone with my 2004 jumpdrive/ USB

    If you didn't say mommy…. I would not remember that 20 pages…


  25. Vanessa tu no me llenas eres tan superficial sin sentimientos , no mencionaste los demas fallecidos , usa ese cerebro hueco😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  26. So Kobe was angry that his parents benefitted financially from an auction huh? 

    Well, I find it egregious that people were charged and actually paid to attend his memorial service. 

    I wonder how many hands are financially benefitting from that pie – benefit a charity my foot!

    The NBA world is full of low lifes.

  27. I can see why Kobe married Vanessa and never let her go. She’s a magnificent woman, She’s truly a Soldier. Rest easy Kobe and Gigi ♥️♥️

  28. It still hurts the most why Kobe Bryant Gianna and seven others die so soon and so young What’s Vanessa going to do with the kids now? No husband no father like Kobe no daughter and no sister like Gianna. Just makes me want to shake her hand showing my sobbing tears 😭 emotions saying I’m sorry I’m very very sorry for your loss Vanessa Your husband Kobe Bryant was The 🐐And Babe Ruth of basketball.😭😭😭💜💛💜💛🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆😢🏀🙏

  29. “God knew that they couldn’t live without each other so he had to bring them both home.”
    It’s true…….her baby girl and her boo boo…..I still cry everyday…….

  30. to this day is hard to even look at his daughter and her father leave this world……i try to explain why…what…and where but you can't and i can't explain why God….why God…..why

  31. Oh shut up you evil witch! You knew Kobe was going to be sacrificed. And why can’t you keep your hair from covering one eye?

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